CIVIVI Coronet Titanium Pen 5" w/ Spinner Bearing Top CP-02A

This tasteful titanium pen is the Coronet CP-02A from CIVIVI. The Coronet has a full plain titanium casing and fashions an embellished grip. On the top of this particular pen, you will find a smooth spinner bearing. Be prepared for note taking with this bolt-action beauty.

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  • Length: 5.00"
  • Diameter: 0.38"
  • Material: Titanium
  • Color: Gray
  • Weight: 1.00 oz.
  • Ink Color: Black
  • Mechanism: Bolt-Action
  • Brand: CIVIVI
  • Model: CP-02A
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Product Type: Pen

Customer Reviews

It took me a minute to realize its worth
DANIEL W. on Nov 22, 2020

I have more than a few of We Knife Co titanium pens, but only one particular model, in various colors - their TP-03 series (I didn't care for their other versions). They've served me well and I jumped on four of these the instant I found out about them. These Civivi CP-02 pens arrived and their clips quickly became loose. I was heartbroken. It was just rattling around and wouldn't hold tight in my pocket. Worthless! I couldn't see an obvious way to tighten anything, like the Torx Screw on the We Knife Co. TP-03 pens have. After staring at it for hours, I finally got the top cap of the spinner part to unscrew. There's no good way to grip this part, but underneath all that spinner stuff, is how you can tighten the clip! Ideally, these pens should have come with a special tool for adjustments, but an external snap-ring pliers works well, but you can also fake it with a small screwdriver, or possibly some tweezers. You can then unscrew or tighten the retaining threaded-washer to adjust the tightness of the milled clip. It's a pretty genius design, once you get down to the guts of this thing. It uses a ramped/keyed system of hidden attachment/adjustments. When you tighten the retaining washer, the clip tightens as well. I really like it now! The spinner part is very light, and you can barely tell it's spinning, but then again, you can hear its pleasant whirr when you hold it closer to your ears, and the slight vibrations make this pen come ALIVE as you write with it! Like it's a sentient being or something, pretty cool idea! I don't have to carry (and risk losing/damaging) my "regular" titanium spinners to work anymore! This pen gets two birds stoned at once! Not QUITE as heavy as my WE PENS, but it's also not super thin, it has a substantial and acceptable thickness! It is high quality, and I would NOT use any loctite, as the way these titanium threads are cut, they sort of "lock" once you reach a minimal torque of tightness... Yes, the threads feel VERY nice. Which is hit-or-miss with titanium threads, but this company has always impressed me with their thread feels. I use OTTO FLASH DRY GEL PG-105NP refills which have a 0.5mm tip. Also, any "Parker Style" refills will work, same refills as my WE PENS. These are keepers!

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