Edge Pro Apex Model 4 Knife Sharpening Kit

The Apex Model Edge Pro knife sharpening kit provides you with everything needed for a quick, consistent and super sharp edge. It features a patented knife guide system that will sharpen any size or shape blade (up to 3.5" wide), including serrated knives. Simple system determines the best angle; knives can be sharpened at exactly the same angle every time, making re-sharpening super fast. Adjustable sharpening angles, from 10, 15, 18, 21, and 24 degrees.

Custom formulated water stones free you from messy, gummed-up oil stones. Long lasting and inexpensive to replace. They are also easy to switch out with a simple twist of the knob. These stones remove far less metal than electric sharpeners or grinders, which eliminates wavy edges and adds to the life and performance of your knives. Removes nicks and dings without distorting the knife edge. The process creates no heat, so it will not damage the temper of your knives.

The Apex systems sets up in seconds on any smooth surface, no power required! Comes with convenient carrying case, so it can go where you go. Requires no maintenance other than routine cleaning. Manufactured from the highest quality materials in Hood River, Oregon, US.

Apex Model Edge Pro Sharpening System:

  • 120 Grit Coarse water stone
  • 220 Grit Medium water stone
  • 400 Grit Fine water stone
  • 600 Grit Extra-Fine water stone
  • 1000 Grit Ultra-Fine Water stone
  • 1 pack of 2000 grit polish tapes (15 per pack)
  • 1 pack of 3000 Grit Polish tapes (15 per pack)
  • 2 Polish tape mounting blanks
  • 8" 1200 Grit Ceramic Hone
  • Micro-fiber Towel
  • Water Bottle
  • Instructional DVD
  • Instructional Manual
  • Black Cordura Carrying Case
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    • Brand: Edge Pro
    • Length: 12.00"
    • Width: 3.50"
    • Material: Stone
    • Type: Kit
    • Model: Model 4
    • Country of Origin: USA
    • Product Type: Sharpener

    Customer Reviews

    edge pro 4
    wayne m. on Sep 21, 2019

    easy to set up and use.Need to use it a couple of time to get the hang of it.High recommend getting the . Edge Pro Stone Leveling Kit. just for a good surface to attach the sharpen to and to keep your stone flat.I like the colors for your angle set.Can adj the angles just for your factory edge.

    The right mix of system and skill for me.
    John C. on Sep 21, 2018

    The apex edge pro is what made me a knife addict! I hate dull knives with what I do I need seriously sharp knives. It was getting, learning and using the Appex system that led to my carrying (and using) a knife all the time. I love feeling the difference in steels while sharpening. It is amazing the high polished finished edge you can put on a blade with this. I have had it since 2012. If I was buying today I would be looking at this and wicked edge.

    Wonderful Sharpener
    Cameron H. on Sep 6, 2016

    So I got the apex pro about a week ago and I can say without a doubt that I love it. Very easy to set up and pretty portable. The fact that it does not come with a clamp may bother some people but I have had no trouble with it. I don't even have a steady hand. Sharpening knives perfectly takes a little bit of time to do but to be honest it is a fantastic learning experience. I have used it on large and medium sized knives but not any small knives yet. In the guide it mentions that smaller knives are a bit more difficult to sharpen but definitely not impossible. In the end all of the knives I sharpened now have a razor sharp, mirror polished edge. It takes a little bit of time, patience, and technique (less than 30 minutes or so in general) but it is by far my favorite sharpener. 10/10 would buy again. (except I don't need to)

    Does the job.
    Michael P. on Jan 25, 2018

    Have always used freehand on stones or the Lansky system. I sharpend four knives since getting this last week--two being touchups, and two being total re profiling. Most people probably just interested in knowing how this compares to the methods just mentioned so will give my two cents. Have done my own sharpening for a decade or so. Freehand is an acquired skill you learn by doing so it is the least forgiving of error. It can also be the most frustrating but you can do things that are difficult with a fixed, rigid system. As far as the various small clamp-based systems like Lansky, you can pretty much achieve the same results with the right stones as with the Edge Pro, but the latter is more refined and allows more options for angles--you can pretty much set whatever angle you want whereas the clamps usually have 3-4 slots. Biggest drawback of clamp systems like Lansky is that you can get uneven edge grinds if the blade isn't clamped in with perfect symmetry. Its easy to over tighten and cause the blade to move out of alignment with the horizontal and applying too much pressure while sharpening can also shift the blade in the clamp. Also, as stones wear down, moving from one to the next can produce variations as you really are limited in setting the angles outside of the slot. Uneven grinds are common over time if you aren't careful. But with that being said, you're not really doing anything with the edge pro you can't with the Lansky. The EdgePro offers longer and wider stones, which means less passes. Quality of stones is similar to other systems I have used. You also have to slow down with the EdgePro so you are more careful with the strokes. Overall, the EdgePro produces better results in terms of fine details but the Lansky is more easy and efficient to work with and sharpening takes less time. The more time you put into the EdePro, the better the results. If you just want to do touch-ups on the fly, the Edge Pro system probably isn't worth it. Also, a novice to sharpening might get a bit frustrated with the setup. Everyone else would likely benefit from adding this to their routine. You can fine-tune your sharpening in ways you cant with a clamp system. I knocked off a point as IMO it is a bit over-priced for what you are getting in terms of materials--IMO, of course. Everything is built fine but its basically just a plastic stand with a couple of metal rods and clamps and a few stones. But the market pretty much dictates the price so thats kind of moot. Overall, a very nice product but a bit pricey.

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