Benchmade Bugout AXIS Lock Knife Ranger Green (3.24" Gray) 535GRY-1

  • Gray chromium nitride-coated drop point blade made of CPM-S30V steel.
  • Dual bronze-finished titanium thumb studs with bronze pivot washers.
  • Textured blue Grivory handle scales over nested steel liners.
  • Safe, strong, and ambidextrous AXIS-Lock mechanism.
  • Reversible Mini Deep-Carry pocket clip and oversized lanyard hole.


In 2017, Benchmade shook the knife world with the release of the Bugout. It was the knife people didn't know they were searching for. It was simple, utilitarian, ergonomic, lightweight, had an ambidextrous lock and opener, and was made with quality materials. In the years since, the Benchmade Bugout has become one of the best-selling knives in history. Benchmade truly made the Bugout a knife for everyone, and no collection is complete without one.

The Benchmade Bugout comes in two sizes and a multitude of colors, and has great aftermarket customization options as well.

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MSRP: $190.00
Our Price: $171.00
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  • Overall Length: 7.46"
  • Blade Length: 3.24"
  • Cutting Edge: 3.00"
  • Blade Width: 1.00"
  • Blade Thickness: 0.09"
  • Blade Material: CPM S30V
  • Hardness: 58-60 RC
  • Blade Style: Drop Point
  • Blade Grind: Flat
  • Finish: Gray
  • Edge Type: Plain
  • Handle Length: 4.22"
  • Handle Width: 1.00"
  • Handle Thickness: 0.42"
  • Handle Material: Polymer
  • Color: Green, Tan
  • Frame/Liner: Steel
  • Weight: 1.85 oz.
  • User: Right Hand, Left Hand
  • Pocket Clip: Tip-Up
  • Knife Type: Manual
  • Opener: Thumb Stud
  • Lock Type: Crossbar Lock
  • Brand: Benchmade
  • Model: Bugout
  • Model Number: 535GRY-1
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Best Use: Camp/Hike, Everyday Carry
  • Product Type: Knife

Customer Reviews

Rudy E
Rudolph E. on Apr 29, 2023

After reading several reviews before making the purchase, I was prepared to replace the scales shortly after getting the knife. Many of the opinions degraded the use of polymers. I do remember the same type of arguments pertaining to the new M-16 and Glock handguns. Having been issued both of these during my career I found them both to be very competitive advancements. Now after receiving and using this knife from Blade HQ I have found Benchmade has also found a great use for these types of materials. The texture is very secure and regardless if you can move one side to another under an amount of stress, the grip still feels solid. Get the knife in your hands, appreciate the quality of the components, and the craftmanship of a Benchmade product. Once carried as an EDC in your pocket you may agree that it is a great knife. PS Blade HQ only sells actual brands. I trust their merchandise to be as represented, and delivered as promised.

Perfect EDC
Ezequiel G. on Apr 1, 2023

Super light yet super solid pocket knife for EDC. It disappears in your pocket. Deployment of the blade is super easy and it feels super sturdy when using. Grip is correct and the color combo is amazing. Axis lock come a little bit stiff but it gets smoother with some knife fidgeting. I'd also like to see a better work on the blade sharpening. It's sharp, don't get me wrong, but I saw better edges with the same steel just right out of the box. Overall, the ultimate EDC knife. You won't regret this purchase.

Glad I made the purchase
Marc L. on Oct 15, 2022

I’ve heard so much about the Bugout since it’s release but I’ve been hesitant to purchase one. Finally gave in and I am happy I did. It’s a perfect size and feels good in the hand. It’s a thin handled and thin bladed (not a word) knife. The workmanship is what I would expect from a Benchmade and the blade was perfectly centered. The edge was OK, but I’ll tweak that. I’m glad I bought it and would suggest you do the same. The only thing I wish was different, was that when unlocked that the blade would easily fall closed like other lock bar knives. It’s not a flaw, just that Benchmade makes their knives differently.

High quality but…
Wyatt F. on May 9, 2022

Very high quality, solid knife. The finish on the blade is excellent to the touch. The color even looks better in person. Benchmade also did very good on the sharpens of the blade at the point of deliver. The only gripe I have is the tightness of the action but I’m sure this contributes to the solid feel in hand. All in all this knife deserves five stars at first impress

One of the EDC Kings
ryan a. on Jul 21, 2021

Not much else to say -- you know the Bugout -- it's the top of the EDC food chain.

Closest to perfection available.
Bryan G. on Feb 4, 2021

I was late to the bugout game and boy do I regret it. This could very well be the best EDC knife ever made. It's light, slim, and it disappears in the pocket. Premium steel that holds an edge very well. The thin blade slices like a dream. The chromium nitride coating on the blade is both beautiful and seems to be holding up to everything I throw at it. My only complaint would be the grivory scales. I wish they'd gone with something a little tougher like G10 or Micarta, even at the cost of added weight and thickness. I'll probably be looking for some aftermarket scales, then it will truly be perfect.

The Best Bugout
Michael S. on Nov 17, 2020

I have one of these and in my opinion it is the best one. It is the toughest looking and most tactical/outdoorsy version. The blade has a Military parkerized look to it being dark gray instead of black. The handles are just the right shade of green as well. Kind of a cross between OD green and Flat Dark Earth. I like the style and shape of the blade and handle on this one a lot. It is very flat and weighs hardly anything while being a decent size knife for EDC. Mine locks up very solid and is a sturdy knife for what you would use a knife like this for. Granted you won't be chopping down any trees with it, throwing it, or any other such heavy abuse. Used properly it will serve you well for what a pocket knife is generally used for. The upgraded CPM S30V steel is a nice touch as well. It is easy to make very sharp and holds it well. I am very happy with the purchase and glad I bought it to add it to my toolbox full of EDC knives and daily rotation.

A Winner
Bill E. on Sep 21, 2020

I've always liked ultralight EDC and backpacking equipment. When you can have a knife as light as the Bugout and still have it boast of quality materials--it's a winner in my mind. It was a little tight when I first got it. But I took it apart, cleaned it, lubed it, and it has loosened up nicely! It's so small and lightweight that I hardly notice it in my pocket. The blade of S35VN is ideal for EDC. It is sharp and holds an edge. The colors are subdued and makes this an easy knife to carry and not be noticed. [Update Oct 8, 2020] I've now had this one for a couple of weeks and it has worked its way into my pocket more than any of my other knives. It's light, capable, and has a high fidget factor.

Light and Tight
Scott M. on Sep 20, 2020

This is a great EDC! I moved the clip to make it left-hand friendly. Love the one-handed opening action. Just tight enough to feel secure and light enough to carry every day! Great knife!

New Favorite
JEFF C. on Sep 19, 2020

This thing is great. I was a little worried it wasn't going to live up to the hype - but I can't get over how much I love this little (and super super lite) knife. I haven't been able to put it down since I got it. It's going to be in my pocket for a loooong time.

Great Knife
JOEL A. on Sep 13, 2020

The Benchmade Bugout is sized perfectly for EDC duty. It's light enough to not be noticed and always sharp & ready for anything. The small deep pocket clip is also perfect. All Benchmade knifes should come with that small deep pocket clip.

Eric D. on Sep 10, 2020

I wanted something light, durable, and corrosion resistant as I spend a lot of my free time fishing on the Gulf of Mexico. I have cut bait and rinsed my Bugout in saltwater on a couple of different occasions. Most knives I have owned would show signs of rust and discoloration by the time I got home but, NOT my Benchmade Bugout. I do perform a deep cleaning when I do get home but to date no signs of corrosion! I definitely recommend this knife!

Exactly what I was looking for
Ronald B. on Sep 4, 2020

This is a great blade. Very light and very inconspicuous. Deep pocket carry along with the perfect length blade.makes this my new favorite knife! You cant go wrong with this one!

I love this knife so much I bought 3!
Craig S. on Sep 4, 2020

First this is just a great knife out of the box. Perfect size, very light weight, razor sharp, love the axis lock.... I can keep going on. After my first one I started seeing all of the options to make it my own. So now I have a black blade with new copper scales, a gray blade with red scales and a gray blade with brass scales. I love this knife

Perfect EDC Knife!!
Jerry G. on Aug 31, 2020

This knife is so light and thin I forget I have it on me. The blade come razor sharp from the factory and is backed by a limited lifetime warranty from Benchmade.

Ricardo J. on Aug 31, 2020

I absolutely love my new benchmade, not too big nor small, just the absolute right size and an excellent cutter.Too good at cutting for safety reasons ;),and a dull knife is useless. I have already cut my self multiple times with it, one can say its a baptism by blood. Overall, the best knife for all and i have a microtech. Can't stop playing with it, its too fun and absolutely beautiful.

Love the Bugout
Randy M. on Jul 30, 2020

I have over 50 pocket knives and a few fixed blade knives I picked up over the years. My oldest is a Western leather handle I got sometime around the late 60's. My folders are Schrade, Uncle Henry, Buck and Case along with some oddballs I collected over the years. Case has been my favorite and for the last 20 years my main carry has been a peanut and I now have over a dozen of those, some collectable. Since I retired a year ago, I find myself needing something more than a little peanut can handle. I have big folders and they are not what I want so I started looking into a lightweight EDC that can open and close with a single hand. I did a lot of research trying to find the perfect EDC knife. Narrowed to Benchmade for their Axis lock and so many great reviews. Decided on the drop point blade in gray and I really like the Ranger Green of the Bugout so that is what I got. I have had it now a couple weeks. I first looked at an assisted knife because I don't know how to open one in a flash. But when I read you can't close an assisted knife with a single hand, I figured I would just have to learn right quick. It kinda reminded me of learning to ski. Once you get it down you wonder why you thought it was so hard. The Bugout has far exceeded what I wanted in an EDC. Sharp. Fit & finish. Light weight. Good looks. Some complain about the scales are too flimsy. They can squeeze the scales together. I might could with a pair of pliers but why would I? It really is a great knife and is perfect for me but for some reason I find myself looking at other Benchmade knives. I got my eyes on the 940-2 just to have one a little bigger. Then maybe I'll look into something in the smaller size...

My Eleanor
Nick G. on Jul 23, 2020

Man, this is sharp. My finger can attest to it. I did a lot of research to get this knife, at the end was between the Freak, the Bailout and the Bugout. I was looking for a bigger EDC but not-knife people friendly. The Bugout matched more that definition but I was not too crazy with the CF Scales, for me it looks cheap, I own a Minigriptillian and that is the thing I don't like about it. So I order a Flytanium copper scales right away. When I got them right away felt how light and tough this knife is out of the box. I can see using it like that if weight is a problem like a bug out bag, now I know why the name, but I wanted a heftier knife so install the copper scales right away. And Im in love with the knife. Is definitely going to be in my daily rotation. The day after I got it, I was opening some boxes and misshandle the knife and cut myself almost taking out the tip of my left index. It was not like I was doing to much force but man I find very fast how sharp this knife is out of the box. Im going to respect it from now on. And for Benchmade: Thanks for the cut.

Good Price for a good knife
Anson L. on Apr 1, 2020

For the price this knife is, it feels great in the hand and pretty sturdy with fast opening speed

Perfect Size
Greg T. on Apr 1, 2020

No knife meets every need perfectly. But when it comes to EDC and everyday cutting tasks, the Bugout checks every box for me. Extremely lightweight. Deep carry mini pocket clip is discreet. Perfect blade shape and length. Feels like quality in your hand. Not flimsy or cheap at all. S30V blade. Axis lock for easy one hand open and close. Comes very sharp from the factory. All around excellent EDC knife.

Dependable and lightweight
David S. on Feb 24, 2020

I'd heard all of the complaints about Benchmade QC and the Bugout feeling "flimsy" and decided to see for myself. I think people forget that BladeHQ is more than willing to grab you a good one if you ask for it. After receiving mine, I can say I really don’t understand the complaints. Perfect action, centering, and the "flex" is infinitesimal!

Great EDC
ALEX L. on Jan 20, 2020

This knife is light and really well balanced. Perfect addition to anyone's EDC lineup.

The only knife I grab in the morning
Adam S. on Jan 17, 2020

SUPER lightweight. Axis lock is great action and gets better with use. Pocket clip is deep, small and perfect for the lightweight carry.

First Pocket Knife
gary g. on Jan 12, 2020

I just received the Benchmade Bugout Axis in Ranger Green. This is my first pocket knife purchase. I have played with knives my friends have but never pulled the trigger to buy my own. I did a lot of research prior to purchasing, watching videos, reading blogs and even emailing customer service at Blade HQ. Through all the research the Bugout kept coming up in discussions. So I made the purchase and am so glad I did. Upon opening the box the first thing I noticed was how light the Bugout was with the Grivory handles. I always wear cargo paints so the green color and the deep pocket clip enable me to EDC the knife and not be noticed by others. It's the lightweight that makes me even forget I am carrying it myself. The ease of opening is fantastic. The locking mechanism took me three tries to master unlocking and closing the knife. This is my new fidget toy that also has a function. I am a supervisor for a construction company and the knife comes out of my pocket for real practical use at least three to four times a day (mainly opening boxes and cutting straps). Everyone I have shown this knife to loves it. Great knife. I highly recommend for EDC. If you purchase it you will not be disappointed.

Best EDC
Alex W. on Nov 6, 2019

This was my first Benchmade purchase, before this knife I used to edc mostly Spyderco and some Kershaw but since I got this it hasn't left my pocket. Super lightweight, holds a really sharp factory edge, and sits in the pocket nice with the deep carry pocket clip.

luke h. on Oct 6, 2019

great edc and its super light, you can barely tell that its there. good lockup and deployment. Defiantly recommend.

One of the best benchmades of recent years.
Kevin B. on Oct 2, 2019

The bugout is one of the best knives Benchmade has put out in the last few years. Its so thin it disappears in the pocket. The blade shape is perfect, S30V holds and edge and sharpens easily. You can't go wrong with this one, just buy it.

Daniel S. on Sep 27, 2019

This knife is fantastic. My first blade over 3 inch and I feel spoiled! Great right out of the box. Looks are a 10/10. Surprisingly light in your pocket.

Joe B. on Sep 26, 2019

I love this knife, this is really my first high quality knife and I am loving everything about it! Super thin, very lightweight construction make it a breeze to carry! The pocket clip is awesome, can't say too many good things about this knife. I've had it for a month and the S30V blade has really held up, still super sharp!

Awesome EDC
Harrison H. on Sep 5, 2019

Great knife. It's is extremel light and thin and the mini deep carry pocket clip make it disapeer when you're carrying it. The blade shape is simple and perfect for everything I've had to use use it on. As long as you're willing to take care of you knife and clean and oil it as needed you'll come to love this knife.

Excellent EDC knife, so light like its not even there.
Matthew W. on Sep 5, 2019

Thin, Light, Perfect for EDC. A Bugout has been in my pocket everyday since I got 'em

Andrew D. on Sep 4, 2019

Bought this as a gift but tested it out first. Despite reviews, I found the handle plenty strong. Lightweight, good action. The blade is a nice shape and length - still feels like an EDC knife. Benchmade gets knocked for their quality control, but the particular knife I received was near-perfect out of the box. Axis lock works well. All and all a great knife, and now I'm thinking about picking one up for myself.

Perfect, slim, and light EDC
Peter Y. on Jul 26, 2019

It's just a great knife... Operates smoothly, feels good in hand, steel has good weight and sharp right out of the box. Great knife for a great price that was built to last. If you are looking at this review, stop thinking and just buy it.

Great EDC
Kent H. on Jul 18, 2019

I bought this because I came across it during an episode of KnifeBanter and fell in love with the blade and handle profiles. The classic look of a drop point, the light weight, and solid lock up was the selling point for me. I carried this knife pretty much everyday after receiving it until I got my Sebenza. Just recently a spring snapped, but I'm sending it to BM to get it serviced. People say S30V is harder to sharpen than S35VN, but from my experience, S30V was easier to sharpen and re-profile vs the S35VN on my Sebenza. Only downside was the break-in period for the Axis lock as the DLC coating on the lock bar had to wear off before it smoothly interfaced with the tang of the blade. Ironically, the DLC wore off faster than the coating on the blade tang. I highly recommend this blade for EDC, and I can't wait for the new BladeHQ exclusive black-out Bugout.

Great EDC
Daniel S. on Jul 5, 2019

This knife is so easy to carry. By far the toughest knife for its weight.

Nice Light Weight Knife
Greg W. on May 21, 2019

I am a knife collector but I like carrying them as well as admiring them. I was really surprised at how light this knife was. It seems pretty sturdy, I do see a little give in the Grivory handle when squeezed at the middle but do not see this being an issue with its stability. The Ranger Green and smoked gray, chromium nitride coated blade are a really good combination. It's balance point means I can fidget with it fairly easily. I am very happy to add this to my high end knife collection.

my first expensive knife
Dillon G. on Apr 15, 2019

i like bigger knives because i have big hands, and so i was on the fence about this one. but i wanted a benchmade for my first and so i ordered it and hen it came man it was worth it. i played with it for days just because how it feels in my hand and the axis lock is so nice. of course it is sharp too.

First Big Purchase
Ryan Z. on Mar 24, 2019

I've had this blade for about 2 weeks now, and I have absolutely no complaints. The blades retained it's edge as promised, even against zip ties, rope, and cardboard. At first I wasn't too fond on its light-weight feel, but after a day of carrying, I barely noticed it was there. Definitely would recommend this blade as a EDC/first big purchase.

Perfect EDC knife!
Stanley B. on Mar 19, 2019

I’ve owned this knife for about 6 moths now and I can honestly say it’s what is in my pocket the most. I’m not super hard use guy but I work in a warehouse and cut a lot of carboard and open a lot of packages. It’s cazy light and a super slicer.

Perfect Size
Jeff O. on Mar 15, 2019

No knife meets every need perfectly. But when it comes to EDC and everyday cutting tasks, the Bugout checks every box for me. Extremely lightweight. Deep carry mini pocket clip is discreet. Perfect blade shape and length. Feels like quality in your hand. Not flimsy or cheap at all. S30V blade. Axis lock for easy one hand open and close. Comes very sharp from the factory. All around excellent EDC knife.

Lightweight EDC
Jason L. on Mar 14, 2019

I absolutely love this knife. I hardly ever notice it in my pocket and with the axis lock it is quick to open and close it. This knife can take a beating and still work on tough tasks.

Great EDC
Marshall B. on Mar 14, 2019

I got this knife as my first Benchmade and first Knife over $50, and I absolutely love it!. Its light weight sharp. I food prep with it and I open letters and cut boxes open all the time with this and it has never failed me. Its super light weight too!

Great EDC
Sebastien S. on Mar 6, 2019

Perfect edc! Nice and sharp out of box, super light weight, feels great in hand, and disappears in your pocket. I was worried about the polymer handle but it’s built extremely well and tactile feel.

Drew U. on Mar 5, 2019

I went on a spree of buying knives this year, this one finds its way to my pocket or at least in my hands every single day. It’s so lightweight, it feels good, the blade just falls shut and it’s beyond smooth. I believe this knife could do anything you wanted it to do. **Ladies** get this for your man and they’ll marry you (100% scientifically tested).

With the right tweaks a great knife
Dylan B. on Mar 4, 2019

Thin blade that’s great for slicing and comes in at under 2 oz. it’s the perfect edc knife that disappears in the pocket. I had to loosen the pivot on mine considerably to get things moving smoothly. Do yourself the favor and just get one to see what the hype is all about.

For the GAW ;)
Jay A. on Mar 4, 2019

Regardless of all the crap Benchmade has gotten recently this knife is still a gem the coating is nice the scales are a nice color the size is perfect the grind is the edge is amazing the blade steel is top notch and it's an absolute pleasure to carry!!

Perfect EDC!!!
Charlie S. on Mar 4, 2019

Such a great knife in and out of the pocket. It truly disappears when in there. And it looks dope!!!

Perfect EDC!!
Sebastian p. on Mar 4, 2019

I’ve had my bugout for around 4 months now and I love it. It’s practically weightless, ultra thin, and sharp right out of the box. The bugout is a great choice for a EDC especially with its mini deep carry pocket clip and s30v blade it’s an all around amazing EDC.

It lives up to its reputation, maybe not the name.
John W. on Mar 4, 2019

The bugout is one sweet knife that lived up to its reputation. The knife coming in at 1.8 oz does literally disappear in your pocket. It is light weight but still provides you with a full sized cutting blade. I would recommend this as a edc knife if you want to cut down on bulk and still have full sized functionality. Also I like it as a jogging knife because it does not bang around in shorts or sweat pockets. You may hear people talking about the handle being able to bend. However I find that you need to be using a considerable amount of force to achieve that. I will say if you want a knife for camping or very hard use then the bugout is not the best option. Over all it is definitely one to have to carry or for a collection. The light weight and full sized blade with good ergonomics makes this a EDC choice for sure.

steven b. on Feb 27, 2019

Not too hot not too cold jussssst right. Just enough belly, perfect steel, ultra light but not weak. Texture is just enough, beautiful accents, great colorations didn’t even waste time with a black handle. Opens silky smooth of course, and carry’s like a ghost, Doesn’t feel like it’s there till u reach for it

Great lightweight EDC
Mark M. on Feb 24, 2019

Pros: -Super lightweight & thin -Deep pocket clip & great ergonomics -Razor-sharp out of the box & blade centering was dead on Cons: -Not a 'hard use' knife (no handle liners so there will be flex/give in certain situations) If your looking for a basic EDC lightweight knife that will make you forgot that it's in your pocket, this is it. A knife in hand beats the Kukri left at home. You'll never think twice about putting this in your pocket because it takes up too much space or weighs too much. I suggest any of the 940 Osborne models (will be +~1 ounce heavier) if you like the size of this knife but are looking for something that feels stouter.

Light weight monster
Derek T. on Feb 22, 2019

This knife has gotten a lot of negative feedback but zero complaints from this guy

Great knife
Steve L. on Feb 22, 2019

I have only two tiny complaints, and one is just a personal annoyance, really. First, the blade on my particular knife is a little off center. No adjustment or combination of possible adjustments will fix it. It's not off by much, though. Second is the annoying sound my hands/fingers make on the grivory handle material (LOL). It just bugs the hell out of me! I'm getting over it, though. Neither of these is really any big deal. Just the absolute only things I can complain about. All in all, I love this knife. The weight, the steel, the blade, the action, the lock-up, the looks, the clip - all excellent. If you're thinking about buying this knife, do it!

For the Fellow who wrote Advertisement Duped Me
Barry S. on Feb 2, 2019

Sir, If the knife was as you say loose or too tight it is warrantied by one of the best knife making companies in the World! Yes, in this case I have to say Benchmade is up there in not only their knife making skills but also their warranty of their product as in if it ever gets dull and you don't want to sharped it or for some reason can't do it right they will do it for the life of the knife. I am retired military and part of my job was to teach, equip, and maintain survival equipment in the USCG. We constantly had to sell our supervisors on the importance of providing excellent gear to our Aircrew and Pilots in case of an aircraft ditching either at sea or on land far away from the civilized population. I enjoyed giving out gear to our guys and gals that I knew would work well and hold up under the most extreme weather environments. So, if that knife somehow slipped past the proper QA of Benchmade I know they are the kind of company that backs their products and would most certainly take care of you so you could give your son a most excellent gift. At last count I own several Benchmades myself so I am speaking with a great deal of product experience and some of the knives I have are over 20 years of age and still perform like a new knife. Better than most knives you can find on the market today. I just keep them lubricated and cleaned up after using in the bush. Contact Benchmade and see if I am right. Good luck, Happy Camper

Love it
Jeremy E. on Jan 18, 2019

Congrats to whomever made this knife better. This knife is perfect gold.

Harry M. on Jan 15, 2019

Has substantially less presence in pocket compared to a mini grip and is much lighter. The proportions are great and the action/feel is perfect. If you're thinking about purchasing, go for it.

Love This Knife!!
Michael S. on Jan 4, 2019

This was my first Benchmade. I was nervous about paying this much for what looks like just another knife. I felt like I was just going to be paying for a name. Wow, was I ever wrong! I love Love LOVE this knife!!! When I first picked it up I was amazed at how light it was. It’s crazy light! The action is also crazy smooth. I have several knives, but this action is awesome! It flicks open super easy. Both by the thumb stud or by use of the Axis lock. I find myself just flicking and playing with this knife all the time. A guy at work that I showed it to bought one the next day because of how awesome it was when he handled it. The big problem is that now I have this overwhelming urge to buy another Benchmade. It’s bad, really bad. You may be better off not getting it actually.

freakin' awesome!
Cole D. on Dec 23, 2018

stayed sharp for 3 months even though I used it every day, really tough finish on blade, and is so light I try to go and find it when it's in my pocket. If your thinking about getting it just go for it

Jacob L. on Dec 13, 2018

I am amazed by this knife. It looks great, disappears in my pocket, has superb steel, and is comfortable to work with. A stellar EDC blade.

For real??
Curtis P. on Nov 16, 2018

How can a super lightweight knife impress someone who has owned the real deal Grayman dua, Chaves, griptilians, pm2s much that it leaves me speechless. To pull off a quality fell being so light is remarkable. A true testament to Benchmade. Get one, you owe it to yourself. A+++

Solid, light EDC
Nicholas C. on Nov 14, 2018

I'll have to say, this was better than I thought it would be. I love how light it is, and how thin it it. It's definitely not a harder use knife but that's ok, I like it non the less. This is my first Benchmade and I'm very pleased with it!

Excellent, lightweight knife
Erik W. on Oct 24, 2018

I purchased this specifically for the blade metal and how little this knife weights. I almost returned it because it was stiff and gritty on opening. Blew 65 psi air through the action and open and closed for 30 minutes and it opens smooth a butter. Nice blade, very lightweight, but I am mostly a ZT guy. This is the 2nd Benchmade I have purchased and it's quite nice. Would recommend. This is my new EDC knife for work. This is not a survival knife - this is a knife for opening boxes, cutting zip ties, rubber wire protectors and orange plastic fiber optic cable protectors.

Favorite Knife
Tony E. on Oct 14, 2018

I've been carrying knives for years and this one takes the cake. love the axis lock and it's been keeping it's edge nicely.

Nice blade
Houston B. on Oct 12, 2018

Been carrying this blade on and off for 3 months now. It's definitely feather light! The knife lock up is solid and the handle scales are comfortable and grippy. I only have two compaints. The blade doesn't fly open very quickly and there are no liners inside the handles. Aside from that it slices like a champ and looks amazing. Ps more colors please!

You won't regret this purchase!!!
Michael G. on Aug 31, 2018

Now for start, i will admit that i didn't buy this knife from this website. I bought mine from amazon in which came from DLT Trading. That being said, I have been carrying this knife for about a couple of weeks now and i can honestly say that from the moment i first got it out of the packaging and into my pocket, I instantly fell in love with this knife. From the look of it, to the razor sharp edge, it has everything going for it that i could ever want for a edc knife. This is my ideal knife for every basic edc tasks that i throw at it. Like i said in the title, you absolutely will not regret this purchase. It is a excellent knife and I can barley keep myself from admiring it constantly and wanting to use it constantly. Definitely worth every penny!

Great backpacking knife
George M. on Jul 9, 2018

Should have been called Benchmade Backpacker or something along those lines. Very light for the oz. counters, classic lines, very thin, disappears in the pocket. Taken it backpacking once and will take it on another 5 day trip at the end of the summer. It did everything I needed it to do on the trail. This is a winner, and I think great competition for some of spyderco’s lighter frn offerings.

Christopher l. on Jul 3, 2018

I’ve been meaning the pick the bugout up since it’s release, when I heard the weight 1.85 oz I had to see it for myself. Benchmade accomplishes this by losing the liners in the handles. And I have to say I absolutely love it. I’ve been looking for a good edc for basketball shorts or running and this fits the bill perfectly. Wearing basketball short the knife disappears with its light weight and deep carry clip. Like other reviews say the handles do bow if squeezed hard due to no liners. I dont foresee this being a problem unless your Andre the giant. If your thinking about this knife stop and get it you won’t be sorry

My new go-to EDC
Andrew L. on Jun 13, 2018

I was recently just in the market for a new EDC knife and I was torn between a few different brands and models. I have several other knives that I had carried in the past but I never had a Benchmade up until this point. I was definitely wanting to finally get a Benchmade so I was looking into the mini-griprilan, the full size griptilian, as well as a few others. I stumbled upon this exact knife with no prior knowledge of its existence and fell in love with it immediately. I purchased this knife and let me just say that it was the best decision for purchasing a new EDC ever. It is so lightweight that you forget the knife is there in pocket until you need it. The mini-deep-carry pocket clip put the knife down in your pocket where it remains discreet. The color combo on this knife is also my favorite of any Benchmade on the market right now. Overall, you can’t beat this knife for the price for all that you get out of it.

Cool as frick
Tyler P. on Jun 12, 2018

If you're on this page, you probably have done your research and possibly even seen the reviews on YouTube or elsewhere (if not, look it up). This knife is good for both the collectors and the guy who just needs/wants a good EDC blade – it's light, thin, strong and just impressive to look at. S30V steel is sharp as a tack out of the box and perfectly centered between the scales. In addition to the quality of the knife, i'd like to commend the quality of service BladeHQ supplies. They're always competitive in pricing, offer free shipping as well as other various things to sweeten the deal; I got a free bottle of BladeHQ hot sauce with my order which is just plain cool. Thanks, dudes (and dudettes).

Awesome EDC
Jake C. on Jun 2, 2018

I never leave reviews, but this knife deserves the exception. I pre-ordered this knife, and it was shipped to me within 2 weeks of placing the order (hats off to Benchmade for not teasing customers for long periods, and to BladeHQ for quick shipping). I work at an retail store where opening boxes, cutting zip-ties and other general knife tasks are a common occurrence. After roughly a month of carrying this knife as an EDC, I can say it's the best small knife I've had. The lockup is solid, as should be expected with the Axis lock; and even without any metal liners, this thing is more rigid than it really has any right to be considering how light it is. The S30V blade comes out of the box razor sharp. The deep carry clip is a nice touch, wish more knives came with them from the factory. Overall, I have no complaints about this knife. It's very aesthetically pleasing, the colors go together very well- pictures of this knife do it no justice.

Super light!
Ryan K. on Jul 22, 2021

Seriously. This thing is the Lotus Elise of folding knives. A lot of people complain about the flexible handles, but a knife this light isn't meant to be beaten on like an axe. I love the fast and loose action. The Axis lock is really fun to fidget with. It looks proper in OD green and brass. My only complaint is that the gray finish on the blade scuffs really easily. Does it live up to the hype? Not really, but it's still a damn handy little EDC.

Lightweight EDC
Wesley R. on Aug 23, 2020

The Bugout is a great lightweight EDC knife. It is extremely lightweight and disappears into your pocket. It's a good lightweight carry and perfect for hot, summer days when carrying less is more. One negative I have to say is regarding the QC. The factory edge was extremely dull. This thing was barely able to cut paper. I've had knives under $30 that came sharper than this. For the amount of money you pay you would expect to not have an edge like this. I sharpened it up and it's fine now but for the money spent i expected more. For someone that buys this as a first expensive knife without any kind of sharpening tools I can see where this can be a let down, especially if coming from something much more inexpensive.

Great EDC, poor quality control from benchmade
Connor W. on Dec 4, 2019

Benchmade came up with a great knife, its very lightweight and you can cook anything with it. Unfortunately benchmade's QC has fallen a bit lately, and mine arrived with very poor blade centering, causing the blade to slightly drag on one scale making it less flipable than it should be. I sent it back to Benchmade for review and its better, though still not perfect. Be aware of that potential when buying benchmade these days. Still great knives, but can fall short of the other big players in QC.

Nice... but
David M. on Aug 7, 2019

Been looking for a while. When I saw the Bugout in Ranger Green, I had to have it. I like a light thin knife that disappears in my pocket. When I received the Bugout it seemed perfect out of the box. After a very short time the axis lock mech developed a very gritty feel and even jammed a few times. Opening and closing the knife became difficult and felt terrible. At times take two hands to operate the axis mech. I was very disappointed and ready to send it back, reluctantly. I really wanted to like this knife. As a last resort I removed the blade and blew it out with an air compressor. Reassembled and oiled and now it’s smooth as butter. No jamming, no gritty feel. The axis lock pulls back smoothly and the blade drops freely. Visually I didn’t see anything in the axis lock mech that caused the issue but blowing it out with 60psi of air got rid of whatever was in there. Glad I don’t have to send it back. This knife is unbelievably light and surprisingly thin. The reported flex in the scales is a bit exaggerated IMO. I’m not hammering this knife into trees. My only complaint right now is the chromium oxide coating on the clip has a lot of drag. It doesn’t slide back in my pocket as easily as I’d like. Hopefully that’ll improve as it wears in.

I’m torn
Peter Q. on Jun 13, 2019

I’ve carried it every day since I got it and even though it’s not my favorite, it is quickly moving up the list. Now the only real issue I have is with the company Benchmade itself. Why a company would exclude half if not more of it potential customers buy taking a political stance is beyond me. Probably the only reason this is and will be the only Benchmade knife I ever own.

Super light and super tiiight!!
Patrick B. on Mar 17, 2019

I love this knife. I go camping and like to have a backup knife that just disappears into my pack! For that purpose, this knife is the best! The blade steel is great, the mini deep carry clip is an awesome touch, and the weight is unbelievable. This knife is wonderful.

Good edc, plastic axis lock is weird
Joshua B. on Mar 16, 2019

I love the blade shape of this knife, cuts awesome out of the box. Its lightweight and almost a little too lightweight. I've almost put it through the wash twice, thankfully my wife isn't as scatter brained as I am. The only problem I have with this knife is the axis lock buttons are grivory, which coming from a 940 is just weird feeling on the fingers. Other than that its a great knife and for the price its definitely worth a look.

The best knife for my life
Darren H. on Mar 8, 2019

I like the blue one better because the price is more fair. The price of the green and black is ridiculous, however I haven’t found another knife that does what a bugout does. So it is what it is. Benchmade’s quality control and price vs what you get is a complicated thing. So, whatever. I bought it and I’m keeping it.

Maxwell F. on Feb 24, 2019

Great knife from a company I'm disappoint in. Turns out Benchmade has a long record of donating to anti-gun politicians over the years. Can't say I will continue to purchase from a company that supports restricting the rights of Americans.

Overall pretty good knife
Branden S. on Feb 22, 2019

Great S30V Blade, slightly off-center but overall great lightweight EDC knife!

Love everything but not a go to.......
Trey C. on Jan 8, 2019

Have no complaints about fit/finish, love the overall ergonomics. This is my first Benchmade and I am impressed with this knife. Blade was wicked sharp out of box and was addicting to play with due to its light weight and ease of deployment. I do love the short deep carry clip, wish I had this on every pocket knife I owned. However, I am very hesitant to rely on this knife as my sole everyday knife. I understand there is no liners in the handle to save weight but I am afraid to even use it to open a pop top lol! I honestly carry my ESEE Zancudo for backup when I inevitably run into a task I don’t think the Bugout will be able to handle. That’s a big miss on Benchmade’s part but for what it is I really love this knife.

Not My First 535 Bugout
Paul P. on Dec 11, 2018

This model gets an extra star compared to the blue handled model. I didn't give the original 535 a five star rating mainly because it's not really what the name suggests- a bugout knife. However, this has to be one of my favorite EDC knifes simply because of its lightweight and thin profile. The included deep carry clip is also a nice touch. Also, Benchmade's S30V isn't as impossible to put a good edge on as some others I have. I prefer this Ranger Green version mainly due to color and that anti-reflective chromium nitride coating. A great looking combination. Benchmade knives are a bit on the pricey side, but you get good quality from them. And, from personal experience, they have a great customer service department and have gone well beyond what I can expect in terms of assisting customers.department and have gone well beyond what I can expect in terms of assisting customers.

Super super super light weight!!!
Harry Y. on Nov 25, 2018

Works well, nice looking. It is so light that I can not feel it when I am carrying it. Maybe it is too light for its size suppose to be, but it is still a qualified nice knife. When I get use to its weight, it is something I really like to carry everyday. I can put it in my every pocket and no one would notice it. Well done, benchmade.

Beautiful EDC
Daniel M. on Nov 14, 2018

Just got mine today and as soon as I had it in hand I knew it was something special. Light yet durable, sleek yet rugged. The blade coating is a thing of beauty and the bronze thumb stud and barrel spacers set it off. Only quarrel, and maybe it's in my head, but coulda shoulda been g10 scales. The frn doesn't feel cheap or weak but for the price should of gotten a little extra. Awesome all around and can't wait to carry it tomorrow

Less for more
Alan G. on Jul 11, 2018

I recieved my bugout in ranger green a few days ago, I've carried it and used it everyday since, my first impressions of this knive would be"wow thing thing is light, it looks awesome, it's super thin, a bit on the small side for my liking, i would of liked a little more beef over all, the blade finish/coating soaks up oils and shows fingerprints more than any other knife i have, i love it but it has flaws".

Not very impressed
Lawrence P. on Aug 30, 2020

I unfortunately found the knife to be rather flimsy and weak in the handle. I understand the knife is designed to be light but I felt you could squeeze the handles together too easily. Blade however is excellent.

Anonymous on Mar 18, 2019

Doug W. on Mar 17, 2019

OMG it comes in OD green with a tactical black blade, let's charge about 20% more for it! Nice money grab Benchmade, made for the Pokemon generation "gotta collect them all!" Want to see a better example of this, check out the Gold Class Bugout! Other than that, it's a nice knife.

Pretty Overrated Knife
Cole S. on Jan 28, 2019

I bought this knife right when it came out and I torture tested it quite a bit. Gotta say the knife has good fit but horrible finish. I bought my first one had it for 2 days before I noticed rust (yes on the coating) thought I just had one that was old or whatever the case was. Returned it and got a new one that was perfectly mint. Same thing. 2 days after owning it it had developed rust. Decided I would just deal with it as the knife isn't that expensive and see how it goes just to be a bit of a guinea pig. I've had quite a few benchmades and spydercos. I'm beyond flabbergasted that this knife has such good reviews. I'ts ok at best but for my money a mini grip is a much smarter buy

Benchmade Bug out
David I. on Jun 14, 2018

Received the green scaled Bug out 3 days ago. The blade and lock are top quality. The handle scales are a bit flimsy. DO NOT put any pressure on them. They flex easily. They are made the same way the Griptillian scales are made but way thinner, thus less sturdy.

Advertising duped me
Ray B. on Nov 28, 2018

Hat is off to Benchmade for their advertising skills. Had me sold on a bullet proof, tough as nails knife. Nah. Knife doesn't want to flip open, certainly doesn't drop shut. Sorry a knife at this price doesn't need a "break in". I can pinch the scales until they touch when the blade is out. Feels rather flimsy. It is a gift, it's for my son. I'm sure he will love it. I would return it, but I had the blade engraved. Bummer. This was my first, and probably my last Benchmade. Be a neat knife at the $40 price point..... I suppose I'm just used to my big robust knives that can be used as a pry bar as well.

Axis lock spring has broken twice already
Christopher M. on May 28, 2019

I have owned the knife for a few months. The omega spring has broken twice already. BM will not send replacement springs. Have to mail the knife in on your own dime.

Patrick M. on Nov 19, 2018

I would not want to have this as my only knife if I had to bug out or when disaster strikes. It is very flimsy and more suited for opening bags, mail, packing tape on boxes or cutting twine. Hell even if I was going for a short hike with only a folding knife I'd prefer at least a victorinox farmer or great eastern cutlery bullnose. If I was putting together a car emergency kit this wouldn't go in it either. It feels better in hand than a mini griptilian due to longer scales, but that's the only plus this knife gets. I already sold the one I purchased when it first came out.

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