Fallkniven Diamond-Ceramic Whetstone Sharpener DC-4 (4" x 1.25")

The DC-4 from Fallkniven Knives is a combination diamond/ceramic whetstone that will handle all your sharpening needs. The newly-developed DC4 and DC3 whetstones consist of a fine diamond stone (25 micron) and a very special ceramic stone, made of synthetic sapphires. Although the stone will get worn, the advantage of these materials is that they will still keep their flat shape, which is important when you sharpen your knife. And, since these materials are the hardest we know of, they will sharpen any steel, even these extremely hard powder steels. You don't need any lubrication for these stone but now and then you should consider cleaning them with warm water and liquid soap. The stones might feel coarse from the start but will become smoother/better after some use. A leather pouch is included.

Upon delivery, your new DC whetstone will appear very coarse. This coarseness will disappear when the tool is put to use.

Size: 32 x 100mm (4" x 1.25")

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  • Brand: Fallkniven
  • Length: 4.00"
  • Width: 1.25"
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Type: Stone
  • Model: DC-4
  • Country of Origin: Sweden
  • Product Type: Sharpener

Customer Reviews

Great for your pack
David A. on Nov 22, 2022

Love the small size, just make sure the ceramic side is flat with diamond lapping plate. Sharpens quickly and works on super steel. Get the big one as well.

Tiny tool, massive benefits
Miguel A. on Aug 3, 2020

You're might be doing yourself a disservice by not having this stone in your EDC, backpacking, camping, etc. loadout. It came in extraordinarily handy recently. I dropped my Mora Kansbul tip down in the dirt, where some tiny rocks rolled my tip and chipped my belly. I was honestly surprised to see this little thing touch up those pretty large knocks with ease. These won't leave a mirror finish and there's a chance that they produce a deeper than desired scratch on your edge (which will ruin any future mirror polish), but that's likely from the debris in the air rather than the stone itself. Anyway, strong recommendation from me.

Awesome portable Sharpening Stone
Quyen T. on Oct 2, 2019

Great to have on you especially for the outdoors. Small enough be carried in any pocket comfortably. The gold side is aggressive and the grey side is a medium. Stone gets a dull blade back to working edge fast.

Great sharpener
Jet H. on Mar 14, 2019

This works great fo hiking and camping really light weight and sharpens knives fast and easily. It gets a dull knife back to a working edge in very little time and maintaining an edge is done with very little effort on the trail.

Very nice stone
John W. on Jan 5, 2018

I ordered three of these (one for me and one each for my grandkids). I carry mine in my back pocket and use it frequently. It is handy and works well for everyday use. It is my first go to stone unless I need to use a different stone. Most of the time this is sufficient even for 6 inch blades. But then, I'm pretty good at using a small stone on a big blade. Highly recommend this stone.

jay l. on Jan 5, 2018

This is a very nice sharpener. Loved by many for its compact and portable size and it's simple but effective usefulness.

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