CRKT Provoke Kinematic Morphing Karambit Folding Knife (2.4" Black) 4040

This model has a black handle.

The CRKT Provoke is a Joe Caswell designed folding karambit that offers tactical ingenuity, with the first ever Kinematic forward opening blade. This unique feature allows for safe carry and rapid deployment without changing your grip on the handle. A low profile pocket clip rests flush with the handle while knife is in use for improved ergonomics. Experience tactical innovation with the CRKT Provoke Morphing Karambit from Joe Caswell.


  • Kinematic mechanism opens and locks the blade from the tip of the handle for rapid manual blade deployment.
  • Hawkbill style blade made from tough and durable D2 steel in a black Ti nitride coating.
  • Stainless steel pocket clip rests flush with the handle minimizing hot spots.
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  • Overall Length: 7.37"
  • Blade Length: 2.41"
  • Cutting Edge: 2.375"
  • Blade Width: 1.00"
  • Blade Thickness: 0.20"
  • Blade Material: D2
  • Blade Style: Hawkbill
  • Blade Grind: Chisel
  • Finish: Black
  • Edge Type: Plain
  • Handle Length: 4.96"
  • Handle Width: 1.25"
  • Handle Thickness: 0.59"
  • Handle Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 6.10 oz.
  • Pocket Clip: Tip-Down
  • Knife Type: Manual
  • Brand: CRKT
  • Model: Provoke
  • Model Number: 4040
  • Designer: Joe Caswell
  • Country of Origin: Taiwan
  • Best Use: Tactical
  • Product Type: Knife

Customer Reviews

Ryland F. on Oct 16, 2021

I have several karambits, all of them with some type of wave feature, and the issue is with those is that if you draw it reverse grip, or blade down, and the wave doesnt deploy the blade them you really have no other good option but to use your other hand to open the knife. That makes you drop your defense. The provoke may deploy a fraction of a second slower but you never have to worry about having to drop you defense to deploy. I am speaking strictly from a self defense perspective. Of course you could deploy the blade as it draws from your pocket bit then you risk slicing your pants and leg since the blade would still be in your pocket. The ONLY issue with this knife is the position of the ring. It should be more forward to align the knuckles better, and be more ergonomic.

Colby W. on Jul 5, 2020

Need to eviscerate someone and don't have the proper tool? Look no further!

If a Velociraptor Invented a Fidget Toy...
James A. on Mar 17, 2020

First off, this thing is a working knife. Very well built (overbuilt?) and functional. But if this thing isn't also the funnest way to pretend you're a bored velociraptor, then I don't know what fun is.

Very satisfying mechanism
Connor M. on Jan 11, 2020

This knife feels GREAT to open! A little awkward to close, but with practice, can be done pretty quickly.

Absolutely unique and amazing!!!
Ryan B. on Feb 13, 2019

I love BladeHQ!!!! I have purchased a few tools from BladeHQ and have never been let down! I am always impressed with the fast delivery!!!! Every blade bought has been awesome. The prices are the BEST! Unless buying bulk or used. This karambit is so unique and I LOVE IT!!! Definitely going to EDC it for a while. I just received it today so still need to see how all the joints and pivots hold up over time. Only time will tell but I have been wanting this blade since I saw it and finally purchased after talking myself into it. The reason I had to talk myself into it was the price. There are so many amazing tried and true blades out there I could of spent $200 on but there are not many this unique. I feel I’m going to love it just as long as the hardware at the pivot points do not come loose. Fingers crossed this is going to be an EDC for a long time!!!! Again I love BladeHQ and will purchase more blades soon. Definitely recommend to any knife lover!!!!!

Miguel R. on Feb 7, 2019


clip tip
Jonathan L. on Jan 27, 2019

Feels great in my hand. the thumb motion is solid. im able to open and retract with one hand. the hole is perfect sized. not too big not too small. it has enough room to rotate on your index 360 degrees without hurting or cutting up your finger. My pants are ripped because i followed the video that caswell posted on his youtube and crkt's site. clip all the way down the opening of the pocket like most knives. as of now i can say they probably did not try to deploy the blade when they pulled it from their pocket. theres no way to reach the knife ring or be able to pull it out beacause the ring is covered and the clip is now snagged with your pants on a corner under the clip. so i've come to the conclusion that the knife ring must be shown from the pocket in order for proper blade deployment. the nub where we put our thumb and the corner of where the pocket meets the pants is the sweet spot. depending on what your pocket cut it you have to go in the direction the crease is going. you'll figure it out. just be mindful of the pocket line and your body parts will be intact forever looool

Genius Design
Steve L. on Jan 25, 2019

This thing is pretty awesome. Caswell has a great design, here. Fit & finish is great. Mine has zero play in it. Easy to deploy. Locks up tight. Disengages easily. Blade is sharper than average. Comfortable to grip (open & closed). One complaint- the pocket clip will pinch your pocket if you push the knife too far in. At first, I thought my pants were snagging on the clip screws, but it's definitely the clip pinching. Feeks like it will tear your pants off before you'll get it out. Don't know how it could be remedied with the inset clip design, but it's an issue. Still give this knife 5 stars. It's worth the money as far as I'm concerned.

Get it
Richard L. on Jan 25, 2019

110% cool factor. It takes a couple of try's to master the open/close functions. Scary!

Sturdy build unique mechanism
Dalton R. on Jan 22, 2019

Not a whole lot more to say other than its a whole lot of fun to open and close

Well made unique design
Keith N. on Jan 21, 2019

Well made, smooth action except for the locking mechanism. Not sure if there is debris or something off in the machining, it is hard to disengage the lock. Sometime it opens and other times pushing the lock bar with a lot of force and it will not unlock. Other than the lock fit and finish seem excellent and I am happy with this knife

Sullivan V. on Sep 5, 2019

I love the way this knife looks and operates. It is a little big for my pockets, so I don't edc it. I still think it is an awesome design and I hope CRKT comes out with more knives similar to this.

I like it but a few issues
Joseph R. on Jan 23, 2019

Very interesting knife. Very sharp blade and a very smooth folding design. I have 2 suggestions, both are in regards to the pocket clip. Not sure if it was just mine but the titanium ring seems undersized for the location. The backside of the ring that i assume in design would never have contact with the user has not been rounded leading to a sharp edge rubbing on your finger. The other problem is that the hardware used on the clip is raised, and with the design of the clip it pinches clothing making it hard to pull out of the pocket or easy to tear. I solved both issues by simply taking my pocket clip off.

Great design but not worth the price
Riley P. on Feb 15, 2019

Love blade hq and nothing against them. This knife is definitely awesome in its design but not really impressive with fit and finish. The edges of the handle are all raised along the edge and the coating is a little spotty. It’s minor but you can see it and definitely feel it. I hope I just got a bad one because if all of them are like this than that’s just disappointing. Under the pocket clip is a hole in the handle that collects dirt and hooks on your pocket that makes it hard to get to quickly and that defeats the purpose of a tactical knife that gets caught on pockets. My advice is to check one out before you buy to see if you like it because $200 for a crkt that’s made overseas is a little outrageous.

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