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Leatherman has been making multi-tools since 1983, and is one of the most popular multi-tool brands in the world. Their multi-tools can endure just about anything and still come back to work tomorrow. Leatherman stands behind their products with a 25 year warranty.

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About Leatherman Multi-Tools

Leatherman History

Leatherman was started by Tim Leatherman and is proud to be an Oregon-based company. It all started in 1983 when Tim and his wife were on a trip in Europe. As he tried to fix their Fiat and a leaky hotel plumbing system, Tim found that he kept wishing he had a pair of pliers with him. They headed back to the States and Tim put his Mechanical Engineering degree from Oregon State University to work.

The original Leatherman tool was named the PST (Pocket Survival Tool). After eight years of dedication, the PST featured 13 different tools and weighed in at five ounces at four inches long. Leatherman set out to sell 4,000 tools in their first year of business, but they ended up selling 30,000.

Which Leatherman Should I Buy?

There are a plethora of exciting Leatherman multi-tools. Some of the newest and most exciting are the FREE series that feature magnets and one-handed tools. Check out the video above to see why they're so great.

Three of our best selling Leathermans are the FREE P4, Squirt, and the Wave.

Check out our Best Leatherman Multi-Tools guide to find the best Leatherman for you!

Leatherman Warranty

From Leatherman as of August 2019:

Our tools are built to last, but if anything happens, your Leatherman is backed by our 25-year limited warranty.

This warranty covers only the original/primary owner and does not cover abuse, alteration, theft, loss, or unauthorized and/or unreasonable use of your Leatherman product. This warranty does not cover accessories, sheaths (exception: Ainsworth Sheath is covered by a 2-year warranty), imprinting, color finishes, cleaning, or sharpening. Any of the aforementioned will not be returned to sender with the exception of the Ainsworth Sheath. Be sure to choose an insured and trackable delivery service as Leatherman is not responsible for products that do not arrive in the mail. Please retain your shipment tracking information until we confirm receipt of your warranty product. This warranty covers products purchased through an authorized dealer and proof of purchase from an authorized dealer may be required.

Read the full warranty at Leatherman's Website.

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