Leatherman Wave Plus Multi Tool w/ Nylon Molle Sheath (17-in-1) 832531


This Wave Plus model comes in a satin finish with a nylon molle sheath and interchangeable wire cutters. The Leatherman Wave Plus multi-tool is hands down the most popular multi-tool model, made famous by its outside-accessible blades that can be deployed with just one hand. When it was redesigned in 2004, Leatherman gave the new Wave larger knives, stronger pliers, longer wire cutters, and all-locking blades. Perfect for any job, adventure, or everyday task, the Wave Plus multi-tool is an international best-seller.

The Wave features: stainless steel handles and body, outside-accessible blades for one-handed opening, all locking blades and tools, fixed lanyard ring, nylon molle sheath, and a 25-year warranty.


  • 420HC Clip Point Knife
  • 420HC Sheepsfoot Serrated Knife
  • Needlenose Pliers
  • Regular Pliers
  • Interchangeable Wire Cutters
  • Hard-wire Cutters
  • Wire Stripper
  • Large Screwdriver
  • Large Bit Driver
  • Small Bit Driver
  • Scissors
  • Wood/Metal File
  • Diamond-coated File
  • Saw
  • Bottle Opener
  • Can Opener
  • Ruler: 8 in | 19 cm
  • INCLUDED BITS: Phillips and Flat Tip Eyeglasses Screwdriver Bit, Phillips #1-2 and 3/16" Bit
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  • Tools: 17
  • Closed Length: 4.00"
  • Color: Gray
  • Blade Length: 2.90"
  • Weight: 8.50 oz.
  • Locking Blade: Yes
  • Sheath: Nylon
  • Brand: Leatherman
  • Model: Wave Plus
  • Model Number: 832531
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Best Use: Everyday Carry
  • Product Type: Multi-Tool

Customer Reviews

Great Tool
Jonah F. on May 26, 2021

I love my Leatherman Wave so much! it is built well and Leatherman has an amazing warranty. Have this on my hip almost every day. Only one thing though, my pliers came with a bit of wiggle in them, but not enough to mess with the functionality of the tool. If they do cause issues do to the wiggle, I can always send it in for service! Don't pass up on Leatherman's flagship tool if your looking for a quality tool.

Jack M. on Nov 25, 2020


Matt P. on Oct 25, 2019

DISCLAIMER: I don't have a wave plus, and mine has the leather sheath, but the configuration I have isnt on the site. all that aside, my wave has been on my hip almost every day since I bought it. The only time it's not on my belt is if im travelling or wearing waders. It's a bulletproof tool that id trust with my life. TIP: the elastic webbing that I think is meant for the bit extender can stretch to fit a small flashlight. Mine is a Pelican 1910, but I think a small Olight or Fenix would fit too

Want another BUT I DON'T NEED ONE!
Forrest W. on Oct 2, 2019

I actually got my hands on a version they put out when it was still patent pending (there is a stamp on the side saying so) from my brother-in-law as a birthday gift. It didn't have the interchangeable wire cutters, and the changeable screwdriver bit was missing, but even with that it still did more than I needed. i was on my high school's robotics team and were notoriously disorganized. You could easily spend 30 minutes looking for a tool. I DIDN'T HAVE TO WITH THIS THING!! Screwdriver, check, blade, check, file, check, pliers, check. This thing saved me so much time and always worked great. Even being an older model its still going strong. "The leatherman can't do everything" they would say "you clearly don't know what you're talking about" I would say. The sheaths completely shot by now but thats to be expected. i kind of want to get a new Leatherman (maybe the mut or the signal) but I DON'T NEED TO CUZ THIS THING STILL KICKS $%&*@. I like to think that a victorinox is what you get when you neuter a leatherman. Love this thing, great in every way.

Jozef J. on Sep 13, 2019

Multitools are a unique thing to carry. They typically aren't an EDC unless you work a specific type of job. I've got a job that makes this thing useful about 50% of the time. However to have around the house to fix random issues that pop up a multitool is a game changer. The wave is no exception. The wave has all the tools you need and none that you'll never use. Solid construction. Changable wire cutters. Just get one of these. You won't regret it. Throw it in a drawer away in an area of your house you don't keep your tools and you'll use this thing all the damn time. Carry it when you do yard work and it'll pay for itself.

Liked it so much I bought 3
Ben W. on Jul 29, 2019

That's right, I liked this multitool so much that I have three of them now. I started off with the rebar and loved it for its simple design and smaller footprint. I debated between this and the surge for a long time but I didn't like how much more room the surge took up. I also like that the handles are bent and wide unlike the rebar that has a thin piece of metal for a handle which really bites into your hand during hard use. Highly recommend this multitool, especially with a bit kit

You know you want it
Izzy F. on Jul 16, 2019

Everyone and their aunt Lynda has a Wave. You have been holding out because "Its expensive", "What is its too heavy", and "I've made it this long without it." My dude, I'm and RA in a collage dorm and i use my Wave all the time to adjust beds, fix washers, and fix anything the students breaks. I couldn't do my job without it. Give it a shot, m8.

This is the leatherman for you
Dutch A. on Mar 15, 2019

Of all the leathermans, I think this is my favorite. All of its blades are accessible without opening the whole tool which makes deployment fast and easy. the exchangeable bits are even more useful than you would think. I recommend getting the bit kit if you get this multi-tool. Both bit kit cards don’t fit well in the sheets with the tool, so I took all of the most useful bits, put them into one card. I carry that card and the tool with me and haven’t run into a situation yet where I’m left without the bit I need.

Best $100 I have ever spent
Andrew O. on Feb 23, 2019

So well built, at a good price. A fantastic multitool for any occasion. Highly recommended.

Good Tool But No Molle Sheath
Greg C. on Mar 26, 2020

This is my first Wave Multi Tool. I do own many Leatherman tools and have found them all to be exceptional. This tool is advertised to come with a Molle sheath. IT DOES NOT come with it. Mine arrived in a standard belt sheath. This setup is useless to me. I got the tool to mount on my hunting back pack. Fortunately I had a Molle sheath that was for a flashlight that would work, otherwise I would have had to return the tool. The tool itself is 5 stars. Gave 4 because I had to provide my own sheath. I have the Super Tool 300 and it did come with the proper sheath. I went through with the Wave because I could get it in Stainless finish. The 300 is black. Much easier to find a shinny tool you sat down in the woods than a black one!

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