Benchmade Brag Bag Folder Knife Page 983446

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Item #BHQ-0717


  • Brand:Benchmade
  • Product Type:Pouch


This is an additional storage "page" for the Benchmade Brag Bag. You can fit up to 20 folders in this storage unit. For more information on the Brag Bag please click HERE.


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Perfect for storage
Andrew H.
10 individual knife pockets. No chance of your knives being damaged. Uses velcro strips to seal each pocket. There are large pockets behind each set of 5 pockets. The large pockets are the size of the 5 pockets combined. There is some empty space towards the center of the folder. Depending on the knife, it may be difficult to get said knife out of their individual pocket. This Brag Bag page is not small at all. When folded, the short side is about 8-10 inches and the long side is about 16 inches. Depending on how full the page is, it can be 2-4 inches.