Cold Steel Spartan Kopis Tri-Ad Lockback Knife (4.5" Stonewash AUS 10A) 21ST

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  • Overall Length:10.50"
  • Blade Length:4.50"
  • Blade Thickness:0.16"
  • Blade Material:AUS 10A
  • Blade Style:Kukri
  • Blade Grind:Flat
  • Finish:Stonewash
  • Edge Type:Plain
  • Handle Length:6.00"
  • Handle Material:Polymer
  • Color:Black
  • Weight:7.50 oz.
  • User:Right Hand, Left Hand
  • Pocket Clip:Tip-Up
  • Knife Type:Manual
  • Opener:Thumb Disk
  • Lock Type:Lockback
  • Brand:Cold Steel
  • Model:Spartan
  • Model Number:21ST
  • Designer:Andrew Demko
  • Country of Origin:Taiwan
  • Best Use:Everyday Carry
  • Product Type:Knife


The Cold Steel Spartan, designed by Andrew Demko, is a folding Kopis style knife that has been scaled down. The blade is patterned after the Kukri, with its recurved edge, big belly and sharp point. The Spartan's blade is hollow ground from premium AUS 10A stainless steel and stonewash finished.

The Spartan echoes the ancient Kopis in its handle. Itís contoured for comfort and features a heavily textured surface finish for an exceptionally effective grip. The injection molded Griv-Ex polymer handle has nested steel liners and the Tri-Ad locking mechanism for superior strength. The Spartan knife comes with a reversible pocket clip for tip up carry.


Customer Reviews

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Mmm Beefy.
Stephen M.
Love this knife. Currently this Spartan is my e.d.c a little hefty but manageable. Keeps an edge well from many cutting task that my chainsaw and axe can't handle. Seriously great folder and buy in my opinion.
A true "beast" of a knife.
Matthew H.
As soon as i took my new Spartan out of the box and held it in my hand, my face began to grow a beard, and i felt like yelling a lot too. All joking aside though, this knife is definitely a tank, or a beast, or a tank made out of beasts. I do not see my self carrying this as an edc but when i go hiking again this will surely be by my side in the off chance i run into Persians or ManBearPig in the wilderness.
Pocket Sword
Richard G.
This is a an extra large tactical knife. It's more like a mini pocket sword than a knife (though there are larger Cold Steel folders). Definitely going to feel this in your pocket. Your hand really locks into the Kopis handle.

The AUS-8A steel can rust in more humid environments. It's softer than some other steels but can be easily sharpen to be hair popping sharp.

One thing to note is that when you first use the plate opening feature the Tri-ad lock will stick (more so on this knife than other Cold Steel knives). After maybe 10 or 15 openings the lock will not stuck anymore. I suggest softly opening the knife with the plate the first few times.

Build quality: 5 stars
Materials: 3 stars
Aesthetics: 3 stars
Personal likability: 4 stars
Decent knife
Jo C.
Came to me really sharp and stiff (I cut me knuckle trying to close it the first time). I really like the design and the ruggedness of the knife but unfortunately the blade isn't made of quality steel so it never really held an edge. I stopped carrying it and carry a Benchmade instead.
This is Sparta! 9.4 oz
Brandon D.
I took mine apart and skeletonised the liners, then milled in a detent nub on the lock bar, milled some extra space under the thumb stud to prevent hang ups and added jimping. With all that mine weighs 8.1oz Nutnfancy weighed his completely stock at 9.4 oz. "7.50 oz" in the description is just funny.
You WILL feel like a Spartan!
Silver S.
This is the Desert Eagle of pocket knives let me tell you! First time I had to use this was to fend off an angry mountain lion mother, who crumbled with fear when her eyes met with this behemoth of a knife. As I walked into her territory, not knowing she had just had cubs at my ranch, she glared furious for disturbing her nesting grounds. I started to back away slowly as I knew this would not end well, but as I did she came CHARGING towards me. Lucky for me I had been carrying my Spartan with me! So I pulled it out, where the thumb disk caught the edge of my pocket ever so perfectly and opened without hesitation. I held the massive knife in front of me ready to defend myself. The knife was so sharp that when the mother lion's eyes met the blade SHE WAS CUT right in her eyes just by looking at it, and she ran off with her baby cubs to find a new home. This ladies and gentleman...this is a knife...
Pleasantly Surprised
Luke S.
My intentions for buying this knife were to have one of the gloriously overkill Cold Steel "pocket swords" ;however , I've come to love this thing. First off, it has some serious heft. This blade is as thick as some bushcraft knives, and I love it! Takes a wicked edge easily and holds it for a moderate amount of time. I actually found myself using this to help skin deer. The handle shape is comfortable and locks your hand into place, and the grivory is textured nicely. I never thought I'd see myself liking this, but I cannot deny it's durability, attractiveness, and wow factor. If you are thinking of getting this guy, don't hesitate.
A warrior's folder
Lucas A.
This is about as large as a normal folder I would get. And I love it. The kopis blade design gives it a beautiful look while allowing it moderate chopping ability for a folder as well as normal folding blade cutting uses. The handle is what really makes this stand out. Though my hand is a bit small for it, the handle shape fits the hand perfectly for even wild swings and hard hits. Only complaint is that when doing small stick chopping my Spartan took a chip on the edge. It did hit a knot in the wood but I would expect a roll at worst not the small chip it got.
Feels so good in the hand
John S.
This thing is a tank. It feels like you could cut a tree with it, and... you probably could. If you do choose to cut a tree wear eye protection, although you can forgo gloves, cause the lock is not likely to fail. It feels great in the hand. It is NOT gonna slip from your grip. The blade opens easily however, it does have the tendency to snap closed if not opened far enough, so be aware. It also has a Emerson snag, so it works great as a self defense. Altogether it gets a nine out of ten.
BIG knife !
Leslie J.
Not Cold Steel's biggest but still BIG. Fits in hand very nice with great retention. Lock is quite stiff but very safe.
Jesse S.
Amazing blade, achieves an insane edge with little sharpening time, well designed handle it will never fall out of your hand, pocket clip is just right not like many other cold steel models, deploys like a fixed blade out of pocket, the lock slams down with authority, steel liners, you cannot begin to feel the power this knife has until you have it in your hand, or the weight, you definitely know it's there, well balanced however, if you haven't ordered this knife yet then I don't know what you're doing with your life
This is truly Spartan
Thomas D.
Love the blade shape, opens easily, good grips and very sharp. People tend to notice when you use this knife, just because it looks so unique. I love showing it off. I highly recommend this knife.