LionSteel Acorn Dice Keychain (Steel) DDOT

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  • Brand: LionSteel
  • Model: Acorn Dice
  • Model Number: DD OT
  • Country of Origin: Italy
  • Product Type: Dice

The LionSteel Acorn Dice keychain is a good luck charm you can always have at your side. This collectible item has 2 stainless steel dice concealed inside of an acorn capsule. The Acorn is a symbol of luck, magic and life. Pop out the dice for a quick game of craps on the go. Includes a stainless steel keyring for attaching to keys, lanyards or a necklace.

  • AISI 440 steel construction provides corrosion resistance
  • Item screws closed to hold dice securely
  • Stainless steel keyring for attaching keys or lanyards

Customer Reviews

Simply Marvelous
Clayton H. on Feb 3, 2020

I've owned the same pair for the past two-ish years. By far one of my favorite purchases, they funny enough have come in handy a lot. I fidget with them all the time. They are also a great conversation piece; I have yet to meet someone who has not enjoyed them. They are incredibly durable; the little case is also durable no dents or dings or anything. Like mentioned in another review, the case is incredibly snug. I would 10/10 rebuy this for myself or as a gift.

Pricey but super cool
Andrew F. on Nov 16, 2017

Really high quality. The case is super snug and makes me confident it will never accidentally get lost. The dice are solid, heavy, and impressive. Small, compact, takes up very little space.

Stainless mini dice
Gary L. on Apr 13, 2022

This thing is awesome! I bought this for the fact it is easy to take anywhere and to have some fun with my son for the upcoming Blade Show 2022 in Atlanta Georgia. We’ve already played a game the day I received it.He loves winning somehow with always a higher number than me. 🤔 I’m debating at this very moment on whether or not to get the brass set or a different mini item. Wish I could get them all at one time! Great gift for yourself or family for road trips. At least in the motel it will hopefully keep us busy and away from electronic devices for a while. We need to remember the devices we have are very handy these days but also not to let them consume us so that our children will know how to relax and have as much fun as we did before cell phones and IPads! Love Blade HQ! Always super fast shipping!

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