Benchmade Bugout AXIS Lock Knife Black CF-Elite (3.24" Black) 535BK-2


  • Black Cerakoting drop point blade made from CPM-S30V stainless steel.
  • Black titanium thumb stud opener with bronze washers for smooth opening.
  • Textured CF-Elite handle scales over nested steel liners.
  • Safe, strong, and ambidextrous AXIS-Lock mechanism.
  • Reversible, deep-carry pocket clip plus an oversized lanyard hole.


In 2017, Benchmade shook the knife world with the release of the Bugout. It was the knife people didn't know they wanted—it was simple, utilitarian, ergonomic, and lightweight; it had an ambidextrous lock and opener, and it was made from quality materials. Now, because of its extremely accessible and useable design, it has become one of the best-selling knives in history. More than other knives, it is easy to say that no collection is complete without a Benchmade Bugout.

The Bugout is available in two sizes and several colors and has great aftermarket customization options.

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MSRP: $190.00
Our Price: $171.00
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  • Overall Length: 7.46"
  • Blade Length: 3.24"
  • Cutting Edge: 3.00"
  • Blade Width: 1.00"
  • Blade Thickness: 0.09"
  • Blade Material: CPM S30V
  • Hardness: 58-60 RC
  • Blade Style: Drop Point
  • Blade Grind: Flat
  • Finish: Black
  • Edge Type: Plain
  • Handle Length: 4.22"
  • Handle Width: 1.00"
  • Handle Thickness: 0.42"
  • Handle Material: Polymer
  • Color: Black
  • Frame/Liner: Steel
  • Weight: 1.80 oz.
  • User: Right Hand, Left Hand
  • Pocket Clip: Tip-Up
  • Knife Type: Manual
  • Opener: Thumb Stud
  • Lock Type: Crossbar Lock
  • Brand: Benchmade
  • Model: Bugout
  • Model Number: 535BK-2
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Best Use: Camp/Hike, Everyday Carry
  • Product Type: Knife

Customer Reviews

Amazing !!!!
Scotty D. on Feb 6, 2022

I was worried that this knife would disappoint and not match all the hype around it…..boy was I wrong… this knife is amazing. The bugout does exactly what it was designed to do and be. Light weight without sacrifice on cutting edge. Although light weight the bugout does not feel cheap or weak. This knife disappears in your pocket and makes carrying it a breeze, especially in light clothing like athletic shorts. This knife is reliable and a staple in my collection . If you don’t have one , I can only say you are missing out on this great knife. However if you want a beefy big knife that feels like a giant hunk of metal , this knife is not for you . This knife is light and great for EDC and light everyday cutting tasks.

Great knife
Brent G. on Jun 20, 2021

Bought this in April and it’s barely left the pocket. Added some brass scales and it became amazing. Knife starts out great and so easy to personalize and make perfect.

Sturdy and Light!
Seth S. on May 6, 2021

Feels extremely sturdy, super light, and came razor sharp! Definitely worth every penny!

Outstanding EDC
Scott S. on Jan 7, 2021

The Bugout is an EDC staple for a lot of reasons. The blade is great and it's super light without feeling flimsy. It's been my daily carry since I got it.

Niche Knife
Jared H. on Dec 17, 2020

For those looking for a lightweight carry option that will do the job of most everyday situations, this is for you. The upgraded CF Elite handles gives more rigidity compared to the old Grivory without adding to the weight - even decreases the weight slightly! Great for a "second blade" to carry along with a larger primary knife if that's what you like to do (I carry a larger knife inside my waistband for tasks that need more robust knife - or a fixed blade when camping/outdoors). Or if you just need that small knife that just works without adding bulk to your pocket. Pros: lightweight, thin, "slicey", good steel, deep carry clip, fidgety and ergonomic (I wear a Med. size glove with slim fingers). Cons: None to mention for me *IF* this is used properly (don't try and baton with this one please, haha!)

Lives up to the Hype
FRED D. on Oct 8, 2020

I resisted buying this knife because of the handle. With that issue put to rest by the new scales, I went for it and after having it a few I'm glad I did. It really is amazingly light. The action is superb. The centering was right on point. It was sharp as a razor right out of the box. As always, BHQ's service was terrific. The new G10/20CV looks great, and I might eventually buy one of those as well. But either way, THIS ONE isn't going anywhere.What's not to love?

First time Knife owner in mid 60 yrs old
John C. on Oct 6, 2020

Perfect size and weight for pocket carry. It didn't take long to become proficient and feel much more secure on my hikes. I now Carry it with me everywhere I go. I would like to purchase more over time and will definitely buy other Benchmade knives for self defense. Great quality product, Well done!!!!

Bugout CF
Jeff P. on Oct 2, 2020

The bugout was purchased along with several other knives after ruining an old traditional pocket knife when spilling glue in the mechanism after the scales had delaminated myriad times. The knives were purchased after an extensive study of steel alloys. The knife is lightweight, with an impressive blade/handle ratio. The steel appears to be a step up over the more mundane steels purchased such as VG-10, Scanvik, Cr9, etc. and the knife was sharp on arrival. The lightweight handle does not afford the same degree of balance as a weightier option; however, it can be carried more comfortably. The Bugout would be ideal for hiking or backpacking where added weight is undesirable and without compromising capability.

Solid small EDC
Thomas K. on Sep 25, 2020

Despite being on nearly all of the "Best EDC knives" list you can find, I kind of avoided it. First, while I don't think ALL knives have to be black, I wasn't a fan of the bright colors, and "pack of gum" style. They looked like toys. Seeing that the scales had been upgraded to a stiffer "CF-Elite", and that it had the wicked blacked-out color to boot...Well, they finally got me. The knife is probably the very definition of "disappears in the pocket". Really light, really slim. Yet it still has a very workable blade length and style. Good for your everyday knife needs. Guess my only beef at this point is a very "grindy" action, and an Axis lock bar that tends to stick a bit after being opened/closed with too much authority. Likely, that is going to break in over time. (My Mini-Grip had a similar issue, but went away quickly). It already feels better today than it did yesterday, so I'll just assume. Loss of a star just for making me wonder... (Note: I added the star back. After 3 days, and a little TLC, the action is SWEET!) In the pocket, I'm not sure the Bugout can be beat for size and weight. And I like the look and feel of the upgraded scales. Glad I finally took the plunge.

love this knife
jeremy s. on Sep 24, 2020

Disappears in your pocket perfect edc love the sleak/minimal design. Thanks blade HQ for all of the knife reviews.

A great knife.
Meng L. on Sep 22, 2020

I love the BladeHQ's youtube videos. If you would have one EDC knife (I don't know anyone would), which knife would it be. This is it. I can't say about the durability yet. But the initial quality is superb. -perfectly centered blade -smooth opening -great ergo in hand and in pocket -hair shaving sharp S30V blade -light weight with great grip -black on black

Devin V. on Sep 21, 2020

This knife is awesome! It is way lighter than any other knife I've had before and it looks great being all black. Love the size, not too big, not too small. Definitely gonna be an EDC for me

Great for EDC
Sloan B. on Sep 20, 2020

This is great, lightweight knife for edc. I've been used to carrying a PM2 or barrage, but ordered this hoping for a more compact carry option. So far I love it, great steel, great lock, and good looking knife.

Absolutely Awesome
Tim C. on Sep 13, 2020

I wasn't expecting to like this knife as much as I do. In fact, I had plans on customizing it once it arrived. As soon as I had it in my hands I decided that it was perfect as is. It is unbelievably light and compact. It disappears in your pocket, but there is no compromise on utility. An excellent cutter, great action and just plain fun to look at. I imagine this will be part of my daily carry for quite some time.

My New EDC
Dann N. on Sep 12, 2020

Exactly what I was looking for! Lightweight, smooth opening and closing mechanism. I know this is a cliche but it does disappear in my pocket. Feels good in my hand and a very sharp blade.

Perfect for EDC
Matt C. on Sep 8, 2020

Man this knife is awesome, it disappears in the pocket and weighs next to nothing. Came very sharp and i'm very happy with my purchase!

My new fav
MICHAEL F. on Sep 7, 2020

Everything about this knife is amazing. I love the locking mechanism, it weights almost nothing and yet has a great blade and a strong feel in my hand. Highly recommended.

Great Knife and Great EDC
Austin C. on Sep 4, 2020

This is great everyday carry knife. This was my first Benchmade knife and I am now a big fan. It is surprisingly lightweight without feeling cheap.The blade is very sharp and the AXIS locking mechanism is great for keeping your fingers from being cut when closing the knife. I would recommend this knife to anyone wanting a solid EDC.

light weight
cameron T. on Sep 3, 2020

This knife is super light weight and just slips right into your pocket with its deep carry clip. After spending time with the knife I definitely understand the praise it gets.

Perfect EDC knife???
Michael H. on Sep 3, 2020

This is my first Benchmade purchase and now I am left to wonder... Is there anything better? I typically like knives in the 2.6'- 3.4" range for EDC. Check! This knife is the perfect size. I used to prefer a little bit of weight in my pocket, not any longer. The Bugout has the perfect weight to size ratio as well. The s30v steel blade looks great and is a pure slicer, not the fanciest steel, but lets face it, ideal. The CF Elite scales feel great in hand and very rigid. The Axis Lock may be the best folding knife system ever invented. I will probably never buy another assisted opener again. The Bugout is the closest thing in my collection to a "Perfect EDC" knife.

Great EDC
RONALD B. on Aug 27, 2020

Super light weight and disappears in the pocket. Blade is sharp and deploys quickly.

Proper EDC
Serge V. on Aug 23, 2020

Lightweight, Axis Lock, classic blade shape, murdered out black what's not to love. Classic EDC knife for newbies or collectors.

Nice knife
Ryan D. on Jul 26, 2020

The Benchmade Bugout CF-Elite is a very nice knife. It has a great blade and is extremly lightweight; about as light as they come. I had to adjust the tension at the pivot to allow it to drop shut, but, that tends to be normal upon arrival. Five stars. It's a great EDC. You won't be disappointed.

Great knife!
Peter W. on Jul 11, 2020

Love the CF Elite! Came super sharp, had to tune it a bit to make the pivot smooth but otherwise it’s perfect. Disappears in my pocket and it fun fidget with.

Great little knife
Ron W. on Jun 22, 2020

What can I say, this thing is light, sharp and cool. Can't ask too much more for an EDC knife. Shipping was quick and painless, thanks Blade HQ. Very happy with this and it will be in my pocket for quite a while I'm thinking.

My new favorite!
Mark S. on Jun 15, 2020

First of all I would like to thank BladeHQ for the great service despite everything that is going on. Shipping was fast and my new Bugout arrived to be able to "drop shut" just as I had requested. Well, I don't know if they made any adjustments to the knife, but I am totally happy with it. I have a Protech SBR that I also love but this thing is amazing. I've also used and have carried Kershaw and Gerber knives, but this knife is just awesome! I was afraid that it would be to light, but it feels just right to carry. I've been carrying it in basketball shorts and it works perfectly. I have not carried using the deep carry clip, but I am sure it would be great. Beautiful knife, now I hope I don't lose it.

Great Knife
Donald J. on May 14, 2020

I have 3, this one, Red Battlewash and Ranger Green. They all perform excellent at what they were designed to do. I can hardly tell a difference between the 3. Great materials and steel, very sharp and slicey, light, compact and pack able. Scales have good grip with a comfortable surface, Ranger Green seems a touch better scale surface. I don't loose grip and my knife hand is injured with limited movement and feeling. A couple drops of oil with proper adjustment and and they all 3 are easily one handed flickable to open and close. Though the thumb stud to open draws less attention. Well made, good materials with excellent fit and finish. They aren't heavy duty camp or hunting knives but I like them for what they were made for and and they do it well.

Brandon R. on Mar 26, 2020

I was torn between getting a 940 with the G10 scales (REI edition) and this Bugout, and was talked into the Bugout. At first I was skeptical because of how light it was, but after a few days of playing with it and breaking it in (it was a little stiff out of the box) I can safely say this was the correct choice. The scales are light yet sturdy (props on CF Elite living up to the hype), no blade play at all, the coating feels and looks great on the blade. New daily driver.

New Daily Carry
Jeff C. on Mar 22, 2020

Compared to the only other Benchmade I own, a very early 25+ year old McHenry&Williams that I used to carry all the time, this new one is outstanding. My old Benchmade is still my favorite but I no longer carry it every day. Love the axis lock on both but this Bugout is 75% lighter and the size and weight is beyond perfect. The deep pocket clip works great. This new Bugout is in my pocket every day. I highly recommend you buy one. You won't regret it. And the price is spot on for the value.

Very good knife.
Mike B. on Mar 14, 2020

My Bugout CF-Elite is great. It is light, sharp and fits great in my hand. A lot of my knives have thicker handles and when I put my hand in my pocket will scrape on my knuckles. Not this knife. The handle is thin and let’s my hand slide by easily. I would recommend this knife to everyone.

Awesome light weight EDC
Malcolm C. on Feb 25, 2020

I received my CF-Elite Bugout about a week ago and it has been in pocket ever since. It is so thin and light weight it is unnoticeable. I re-profiled the edge on my Wicked Edge sharpening system and it is scary sharp just the way I like them. No regrets here, highly recommended.

New Favorite EDC
Harrison P. on Feb 8, 2020

I had always heard how great these were but I never knew it would become my favorite carry knife thus far. Lightweight, great edge retention, and a badass look. I will recommend these to anyone who asks and I'll definitely buy another one very soon.

Love the new Bugout
Alan P. on Jan 25, 2020

Awesome knife and quick shipping! The new CF-Elite handles are very sturdy and knife looks great and super sharp right out of the box!

This knife rocks!
James H. on Jan 24, 2020

This knife is nice & light in the pocket! It came sharp out of the box! It comes with a pouch! I really like the Axis lock! If you don’t have one, you should order it!

stellar knife
Stephen S. on Jan 14, 2020

This is absolutely my go-to EDC now, and I simply can't imagine how anything is going to replace it. Thin, light weight, buttery smooth action, and built like a tank. With the clip aligned with the back edge of your front pocket (I changed mine to left side), this knife disappears and is out of the way, unobtrusive, yet right there where you want it when you need it. It takes up very little space in the pocket. It came highly recommended, and I know why. My only regret is not buying one of these sooner. Go ahead... order it. You won't be sorry.

Afraid of loosing it in the washing machine
Wayne D. on Dec 23, 2019

When I first opened my package, my first thought was the blade must be missing because it was so light. It was in there and this knife is a gem. It is my everyday carry and I forget I have it in my pocket especially when wearing jeans. Then I put my jeans in the dirty clothes and have to dig through trying to find my Benchmade. My wife gets a little upset when I leave coins in my pockets. You don't want to be within three states if my Bugout starts rattling around the washing machine during the spin cycle.

A very pleasent suprise
Cody B. on Dec 11, 2019

So i'm going to be honest. when i first got this knife i was not impressed. It felt cheap and i found it very stiff opening in closing. I have never been someone who has purchased a knife over the price of $50 and have had some that have felt better and opened and closed better. I decided to carry it around for a bit thinking it would grow on me. Oh boy did it ever. I wasn't using it for anything crazy at first just simple box openings. Nothing my cheaper knifes wouldn't do. I truly fell in love with this knife when it came to cutting things that my other cheaper blades couldn't cut as well. This blade is beautiful. It is very sharp. I can honestly say i'm happy it stayed in my pocket and it wont be leaving anytime soon. Oh and it also because much easier to open and close over time.

My first real EDC knife!
Philip F. on Dec 7, 2019

I know what you are thinking "why did he buy a Benchmade as his first edc?" well let me tell you why. growing up i have owned several cheaper knives and ended up never carrying them for various reasons. when i got older i wanted to get a knife that i could carry all the time. I then stumbled upon Blade HQ and this knife. I had always wanted a Benchmade and this seemed like the perfect knife to start my Regular EDC. I love everything about this knife. The all black finish is perfect the steel is great and the action is smooth. It is so lightweight it just disappears in my pocket. It was razor sharp when i got it and so far i have had it for about 3 months and have never needed to sharpen it. Excellent knife i highly recommend for any person looking for a great EDC knife.

Buy One!
Les S. on Dec 6, 2019

I took advantage of a sale before the holidays and bought the blacked-out version. I tend to like mid size to smaller knives and the Bugout fits the bill. Not only that, I was shocked how light it is. The first few times I carried it, I kept checking my pocket to see if it was still there. It deploys well and I'm sure will loosen up a bit more, but it's easy to flip out of the box. Blade is very sharp with a precise edge. My one minor issue is the clip. I may bend it a bit more for a firmer grip. If you're looking for something that is very lightweight but sturdy, this is worth a look.

Wicked light
Vincent C. on Dec 6, 2019

Like most coasted blades from Benchmade this one seems to holding up very well and a great edge from the factory. Cannot believe how much lighter weight it is compared to the Griptilian and other models.

Add More Lightness - Colin Chapman
JAMES M. on Dec 6, 2019

This was my first but certainly not last purchase from BladeHQ. I found BHQ on YouTube and am glad I did. I purchased the black on black and had it engraved on the backside of the blade with my last name in Army script. It fits the knife and I have switched to this as my EDC due to its ability to disappear. I used to carry a Kershaw 1870 Knockout due to it's slim profile and SpeedSafe actuation. It's taken me a little bit to become accustomed to the Axis Lock but it is now second nature. The blade is fantastically sharp out of the box. I plan on getting the Lansky sharpening system to keep it slice and dice ready at all times. Benchmade followed the Colin Chapman school of thought with the design and build of this fine knife and they knocked it out of the park. Well done, Benchmade and BladeHQ for making and carrying respectively. I'll be back!

1st Experience with a Bugout
Bri L. on Dec 6, 2019

Honestly a great little knife. Extremly light, perfect suit knife if you don't already have a sutable one. Personally I recommend sharpening the blade upon recieving it. The edge is decent out of the box, but nowhere near razor sharp. Overall an amazing step into the world of Benchmade.

romeo b. on Dec 5, 2019

Got mine 12/02/2019.Feel like a 9yr old boy opening the box his first CO2 rifle. So proud of it I have to show it off to my co-workers. Even them were amazed how light it is. I love it so much that I only carry it twice this week afraid of loosing it specially now that its SOLD OUT. Good thing I decided to get it the first day it went out on special SALE. I DID NOT REGRET THE PURCHASE. Now that I have the taste of Benchmade MATERYALES FUERTES, I'm contemplating on my next either Osborne 940 or mini crooked or probably settle for mini grip sheepsfoot.

Banger Bugout!!!
Chad A. on Dec 5, 2019

Came out slicing. Light weight banger that never quits. Slides down deep into your pocket and you'd never know it was there till you need it.You're gonna love it if you pop for it.

Anonymous on Dec 5, 2019

First Bugout. Best Bugout.
Joe C. on Dec 5, 2019

Picked this up during the black friday sale and I am beyond impressed. The knife is so light and carries like a dream. The blackout is pretty cool too. Thin blade stock makes the knife very slicey and the ergos are great. I see why bugouts are so highly regarded. No benchmade QC issues either. Centering is perfect. I had to loosen the pivot ever so slightly to dial in the action, but now its drop shutty with no blade play. Highly recommended.

John M. on Dec 5, 2019

Fantastic knife, great price. BLADEHQ is always the BEST to deal with. BLADEHQ customer service is tops.

Even Better in All Black
Paul P. on Dec 5, 2019

Ever since purchasing the original Blue handled Bugout, I find myself carrying it much more frequently than any other folder I have in rotation. It's a perfect size, thin in the pocket, great deep carry clip makes it nearly invisible, and of course it's lightweight. This led me to purchase the Ranger Green model when it was available. Now, with BladeHQ's exclusive model in all black, I love it even more! The black Cerakoted blade actually does look better than the Ranger Green's Chromium Nitride treatment, and looks exceptionally smooth. I now have 2 BHQ Exclusive Bugouts, and one sports Natural G-10 scales from Flytanium. What a great looking combo!

Great Knife
TAYLOR H. on Dec 5, 2019

This is a great EDC knife.

Very Nice EDC
Gary M. on Dec 5, 2019

I own many Benchmade knives and love them all. This lightweight EDC is great and less than 100.00 on sale is incredible. Have never had any issues with Benchmade products and this is no different.

Great knife no regrets
mike l. on Dec 5, 2019

I was on the fence about getting a bugout for months, and finally said i was not going to get one. Then one day i got an email $99 so i took a stab and got it love the knife fun to play with took some break in time to make it smooth. This was my first "expensive" knife. I just use my knives for EDC uses nothing too crazy and this knife should handle that perfectly fine. Pros Super sharp Lightweight Looks great Fun to play with Easy to carry This knife disappears like a spyderco dragonfly also overpriced in your pocket so if you have something like that and want a bigger one this is for you. You will forget its there. Cons Benchmade pricing I would not have paid $136 for this knife or the $119 for the blue one I think they should make all the colors the same price glad i got it on sale. I like that this is a blade hq model too. To each your own if you can get over the price or get one on sale you will definitely love the knife. Blade HQ was great nice quick shipping time always get stuff here.

Just Perfect
Hector L. on Dec 4, 2019

This thing is all you need for an EDC. It’s perfect!

Solid EDC Option
Will M. on Dec 4, 2019

The Bugout has always received high praise for its ability to deliver as a lightweight and reliable EDC blade. It certainly lives up to its hype. Love the deep carry clip and as always, love the AXIS lock. For my first Benchmade, its been a really great carry. Looking forward to doing some customization with the scales.

Great $100 EDC knife!
Greg C. on Dec 4, 2019

I was originally going to buy one of these when they launched. But BladeHQ website crashed so I didn't get one. Last week when they went on sale I bought one. I am glad I waited. This is a great knife and will become a regular in my EDC rotation. But I do not feel this knife is worth $136 and it won't overthrow my Spyderco Para 3 as my current favorite. Pros: Super light weight knife. Axis-lock is smooth and fun to play with. Blade steel is great and the blade looks awesome! Feels great in the hand with absolutely no hot spots. Comes with deep pocket carry clip. Cons: Blade has some play. When closing isn't always centered. Each close is different. Pivot screw coating is already showing wear within a couple of days and turning silver. That is my honest opinion. It's still a great knife but I am glad I paid $99 shipped to my door.

Bugout beauty
David D. on Dec 4, 2019

Benchmade knives generally cost more than I care pay so I was glad to get this Bugout at a better price. It is a quality EDC. It's thin and lightweight. It works well as a tough work knife and rides easily in a pair of nicer dress pants.

Excellent EDC
Paul V. on Dec 4, 2019

I own several Benchmades because of their quality and durability. This knife is no exception. Thin, lightweight, centered and sharp as a razor! My new EDC.

Exactly what I was looking for ...
Jim H. on Dec 1, 2019

I was looking for a black knife to carry with me to address daily usage requirements. Any shortcomings you may see in videos or reviews, in my opinion, are unfounded for someone with relatively simple requirements like myself. It is well made, solid and works well right out of the box (and it is black). I would recommend this for anyone who is looking for a tool to carry with them every day.

luke h. on Nov 29, 2019

The benchmade bugout is arguably one of the (if not the best) best edc knife options anyone could ask for. The knifes ergos are like those of the Benchmade 940, they fit any size of hand is SUPER lighweight. This freakin crazy sweet. The deep carry pocket clip not only performs amazing, but it looks sick. Blade steel is good to go, givory is crazy light, but still balances perfect. It is just super sweet, plus the all black everything is sweet. The only problems that it has is the lock-up feels weaker than the 940 because of how light it is, but for EDC tasks, its amazing. Another problem is that even though it balances super well, the scales feels a little flimsy and weak but are actually pretty strong. Overall, a super sweet knife.

Nick F. on Nov 26, 2019

Now I can't say it... Get the perfect EDC knife for under $100! This is insane. Benchmade quality for this price and a perfect knife for anyone. I recommend this knife for anyone and everyone.

Spectacular EDC
Jack B. on Oct 24, 2019

I have had a great experience so far with the Bugout. Out of the box everything was high quality: symmetrical grind, blade centred, super light, and razor sharp. Coming from low quality knives with liner locks, the axis lock is absolutely amazing. Would recommend for a light carry.

EDC Perfection
Ken C. on Oct 6, 2019

As an owner of the first Bugout, I had plans of customizing it with different scales prior to this Blade HQ exclusive being announced. Why not own all the colors? The AXIS lock makes this knife extremely fidget friendly along with its feather like weight and deep carry clip makes it disappear in pocket! The S-30V blade steel is still a premium steel that is well rounded in it’s edge retention and sharpening ability along with toughness and corrosion resistance. If you owned all the colors, they still wouldn’t weigh what two of its competitors weigh!

How can you not love this?
Preston T. on Oct 4, 2019

This is my EDC knife and I'm obsessed, deep pocket carry, lighter than my PEN. There's nothing not to love about this knife!

Great addition to my collection
Ethan L. on Oct 2, 2019

I have 4 of these knifes. The only one I don't have is the green one which I plan on getting soon. It fits well in my hand and is extremely lite weight with makes it easy to carry.

Great knife
Zach S. on Oct 2, 2019

I held off on buying a Bugout for a while because I didn't care for the blue handle. But when the black on black came out had to get one and it is great. Perfect size and weight for me making it extremely pocketable.

Absolutely one of my favorites
Sherif M. on Oct 1, 2019

I had to hop on this bandwagon and I didn't regret it. Bugouts have been a staple in the knife world as of late and while they may not be everyone's cup of tea, this one suited my needs perfectly. I loved the blacked out exclusive offering from BHQ as it suits my style. The Bugout affords me quite a bit of flexibility - I can EDC it and I can use it as more of gentleman's knife. Weighing so little, it disappears in my pockets and the black disappears in more formal wear - almost nobody notices it. Having a lightweight knife with excellent steel suits most of my EDC needs quite well and I'm very happy with my purchase.

Perfect EDC
Brandon W. on Oct 1, 2019

Lightweight, 3.25" Drop point, Axis lock, Blackout, S30V, Attractive = Perfect EDC

Great EDC knife
robert f. on Oct 1, 2019

This knife is super lightweight and has a thin profile It's not too noticeable in the pocket as far as weight and size. I feel this knife is best suited for light/medium use, I use mine for opening boxes mostly but wouldn't be afraid to cut anything with it.

My Favorite Bugout
JR Q. on Oct 1, 2019

I love the bugout. Didnt at first but I just love it. Great EDC. This is the best bugout I have handled. Why? Because right out of the box it was centered, drop shut smooth and no blade play. Maybe I got lucky? I have owned and handled other bugouts (none being the BHQ black out) and not been able to achieve all 3 of those things.

My new EDC
Mike P. on Sep 27, 2019

I've carried a lot of the knives in my pocket over the years, but this one replaces them all. It's super light weight so much so that you'll forget its their, the action on it is beautiful and slick, and honestly it's just a fun knife to fidget with. I won't be replacing it for a long time.

Third Benchmade Bugout
Roderick L C. on Sep 26, 2019

I have always had good results with Benchmade products and Blade HQ, this was no exception. I carry a Benchmade for my EDC and I know I can count on it. However, this purchase will be more of a collector piece and backup. One thing about this knife is that it is light, but when fishing, hunting or bugging out a little less weight can be very good. When I was younger and in the army going on 20 mile road marches I really noticed the weight that I carried and I would have appreciated this knife more then. I like that the quality is superb and that it is very sharp out of the box. They only thing that I do is strop the blade to make it just a little bit sharper. I don't have any dislikes. All in all I am very happy with this purchase.

A great EDC knife just got even better
Olivier J. on Sep 7, 2019

Hard to say more about the Benchmade bugout... great action, great axis lock, great blade. And Blade HQ just made it a must buy for me by creating an all black version

Light and feels great in my pocket
Josh D. on Sep 5, 2019

I think its a great knife. I forget it's even in my pocket. I loosened the pivot screw just a touch and it opens and closes perfect for me. They even threw in a Benchmade patch after I thought they were sold out. Hurry and buy one before they run out.

Sam S. on Sep 5, 2019


Great knife!
David S. on Sep 5, 2019

The Bugout is a much better knife than it looks and feel. It's the knife I'm using and carry the most in my collection.

Brian B. on Sep 5, 2019

I love this thing, great action light weight and murdered out ch'yall.

Best EDC Knife
Clarenz J. on Sep 5, 2019

Love the all blacked out look on this thing. Super lightweight, can't even tell I'm carrying it sometimes. This has been my edc knife lately. Love this thing!

Love this knife!
Kyle W. on Sep 4, 2019

I've been crushing on this knife for a long time I could never decide on getting the ranger green or the original blue bugout. When Blade HQ came out with this "flavor" I immediately wanted this one. Love how light it is and how sharp it is right out of the box. Once again very pleased with Blade HQ.

Black is the new Black.
Matthew B. on Sep 2, 2019

This is my 3rd Bugout. I have the blue one and the green one. I think the black on black looks good. I get a lot of use out of my Bugout and since I like the design so much, I decided to add this one to my collection as well. I do not regret it.

My new EDC
Richard S. on Aug 31, 2019

I didn't know I would love this knife but I do! It is the lightest knife I have ever held and absolutely disappears in the pocket. You will barely ever notice it on you. The handle is also not fragile like it seems. The perfect EDC knife!

Like Butter
Patrick M. on Aug 31, 2019

This is my EDC and I have actually cut more than paper with it... works great on steak. Great purchase, bought the Blackout for my nephew as a birthday gift and he loves his.

Great EDC Pocket Knife
Jeremy G. on Aug 24, 2019

I like to carry a knife in my pocket, without the clip. I've seen pocket clips do crazy damage to cars so I like to just throw it in the pocket and float around with keys and such. Being a bit more lightweight, this is a perfect candidate for such a thing. When I first got it, I thought it was a bit cheap feeling as it is so light, but after having it and using for a while you start to feel how well balanced and great it feels to open and close and cut with satisfying results.

Fantastic EDC Knife
Caleb M. on Aug 21, 2019

This was my first Benchmade but definitely won't be my last. The axis lock took a couple days to break in but after that it's been complete perfection. Super sharp, super light, great blade shape, and disappears in the pocket.

Brandon R. on Aug 21, 2019

This knife is incredible. I have never had much luck with thumb studs on knives, but this thing is another story. What a knife. Buttery smooth. The black on black looks sharp (pun intended). The blade is sharp (literally). It weighs as much as the crumpled piece of paper that we forget about in our pocket until we find it destroyed in the washing machine. But don't worry, you wont forget the knife is in your pocket, because you wont be able to resist fondling it. It is overly satisfying. I now enjoy this over my ZT 0566 overall.

Absolute folding knife perfection
Judah L. on Aug 19, 2019

This is my second Bugout(I have the blue version also). I have to say that every so often you find something that has achieved total perfection and the Bugout is it. Much like the ubiquitous Bic lighter this is a tool that one would be hard pressed to improve upon. That’s where the Blackout Bugout comes in: Just keep the design and play with the color ways. I love this so much I got my name laser etched on it. My hats off to you Benchmade and Blade HQ: Keep up the amazing work!

My New EDC
Ray B. on Aug 16, 2019

I have dozens of folders and this has become my new go-to EDC. It has a great blade, open action and it's incredibly light. Perfect blade size for real work, but not too big. Great knife and a good price.

Perfect pocket knife!
Andrei N. on Aug 16, 2019

This is perfect for me - I love the deep carry clip and the fact that the knife is light and doesn't make my pocket hang down. Steel quality is very good. Ergonomics also perfect for my hand. I'd buy it again without hesitation.

Fantastic EDC knife
Taylor N. on Aug 5, 2019

Got this after looking at several other EDC knives and this thing really fit the bill. Feels very high quality despite being surprisingly light.

Everything I expected
Corey D. on Aug 3, 2019

This is my first Benchmade and it held up to everything good I've heard. Its incredibly light and comfortable to carry that at the end of the day I forget its there. I would recommend this to anyone,

Perfect EDC
Logan T. on Aug 2, 2019

This knife does everything an EDC knife should do. It is lightweight, slicey, ergonomic, and it comes with a deep carry clip. The Blackout color is what I needed to finally pull the trigger on buying one. Mine came perfectly centered from BladeHQ, and has taken the place of my ZT 0450 as my EDC knife.

What is this? A Bugout with function and great looks in the same knife?
Aubrey M. on Aug 2, 2019

I have been pleased with the Benchmade line of knives including the Bugout and have a couple of them. A light weight working knife - yes..but never considered them a great looking knife before...but this version is a looker too... Form, function, fashion and still light weight - its a great knife for the $. OK though the problem with this knife is I don't want to scuff it up...but that's what its for and it wouldn't be happy sitting around in the box.

First Ever Stud
Michael K. on Aug 1, 2019

Im not a big fan of thumb studs. Give me a flipper, or Spydie hole any day. But the Bugout may just change my thinking on that. It fires out using the thumb stud and the detent is as good as they come. Very sharp out of the box and haven’t had to sharpen it yet. I liked so much I bought another Great knife, great EDC.

so addictive!
Jose L. on Jul 31, 2019

I Fidget a lot with my knives and the Bugout is by far the best to play with! You already know S30V is a good steel and that Benchmade makes reliable blades, so if your looking for an awesome knife to annoy people around you with, this is it!

Great Knife
Dr. D. on Jul 30, 2019

I have read good and bad reviews for this knife. It's very light, easy to open and close, good fit and finish, sharp out of the box, and feels good in the hand. It's a pleasure to pull this knife out of my pocket and use it for about any task that I've needed a knife for since I got it. I love it. I also like the fact that it's black exclusive to Blade HQ.

Scott L. on Jul 30, 2019

I already own every Bugout ever manufactured including the Blade HQ exclusive blacked out version. Does this version with the CF-ELITE handle one up the Grivory version? Yes, yes it does! It is far more sturdier without any added weight. GET ONE SON!

Skeptical at first but love it
Ricky B. on Jul 29, 2019

I'm a benchmade fan but I admit I was not in love with the bugout at first. I finally cracked and bought the blackout BladeHQ model (how could you not?). I've been using it as my edc since the release and love it. I've even worn it with a suit a few times, already. It is so light you'll forget it's there and it showed no signs of wearing out my nicer clothes. The knife was tuned perfectly and sharp right out of the box. Only thing that would have made it better would have been a BladeHQ logo on the blade, which is amazing. Next stop will be the Sierra's for fly fishing.

Blacked Out!!!
Christopher S. on Jul 29, 2019

Love the completely blacked out Bugout. It is so slim and light weight. Easy to forget about, until needed. Highly recommend!!!

Awesome EDC knife
Cory Y. on Jul 29, 2019

My second Bugout. Love the Ranger Green Bugout and now love the Blackout. Sharp right out of the box, has the best deep carry clip, cant even tell when its in my jeans pocket.

Black Out BugOut
Frederick L. on Jul 29, 2019

Wow. My favorite Bugout yet. S30V and nice weight size and blade shape. Great EDC knife style and Benchmade quality. I especially like the AXIS Lock system used in all the Benchmade knives. Thanks BladeHQ for this exclusive.

Great look and EDC
Joseph M. on Jul 29, 2019

Love the look of the all black Bugout. It's stealthy, slim and light weight. I almost forget that I'm carrying it with me. I would recommend it anyone for a light weight carry.

Excellent Knife!
Rebecca B. on Jul 29, 2019

It’s great quality, small enough for EDC and very light. Mine came perfect. Opens well, no stiffness or sticking, and I love the black. Can’t go wrong with a Benchmade.

A Great Knife, Just Darker
Craig P. on Jul 29, 2019

This is my second Bugout--I already have a Ranger Green which is my EDC (though the Blackout is angling to take its place). Otherwise, it's a Benchmade: great quality, super sharp.

Benchmade Bugout Blackout
Paul B. on Jul 29, 2019

Great EDC knife. Came in 4 days. Very sharp and light weight. Replaced my Blade-Tech Pro Hunter Magnum. Nothing wrong with the Blade Tech after 10 years, just wanted something lighter but high quality. Very Pleased.

First Benchmade
Chris M. on Jul 29, 2019

Have a few other brands but saw this all black one and couldn't resist anymore. Extremely light-weight, can easily forget you are carrying it! The blade didn't come as sharp as I thought it would but still fantastic action and I love the AXIS lock. Would highly recommend this to anyone who asked.

now that's a knoife
Allen G. on Jul 29, 2019

Thats not a knoife...This is a knoife. Its benchmade, its blackout, lightweight, super sharp, quality blade. What is there not to like.

Best EDC knife.
Efstratios D. on Jul 29, 2019

I love this knife for EDC the light weight makes it feel like it isn't there until you need it.

Benchmade Bugout Blackout
Scott H. on Jul 29, 2019

It's a Benchmade!! That's really all you need to say because everything they make is amazing and they back up what they make! I have two Bugouts now and I really like the all black look of this one!

Best EDC so far
Tae H. on Jul 29, 2019

Wanted a Bugout for awhile but I wasn't keen on the blue or green handles so when I got the notification that there was going to be a black handle version, I had to jump on it. Blade is nicely centered, the knife is incredibly light and well suited for EDC. I still like my heavy duty folders but for office carry, the Bugout is going to be my go to.

My 3rd Bugout!
Gregory C. on Jul 28, 2019

This is still for me, THE KING of lightweight everyday carry. Para 3 LW comes next easy. Best blade-to-handle-to-weight ratio. Size is perfect even for sheeple. Pocket clip is perfect. Very thin in the pocket. I live in the Philippines so the whole BM debacle is a non-factor. The only thing I would change are the scales -- Jade G10 for that CPM-M4 look ;)

This is an excellent knife
Sean L. on Jul 28, 2019

It's hard to say something new about the Bugout. It's incredibly light, takes up little room in the pocket, has an excellent blade shape, comes razor sharp out of the box, and stays sharp for a long time with normal use. It's my favorite EDC and hiking/backpacking knife. Unfortunately, sometimes Benchmade slips up with quality control these days. I ordered three of these (that's how much i love the Bugout). One of them is absolutely perfect, one has blade centering that is just slightly off, no big deal. The other has blade centering so far off it's almost touching the scale. Fortunately, Blade HQ has amazing customer service, so I was able to return the bad one no questions asked for a full refund. Benchmade's customer service is equally good, and they stand behind their products like few other companies. I have a blue Bugout that came severely off-center as well and Benchmade will be fixing that one for me. In short, buy it! You won't be out anything if you happen to get a less than perfect example. One of these two excellent companies will take of you.

Blackout Bugout
Michael B. on Jul 28, 2019

I absolutely love this knife. I have the blue and the ranger green but needed a all black version. The deployment is smooth as silk and the lock up is classic axis lock. You can't go wrong with Benchmade. When you carry this knife it is like nothing weight wise. Can't say enough good things about it. Great job Blade HQ and Benchmade.

Lightest EDC!
James M. on Jul 28, 2019

Benchmade has always been good quality, but I have been more of a Spyderco guy over the years; nonetheless once I got the fit and feel and lightness of this blade; all I can say is I am amazed how light it carries and has a great deep pocket clip stock; for its intended purpose this is a great knife and the all black version is just a bonus.

My second Bugout
DAN S. on Jul 28, 2019

I have the green one and just bought the black. they are superb EDC knives. getcha one or two.

Not my first Bugout.
Devine J. on Jul 28, 2019

Not my first Benchmade, nor my first Bugout. Came out of the box a little stiff but its breaking in nicely. Fit and finish look good too. Love the BladeHQ exclusive black. Keep up the good work.

Lightest, Sharpest Knife
Tracy D. on Jul 28, 2019

Bought this knife for my son for his birthday and he absolutely LOVES it! He already had a Benchmade and couldn’t wait for the Blackout Bugout to come out. In fact, on the day it was released, he sent me the link to your website and said “This is what I want for my birthday”, so of course I ordered it immediately. My son loves your knives and the Benchmade is a definite FAVORITE!!!

Great EDC Knife
Alberto R. on Jul 28, 2019

This knife works well for light to medium duty EDC tasks. It came with a great cutting edge and a well centered blade when closed. Opening and closing the knife blade is smooth and easy and did not require any additional lubrication. I especially like the black coated blade which does not shock non knife people when I use it when dining out at restaurants. I recommended this knife to anyone looking for a low profile EDC knife

Great Knife and love the new color!
Brendan E. on Jul 28, 2019

I've had my ranger green bugout for a little over a year now and I love it and with the black colors I had to get it. I can recomend anyone this knife.

Blackout Must. Buy!!!
Ronald A. on Jul 28, 2019

For the past 2 years or so I’ve only carried knives that were black on black. This was a perfect addition to my collection. I also love to fidget with my knives. My favorite part about it is that I can flip it over and over and since it’s so light it doesn’t make a loud clicking sound when flicking it open. I finally found a knife to play with that won’t send my SO over the edge!!! Thanks BladeHQ and Benchmade!!!! You might have saved my relationship!!

Great EDC
Nicholas N. on Jul 24, 2019

This is a great knife for lightweight every day carry. I ordered 2 of these and both came very sharp, with no blemishes, and perfect centering. Make no mistake, this isn't a hard use survival knife, but it handles everyday tasks with ease. This was my first Benchmade purchase and I will definitely be buying more in the future

Brian C. on Jul 24, 2019

I’ve always wanted a bugout but was never sold on the color choices. Once I saw this I had to have it. So far I love it. It is extremely light and doesn’t even feel like I have a knife in my pocket. Blade centering in right in the middle, blade is extremely sharp and the action is great. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a light weight edc knife.

Awesome axis lock
Dan F. on Jul 24, 2019

Great sized pocket knife. So light and thin you don’t even know it’s there. First axis lock and i love it!

2nd Bugout
Rich M. on Jul 24, 2019

This is my 2nd bugout. Love it. Kudos to BladeHQ, I ordered Friday afternoon and received Monday afternoon here in NJ! Mine came perfectly centered, evenly ground, with the pivot just a tad too tight, but after backing it off a tick the knife if fallshutty!

First Benchmade
Tyler W. on Jul 23, 2019

I have carried the Kershaw Leek for a long time. I have wanted to change things up. I came across the Bugout and liked the look, so I ordered it. It is a very light knife, but it is going to be able to handle everything I would throw at it.

First Bugout and I am very happy
Luis W. on Jul 22, 2019

Waited a while to get one of these but finally jumped on this Bugout when it was released in BLACKOUT. Very nice quality materials and solid AXIS Lock. Will take a while to get used to it's light weight. Will update this review in a few months for sure after it's been properly carried and used. I am very happy so far and am glad I got it.

super lightweight edc superstar
michael h. on Jul 22, 2019

first and formost big props to blade hq for oustanding customer service and lightning fast shipping. this really is in my opion one of the best bang for you buck for a edc knife. excellent action disappears in the pocket super sharp out of the box graet steel and perfect quality i cant recomend this knife and blade hq enough.

Black Bugout
Sam H. on Jul 22, 2019

Ordered this knife on Friday to see what all the hype is about, glad I did. Perfect centering, sharp and lightning fast shipping. I will be purchasing a Ben Blue in the future.

First Benchmade
Eric B. on Jul 22, 2019

This is my first Benchmade knife. I bought it because of the all black color. My first impressions is that the handle material was cheap for the price of the knife, and the knife is small compared to my para 2. It is very lightweight, I was wearing basketball shorts when it arrived and I've never had a knife feel so weightless in my pocket, like its not there. after only a few hours of having it in my shorts and doing one handed flips, I fell in love with this little knife. It's very strong lockup and well built and feels so great in pocket. If you like to get the best bang for your buck there are better options like the para 3. as far as EDC this is everything that I want. and that batman look really hits the spot thanks BladeHQ

Yet another solid Benchmade
Eric H. on Jul 22, 2019

This is my 3rd Bugout (gots to color coordinate yo!), so was pretty much as expected... Super lightweight, sturdy, and can easily be dropped in the pocket or ruck sack and you forget it is there. Since it is new, the Axis lock needs a bit of a break in, but I can feel it getting better with each open. Agree with other reviewers... Grivory scales are a bit sharp on the butt end of the knife and dug into my palms a bit. Guess that is a small price to pay for how fun the Axis lock is to play with! :-)

Beyond Love - Bugout Edition
Doug O. on Jul 22, 2019

Ordered after many many friends have told me how much they love the Bugout. I am beyond impressed with this blade. I have been carrying a lightweight PM3 for about 6 months and wow this is going right in the left pocket opposite the PM3. ALSO! How did you guys do it Blade HQ, shipped and delivered to me in 2 days? Ordered Friday and in my hands Monday after lunch? Across the country nonetheless! Thanks and STAY SHARP Y'all!!!

it's pretty good
Ty G. on Nov 2, 2022

I love the blade steel, and the sleek and super lightweight style of this knife. I 100% understand the Bugout hype. but the issue I have, is that the blade has slight play. and tons of play when closed. at first, I had to really loosen up the pivot screw in order for the blade to close without me having to manually close it. I took the knife apart, put KPL on everything and now it is 100% drop shut smooth. but there is still blade play, it is much better than when I first got it. but If I tighten it more so there is no play, I have to manually shut the blade. I got this knife for 150$, before the price was raised. honestly the knife isn't worth 170$. but it is worth 130-150$.

Blade HQ response:
We're very sorry to hear about the trouble you're having. Have you contacted our customer service department yet ([email protected])? We'd like to help you get this resolved. Thanks -BHQ
Really nice EDC knife to carry to work
Grant M. on Aug 9, 2021

I like Benchmade knives. I bought the Bugout a few months ago and have carried it quite a bit. I splurged and got a Lynch Northwest deep carry titanium clip and this transforms the knife. I highly recommend Lynch Northwest clips. They are just cool. The pluses: +Good blade and takes a great edge +Good out-of-the-box sharp edge +Light Weight +Smooth action opening and closing +Good pocket clip - but Lynch Northwest is better The Cons: -Not a "rugged" knife. This is more for Amazon boxes and every day light usage. -Not a tactical defend yourself knife -The "Omega" spring bothers me. A buddy of mine had a Benchmade with this spring and it broke under normal use after only a few months. If you're looking for a light weight office EDC knife, it's pretty hard to beat a Bugout. If you're looking for a rugged "does it all" knife, then I'd look at the Spoyderco Para 3 with G-10 scales. I have one of those too, and it's built like a tank but twice the weight.

Great weight disappointing though
Matthew N. on Oct 15, 2020

UPDATE: Updating to 4 stars, in my usual roation now and was able to clean up initial issues, but still needs a sharpen from factory and some adjusting with pivot etc. Just got mine in, overall meh I would prob go with something like the gent or elementum, more weight but also a third the cost (since it looks like all bugout reviews are mixed - Benchmade Bugout AXIS Lock Knife Black CF-Elite (3.24" Black) 535BK-2) Was hoping to love this as the specs on it made it sound like the perfect superlight and a solid carry. Initial impressions + superlight + size + Axis lock + disappears even with other EDC stuff in pocket + feels much smaller that it is for blade you get Don't know if I got a bad batch or what, but had the following gripes - - blade was cranked so hard down it sounded like it was grinding when i opened it (fixed by loosening the pivot screw a bit to find right pressure) - centering issues - blade is skewed off to the right a little bit - Sharpness is no where near what i would call shaving sharp Overall think it will be a good carry to add to rotation, especially with shorts etc where weight is bigger consideration, but a lot of stuff out there with better value and especially better fit and finish for what this costs (from the one i got at least)

The Golden Boy
Matt L. on Sep 24, 2020

Benchmade Bugout CF Elite. Taking the knife world by storm, the Bugout was the knife to have, as of 2018 and 2019. The Bugout quickly found its way onto nearly every single "Best of Knives" list on this site, as the good boys at BHQ fell head over heels with this thing. I took my sweet time purchasing one, letting the hype train slow down a bit (more like transfer to the Elementum), and by the time I pulled the trigger...I had very high expectations. Let's start with the disappointments. You pick up the knife for the first time and immediately think that this a plastic replica of the real Bugout. It is quite small, and the Bugout answers the age-old question of, "Is there such a thing as too lightweight?". Yes. Because it feels like a toy (sorry fanboys). Without a doubt in my mind, I could break this knife in half. The blade is so thin and light, it took me a couple of weeks to learn how to close it (you hold back the axis lock just a bit longer than you would on a Freek or Griptilian). And finally, the blade finish shows marks and discoloration quite easily. It takes effort to keep the Bugout looking clean. I will admit the initial impression of the Bugout was a bit disappointing, however, everyone loves this knife, so I decided to give it an extra-long trial period to find out why. And here it is: first and foremost, the Bugout is slim and lightweight (that is an understatement). I know it is a cliche, but it disappears in your pocket. The blade is slim, slicey, and sharp. The action is very smooth, easy to operate, and secure (bless the AXIS lock). The mini deep carry pocket clip is super neat. It does its job dutifully and does not cause any hot spots. The handle has a good amount of gimping and grip, although I handed the Bugout to a mate and he promptly dropped it, so take that as you will. Despite the ultra-thin handle, the Bugout feels... alright in the hand, and it certainly looks great. The black on black is so clean, and I love it. To conclude, the Bugout is a great knife. It is now a staple of the EDC community and has amassed a good-sized cult following. But it isn't quite deserving of the hype, and it probably isn't worth 150 bucks either. It has flaws. It is small as heck! I would never discourage someone from buying it, but I would probably have them look at the Griptilian or para 3 first...just off of the price tag alone. I carry the knives I review, for the entire duration of writing the review itself. And I was carrying the bugout for a whole 4 weeks straight (gaaahh, that is ridiculous) because I couldn't figure out how I felt about it. Definitely torn between being realistic about this knife and the hate I would probably get for it. To be perfectly clear, this is not a bad knife. I like it. You should buy it. But it isn't perfect. 81/100

What can I say?
Adam W. on Aug 8, 2020

you all know this knife. You've all seen this knife be excessively gushed over. nobody thinks about buying this knife, you either do now, or will later, but I think this knife is a little too perfect. I like when things have little mistakes because it makes me feel as if it was designed by a person, this knife feels like it was made by an AI to create the most practical knife possible, for better and worse.

Light Weight
James E. on Jul 30, 2020

I was really surprised at how light weight this knife is. I’ve been using it for a few weeks and it holds up to my daily tasks of box cutting, occasional food slicing. No surprise here. This knife has been out for long time and it’s popularity holds reason. My only complaint is that I would like it to be smoother.

Very sharp
Mike E. on Mar 28, 2020

For the first day that I owned this knife, I disliked it, because opening and closing it was a colossal pain. I worked the blade and particularly the axis lock a couple of hundred times, possibly more, before it finally "broke in." Before then, there were some very unpleasant grinding sounds when I tried to close the blade. Pulling back on the axis lock was also a very "gritty" experience. Once broken in, the knife became easier to use. I still wish the pocket clip was longer, and I might get an aftermarket clip to replace it. The S30V blade is very sharp, and because of the stiffness of the blade action, I nicked myself twice on my little finger. This knife is very light in weight, as most people have mentioned. You almost forget that it's in your pocket. It feels good in your hands. I have the CF-Elite version, and I like the look and feel of the scales. I think that it's a fine knife. This is my first Benchmade.

Great little carry.
Cameron D. on Mar 9, 2020

Lightweight full size knife. 3.5" blade sub 2oz, great blade shape, high flat grind, nice thin blade stock. Not the most HD knife in the world but great for most EDC tasks. As a lefty it is fully ambidextrous with the axis lock. Well made the QC was on point. The only reason I did not give it 5 stars was the price. $145 seems a little steep but its a great knife I am really enjoying its ease of carry.

if you like light
Jon W. on Feb 15, 2020

If you like light, this fits the bill. I do love the slim profile and size proportions, but I'll be getting the copper scales for this. This just doesn't feel like it has the right balance for me as is. I think I'll try the bailout.

As advertised
GREG T. on Jan 24, 2020

Absolutely what BM advertises it as. It is more rigid in the handle than the original and slightly lighter. I have no complaints but I prefer the clip and the ergonomics on the PM3 Lightweight to this knife. Both this Bugout and the PM3 LW will see pocket time for sure.

Right Price
Jeff A. on Jan 3, 2020

Bought this during the Thanksgiving deals, the price was right. Very light and the action is easy and smooth. Flat contour allows for comfortable EDC and so far fits the bill. I normally like the mini versions for an EDC, the handle is at the maximum length for what I would use. So far I don't have any complaints.

Very light weight, jury is still out
Gary C. on Dec 13, 2019

I was very excited when the blacked out bugout went on sale and bought it immediately. When it arrived i open it up and was very surprised at the weight, it went right into my pocket and my spyderco went back into the collection. So far I’m not that impressed with how stiff the opening mechanism is, hopefully it’ll loosen up. Also it is not as sharp as other knives I’ve bought right out of the box, thats an easy fix. For now I’ll keep it in my pocket and put it through the paces.

Pretty Perfect
Tristan E. on Dec 5, 2019

Got mine on Black Friday sale. Steel and action are fantastic. Great deep carry pocket clip. Scales are a little cheap but nothing too serious. The lock clicks a little which is annoying. Overall the steel and action make the knife. It's not perfect but so light I forget the flaws. New EDC along with the copper Natrix.

Great EDC
Douglas E. on Dec 5, 2019

The short: This is a great EDC knife. The good: Great blade steel, solid ergos, insanely lightweight, supercool blackout color scheme. Needs improvement: The price. This knife would be an amazing knife at around the $80 price point. I only got it because of the sale price, but I still feel a little like it should be a hair cheaper yet. I've only had this knife for a short while, but right now, it pales in comparison to my Para 3 Lightweight. I'm keeping it in my pocket for now to see if I warm up to it a bit more...

Great EDC
Patrick M. on Dec 5, 2019

I have several Benchmade knives, this knife is one of the best ones I own. The size is perfect for a EDC; it is very light and quite thin disappears in your pocket. My only criticism is the opening is a bit stiff, would of been better if it had an assisted opening system. Highly recommend.

Great For EDC
Stephen W. on Dec 4, 2019

I have to be honest in saying that this knife is smaller than I had anticipated but is still more than adequate for my EDC usage. The blade itself is super sharp from the factory and although the handles feel like a bit of an afterthought on this knife, they are very lightweight and slim. This is the perfect knife for pocket carry/ every day use. I would recommend this to anyone.

one of the BEST EDC knifes
Nathan B. on Nov 5, 2019

The benchmade bugout is a slim, light, edc knife. The knife I think only has one con and that is the pocket clip, it is very stiff however this will go away with use.

Great knife!
Cameron C. on Oct 10, 2019

I really like the blacked out look, the AXIS lock, deep pocket clip, and how light it is! Overall a great knife!

Coacn, Will You Benchmade Marian?
Jay R. on Sep 7, 2019

I don't feel like BHQ was Robin me when I bot this, but I am not crazy about it. The problem is that the polymer handle feels funny and the knife is light as a feather. I prefer a heavier knife. Not Ka-Bar Mule heavy, but this one just might float away. The finish is good. The knife feels good in hand. The blade was centered. Lock up is sturdy. OOTB sharpness was great. I ordered this knife for the same reason that I ordered a PM2. Everyone that wrote about it loved it. Everyone seemed very enamored about the Bugout. I love my PM2. This one is just OK. But the OKness is my reaction, not the knife itself. If you are looking for a very light knife and are fine with the polymer texture, this is likely as good as it gets. If you're into electronic camping, be sure and get the Bugout before you go.

I like it
John B. on Sep 5, 2019


Great for EDC knife.
Jonathan M. on Jul 28, 2019

Blade centering was good and action is smooth. Grind is not perfect tho, it flares out toward the tip. This is great for what it is made for, a slim and lightweight EDC knife. It is not a hard use knife. That being said, it rides great in the pocket and it is a pretty good slicer!

Blackout Bugout is Best Bugout
Robbie N. on Jul 28, 2019

The BHQ exclusive blackout is the cleanest looking of all the Bugout versions. Smooth action, sharp out of the box, very light weight. My only negatives are that the Axis lock can stick at times (which may be a break in adjustment), and the handles do flex under stress. However, for EDC and average use, you can't go wrong!

Third Bugout
Justin J. on Jul 28, 2019

I carry my original everyday. Why not get another.

Pretty good but a little bit sticky
Daniel D. on Jul 28, 2019

Overall the one that I got was decent. The centering was good, the blade was sharp however the action was super sticky. I have since lubed it up and it works very well now but out of the box it was impossible to open it smoothly.

Lucked out with a good one
Drew C. on Jul 25, 2019

Decided to add the blackout version to my collection after getting some great use out of my green bugout. Blade centering, action, and the factory edge were much better on this one than the first bugout I ordered. Benchmade does a pretty decent job of heat treating their S30V, but I'm curious to see how the coating holds up. If you're on the fence, go ahead and pick one up. It's well worth it!

First benchmade/axis
Luis L. on Jul 25, 2019

This is my first Benchmade and first axis lock knife. Initially I was unimpressed with the feel of the scales they felt "cheap" to me but as I've carried it these last 2 or 3 days, the handle make this knife so light you seriously forget its there. Im having fun with it being my first axis lock knife and I even got a small cut on my palm trying to master this new locking system. I loved how sharp the knife came in and the packaging it came in. I will definitely put this into my EDC rotation

Solid Light Use EDC
Jesse J. on Jul 22, 2019

I've been hearing great things about the Bugout since it release several years ago, but I never pulled the trigger because I was never a fan of the colors. I knew that they'd release a black eventually so I held off. I'm glad I did. Here's my thoughts about the Blackout Bugout. Pros: -Super lightweight -Functional and versatile blade shape -Axis lock is fidget factor 5000 -Deep carry pocket clip -Good steel -Thin blade stock -Good sharpening choil Cons: -Grivory handle flexes under pressure (not a big deal, if you don't plan on chopping down trees and such) -Edges of Grivory scales are sharp -Price is a bit high for what you get Overall I can see why people love the Bugout. This is a solid EDC for almost any user and I highly recommend it, if you're not on a budget. I don't think it will knock any of my favorites out of my pocket, but it will definitely work it's way into the rotation.

Great blade, not so great hardware
Dacovan S. on Nov 11, 2022

Bought this knife about a year and a half ago and the blade has held up fantastically but I now have three screws that have fallen out and the handle is now about to fall apart. I’ve had $30 knives with handles that have held up for 10 plus years so I was expecting a lot better from this knife

Blade HQ response:
We're very sorry to hear about the trouble you're having. Have you contacted our customer service department yet ([email protected])? We'd like to help you get this resolved. Thanks -BHQ
Sort of good knife. Not worth 150 dollars
Joshua S. on Nov 13, 2021

Pretty simple review. Action was pretty good lil gritty at first but broke in excellent. Dont oil the lock bar or the pivot. was so gritty after i did an lock stick was awful. But after cleaning an no oil it went back to beautiful action. This was my edc for about 2 weeks an then an omega spring broke... no heavy use just opening an closing an some cardboard at work. If this is supposed to be an edc knife it needs to be reliable an at 150 bucks they def shouldnt be unreliable. Save your money dont buy into the hype.

Bruce B. on Oct 20, 2021

The Benchmade Bugout is a good quality knife with no frame or blade play. Blade centering is good. The materials and workmanship are fine. I just expected more for a $148 dollar knife. In a "bugout" situation (any situation), you'd be better served by the Freek or Gryptilian. Both of which are less expensive. This just isn't enough knife for $148.

Have two now
Julio G. on Jun 21, 2021

The first one I bought was amazing ! Sharp ,light , fidgety. I bought one recently when they were on sale and it almost looks like a factory 2nd. clip was scratched, blade coating looks odd and has splatter from what appears to be the edge. I’ll use this one for dirtier jobs and keep other one clean.

Ergonomics are fantastic but very gritty action.
Joseph Z. on Jun 11, 2021

I bought this while out of the country on a business trip that got extended so by the time i got it in my hands it was past the 60day return policy and i couldn't return it. I sent it back to Benchmade and i received it back and i actually believe they didn't even touch it. It felt no different. I own 4 Bugouts (2 fullsize 2 mini's) and the 2 with the black coating are gritty and the 2 natural steel blades are perfect. I don't know if it is the fault of the finish but if i ever buy another Benchmade i wont get one with any coating on it. After BM's customer service I transitioned to Spyderco for EDC and will keep it that way.

It's okay but not great.
Jorge O. on Feb 29, 2020

This is my 12th Benchmade but my first 'Bugout' knife from there. It is probably my least favorite Benchmade and I am a bit disappointed since the reality does not live up to the hype for me. I know many will disagree but I just am not very happy with this knife. Its okay but not great. In my opinion, the handle is too thin and light and the blade rotation is too stiff for the weight of the handle. The handle feels flimsy and has a 'cheap' kind of feel. The blade itself is quality but the stiffness of the rotation is annoying for so light a knife. I have worked the joint and its much better now but it took quite a bit of work and I still really don't like carrying.

Not sure what the fuss is all about
Mike M. on Dec 5, 2019

Got it on sale for $99....still feel like it's a premium for what you get. Don't get me wrong, it's a pretty nice knife. Super light, nice and slim, excellent clip and came very sharp out of the box. Blade wasn't centered which bothers the heck out of me when I consider the price. C'mon Benchmade!!!

Not For Everyone
Frank B. on Sep 29, 2019

I bought a Bugout Blackout and returned it. I think it's a high quality knife for someone who can use all its features, but for me it was just not a substantial tool for carry, and not a pretty collectible either. The handle is very light plastic which actually gives a cheap feel to this knife.

Bug out, hype?
Jan J. on Sep 28, 2019

My first Benchmade and I'm not that impressed. The thumb stud is to high or forward for the correct angle to deploy for me, I can use the blade behind it much better. It used a axis lock that drags on the blade and sound horrible, like scrapping paint off plastic. Then that paint from the blade it scratches off gets into the pivot. Does not flip open as I have seen on other reviews, I will be working on the pivot and lubrication to hopefully make it easier. It is small in my hand and not as comfortable as say the Para 2. Will not be my EDC. It also has burrs and sharp edges that will require work.

Knife came out of allignment.
Spence b. on Sep 22, 2019

Blade is canted over to side. Action nice. Should have paid another $50 for something nicer given the current price point.

I Don't Know
George W. on Aug 19, 2019

I don't know why I buy any Benchmade's with the plastic (aka) Grivory scales. I'm not sure what it's made out of, I just don't like the feel of them. They remind me of fiberglass & I always wind up paying for a pair of aftermarket scales. Also when I got this thing it was very stiff. I almost sent it back but I thought I'd give it a chance since so many people seem to really like this thing. So I took it apart cleaned & oiled the pivot area. The bronze washers also had burs so I ran them over some 1000 grit paper. Works much better now. The only good thing I can say about this knife is it is light.

Sent back
Jeff B. on Jul 27, 2019

I'm a big fan of BM and the axis lock. I think my 940 and Mini grip must have spoiled me because the action on my Bugout was extremely stiff and even a little crunchy. Looks like I need to move on to the Super Freek

Disappointing quality control
colin b. on Jul 24, 2019

I know benchmade was probably pumping these things out at the factory trying to fill a big order by the release date, so I’m not too surprised at the quality of this knife. Just like my last bugout I ordered 6 months ago or so, this knife came out of the box super sharp, the coating on the blade is super nice with no blemishes, action is alittle sticky but will break in. My problem is with the blade centering. I’m not a real centering snob, but no joke my blackout bugout out of the box was literally rubbing on the scale on the right side. The blade was literally TOUCHING the scale. I just don’t understand why blade HQ would accept that kind of quality. I think you guys need to start opening boxes and checking these things before they go out. Also, the grind on the edge is super uneven, high on one side, low on the other. Idk, just some thoughts guys. Maybe you’ll get lucky and get one of the good ones like I did the first time I bought a bugout.

Blade HQ response:
We appreciate the feedback and are sorry to hear your knife had an issue. The knife should have been perfect out the box and unfortunately, there are occasionally issues. Please contact customer service and we will make it right. Benchmade has one of the best warranty services in the industry and always stands behind their product. -Team BHQ
1st Benchmade
Chris T. on Jul 8, 2023

Knife is lightweight with good fit/finish and materials but opens and closes like it is rusted or has sand in it, even after adjusting. This will not make it into my EDC rotation and don't think I'll purchase more BM in the future, at least any of the folders.

Great blade, but that's it.
Sean B. on Nov 5, 2022

I had this knife for 2 weeks before the handle started to "warp" to the shape of my leg. Now this is not an unusual occurrence for a plastic handle knife, but I did not expect it to happen after 2 weeks and to a $160 American made knife. I sent it off to Benchmade for repairs or replacement. I hope their customer service is better than quality control. As usual, Blade HQ is amazing and has fast shipping, I will be a lifetime customer.

Not impressed.
kevin D. on Feb 17, 2021

I own a handful of Benchmade knives. I really like their stuff. From duty, to work, to casual its usually top notch stuff but the Axis just screams cheap. The handle is similar to gas station knives, the locking mechanism is stiff and hard to manipulate. It just really appears that the RD department decided to take a good blade and pair it with a cheap knife. Not impressed.

Poor Balance
Josh D. on Jun 15, 2020

High quality steel, but the G10 feels cheap and is too light. This knife is not well balanced.

Blade HQ response:
The handle material on this knife is a type of polymer, rather than G-10, so it will be lighter in construction.
1st expensive knife (well for me)
Victor O. on Oct 11, 2019

I received this in the mail I was so excited, first Benchmade and axis lock. I know a few people that have them and they USE them. Well 7 weeks and 2 days later I flip it open and a piece of the spring fell out. I never abused it, or used it to cut anything other then paper and boxes. I look up reddit, other forms and few others had the same problem with the springs. Will updated after I send it to Benchmade for repairs.

I wish I could give this 5 stars.
Ethan W. on Aug 15, 2019

This is a great knife, my first Benchmade and it will be my last. This is my first expensive (for me), American made knife. Factoring the price, which is close to $150 after taxes, it's hard to stomach a blade with such an uneven grind. The knife is sharp and I'm sure it will serve me well and for a long time, but when I'm paying so much, I expect a better level of quality. The blade is the most important part of a knife and I'm really surprised a brand like Benchmade which I thought would be great quality, would ship a knife with an uneven grind. Furthermore, this is a BladeHQ exclusive, which means Benchmade is aware they were sending these off to people who A) are more likely to be discerning customers, and B) will have the inconvenience of not being able to hold the product before buying and unable to switch it without mailing it back. That is just such a huge miss for me, I will bring my business elsewhere. In retrospect I should have returned it before using it and requested a better quality knife. In the end, it's a great knife. I love the shape and it disappears in my pocket unnoticeable until I need it then it's out quick, and it's super sharp despite the poor grind. There's alot to love about this knife and I will use it for a long time, but when I spend that much I want better quality.

Should be named EDC not Bugout
Frank J. on Jul 29, 2019

Cool knife, but this is not a "bugout" type of knife. As others have stated, this knife feels very "flimsy" and almost has a "cheap" knife feel. Pros - S30V Steel, deep carry clip, lightweight Cons- Price, feel Good knife overall, but i think the hype for this knife is extremely overblown for what it is.

Not what I thought it would be.
Steve Y. on Jul 28, 2019

After giving this knife a fair trial, while others nay like it, this model will not make it into my EDC rotation. First, it feels too flimsy and I have serious reservation about it being able to hold up under normal use. certain tasks that I perform on a daily basis makes it feel like it may fail. You should be able to have confidence in your chosen carry. Next, is the quality control. There are very different grind angles on each side of the blade. One side is ground back to expose over an 1/8 of an inch to the steel under the coating while the other side exposes less that 1/16. It was not sharp at all out of the box. Overall, for the price point, I am completely unimpressed with the Bugout. I will carry this in my lunchbox for slicing fruit or meat. Benchmade really missed the mark on this one.

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