Hom Design Basilisk-R Titanium Balisong Butterfly Knife (4.6" Satin)

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Hom Design Basilisk-R Titanium Balisong Butterfly Knife (4.6" Satin)
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  • Overall Length:10.00"
  • Blade Length:4.625"
  • Cutting Edge:4.25"
  • Blade Thickness:0.16"
  • Blade Material:154CM
  • Blade Style:Clip Point
  • Blade Grind:Flat
  • Finish:Satin
  • Edge Type:Plain
  • Handle Length:5.375"
  • Handle Thickness:0.50"
  • Handle Material:Titanium
  • Color:Gray
  • Weight:5.13 oz.
  • Knife Type:Butterfly
  • Brand:Hom Design
  • Model:Basilisk-R Titanium
  • Country of Origin:USA
  • Best Use:Recreation
  • Product Type:Knife


The Basilisk has a long, storied history within the balisong community and it is has received a much deserved reboot in the Basilisk-R Titanium.

The Basilisk-R features titanium handle with skeletonized hole design and horizontal jimping. It has a bowie style blade with a recurve edge and a satin finish.. Includes a titanium latch pin and stainless steel spacers.

  • Solid titanium handles.
  • 154 CM blade steel provides a strong, corrosion resistant blade edge.
  • Titanium pin latch secures the handle in the open or closed position.

Looking for a pocket clip to add to your Hom balisong? We have the Hom Design titanium pocket clip in stock.


Customer Reviews

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Worth it
Martin F.
My Ti-Bas R has many, many hours of flipping on it. Iíve previously owned an Alpha Beast Infinity (which, mind you, is more expensive) and the tolerances blow the ABI out of the water. Zero handle play or blade rub and all around ready to flip out of the box. For flipping I would recommend removing the latch. Only flaws I can find in it are some subtle machining marks and scratches on the blade finish. The Basilisk, I find also doesnít take well to not being very well lubricated.

tl;dr in a comparison between a Ti-Bas R and an Alpha Beast Infinity I would go with the Basilisk every time. Insane tolerances and beautiful overall.
Beautiful Knife
Michael P.
Can't say much other reviewers haven't already touched on. If you are looking at HOM knives, you already know the deal so it already goes unstated you will get a quality product. It's all subjective but I think the Basilisk definitely is one of the best looking balisongs ever produced. Beautiful work of art. Nothing to gripe about. Pricey but you get your money's worth. Only issue I have with the brand is availability. They are hard to come by and when they get posted they sell out faster than Usain Bolt runs the 50M. Other than that, if HOM sticks to the same level of quality in the future that they do now, they will always be sought after in the balisong world.
Matthew J.
Just awesome, feels so smooth flipping. Only down side is it is so nice I am scared to drop it. I guess you could also say that along those lines the tip might be a bit fragile if dropped-purely speculation though, not from experience
Hom Basilisk Ti
Misael G.
Amazing knife! Looks & feels great & flips better than any knife ive handled! Well worth the money.
Ti Bas-R
Eric V.
This bali is amazing. I have wanted one of these for quite awhile and am so glad to finally have one. Thank you Jerry Hom and thank you Blade HQ for the lightning fast shipping. Excellent customer service as usual.
Freakin' Awesome!
Braden W.
This knife is soooo nice. I like it even more than my Specter Evo (with or without SS spacers). I feel its got better balance but still has enough rear weight that it carries momentum. Probably the best fanning knife I have. Also the sharp edges that were on the Specters has been removed. I blade grind is the nicest production grind I have. Really just top notch all the way!!!
Masterpiece of a balisong
Frank D.
Zero handle play. Flawless fit and finish. Tolerances are perfect. Blade is ground beautifully and sharp as hell. Screws are all flush and loctited. Machining is flawless and perfectly symmetrical. The satin finishing on both the blade and handles are nearly mirrored and look and feel fantastic.

The latch lockup is strong but not too hard to disengage. Tang pins are extra big and sturdy. The blade spine is chamfered for comfort while flipping. Spacers are large and weighty and give the knife fantastic momentum.

The dimensions for this knife are near perfect in a balisong. Everything about this knife is what all balisong makers should strive for.

Kudos for providing a work of functional art Jerry Hom.
Wow. Just.... wow.
This knife is absolutely beautiful. It may be the most aesthetically beautiful knife I own. Everything about its appearance is outstanding.

The tolerances are equal to its aesthetics; there is absolutely ZERO play in the handles. It swings smoothly and freely out of the box (I haven't flipped it properly yet) with no drag at all, and the sides of the blade never come into contact with the insides of the handles.

The blade grind is perfect, in both​ sides. The edge is razor sharp, with no burrs.

The balance is neutral. I couldn't find a bias towards the bands or the handle ends. It may take some time to get used to the balance, as I'm used to my Alphabeast, which is rear-biased.

Truth be told, I may not flip it that often, and I will likely never carry it. It's just too nice, hahahaha. I've never had a high end collector's knife before. This may not be a custom, but to me, it's as close as it gets.

Incredible piece of functional art. A+, Mr. Hom.