Schrade USA Manilla Folder Butterfly Knife (4.1" Satin D2) SCMF

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MSRP: $133.95
Our Price: $89.95
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  • Overall Length: 9.00"
  • Blade Length: 4.125"
  • Cutting Edge: 3.25"
  • Blade Thickness: 0.18"
  • Blade Material: D2
  • Blade Style: Bayonet
  • Blade Grind: Flat
  • Finish: Satin
  • Edge Type: Plain
  • Handle Length: 4.875"
  • Handle Thickness: 0.62"
  • Handle Material: Stainless Steel
  • Color: Gray
  • Weight: 7.85 oz.
  • Knife Type: Butterfly
  • Brand: Schrade
  • Model: Manilla Folder
  • Model Number: SCMF
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Best Use: Recreation
  • Product Type: Knife

Schrade is diving into the balisong game with an impressive USA made butterfly knife christened as the Manilla Folder. It offers a throwback design based on the legendary 1980's Taylor Manila Folder. A true icon in Balisong/Butterfly Knife history. This flipper friendly design is not messing around with channel constructed stainless steel handles and a tough blade made from D2 tool steel. The handles are skeletonized to reduce weight, and come outfitted with a steel latch for securing in the open or closed position. Stainless steel pin construction finishes off the time-proven design.

Customer Reviews

Awesome Homage..
Raphael M. on Mar 20, 2017

This knife is an homage to the 80's bali. It's heavy, it's rough, and it's loose but it feels classic. If you're looking for a cheap flipper, this is not it. It's not refined like a 51 or balanced like an AB. The blade is rough with grind marks everywhere and the pins are not particularly well done. It's definitely not for EDC. Its heavy, loud and sloppy, just like they used to be.

really good knife worth the buy
Steven H. on Jun 28, 2018

It's a little bit on the heavy side I have been flipping it for 2 days now and I have cut myself a couple of times I am getting use to it and it flips really good if you are experiened with the manila style it is good for flipping and if you are looking for your first butterfly knife or balisong this knife is not for you it is shaving sharp on both sides it is worth the buy I will be carrying this knife

Old School Butterfly
michael s. on Apr 12, 2017

I grew up flipping these in the 80's. Nice and heavy, latch takes some getting used to. Totally recommend, love the D2. Pay attention and you will keep your fingers in factory condition, mess up and you will bleed.

Good old days
Donald H. on Aug 31, 2017

Got it a couple of days ago. Just like the ones back in the 80's when I got my first brass handled one​ from an army surplus store. Handle latch is a little too tight, but that will change in time. Love the balance and if you liked the clatter of the old school knife your gonna love this thing. Comfortable for me moving up or down the handle very happy with the purchase, seriously a good buy for the money, not near the blade play as the old ones, definitely delivers a decent cut to the fingers on every mistake. Love it.

Heavy & badass
Edward T. on Mar 30, 2017

This balisong feels and looks like how a true bali should. it's very heavy and I love that about it. I know I'll be looking to keep this knife for the rest of my life after only having it for a couple of hours. I've been flipping it for the past 2-3 hours from this review and I already cut myself a couple times because getting use to how heavy it is will take some time, which is great haha! If you're a butterfly knife collector and/or an experienced flipper - buy this knife. If you're looking to buy your first butterfly and learn how to flip - I'd honestly stay away and buy a cheap bear and son so that you can learn how to flip with a lighter more forgiving knife.

Christian C. on Jan 5, 2018

Wow, first Manilla Folder butterfly knife ever. Heavy and built like a tank, I love it.

Manila Folder
Kirk P. on Jan 18, 2020

Almost exact duplicate of a butterfly knife I received as a teenager. Is great to get a second one since my first is in a display I put together. Great to have one to flip and enjoy! It is well built and very sharp. The double edge is not as popular but I think makes it even better! Well built and worth the investment.

One Heavy Mother!!!
Doug B. on Mar 7, 2017

It weighs like a tank. I'm fond of the look and finish. Mine was crafted fine. I prefer adjustable pin's on the blade and latch. This is Old School 1980's, when these were the talk of the town. I snapped one up before they get hard to find. I would purchase a brass one as soon as it's available. Difficult to do tricks and manipulations due to the wait and the latch. The back of the blade is sharp on mine, so watch out moving up on the handles. HAPPY. Keep the models coming!

Good knife
Brandon T. on Sep 15, 2017

Solid knife right out of the box. Good collector or a flipper but it is on the heavy side. Beginners beware of the double edge blade this knife has lol it will cut you to chunks. Blade is like a razor. Good quality knife.

True to the original
David A. on Mar 16, 2017

Don't know how many of you are old enough to remember the original Manila folder, but this one is about as true a copy as you'll get. The blade grinds are slightly cleaner on the original, but the handles are a vast improvement. The originals came with either brass or alloy handles, which wore rapidly. Once the blade pin put enough of an indentation into the handles, fit became very sloppy. The new harder stainless handles should slow this down considerably. The original also has the non gated Manila style latch- this is a true replica. Feels just like the original did 30 years ago in the hand. The false edge isn't cutting sharp on mine, easy to fix if it bothers you. The originals were fully sharpened as I recall (And as many cut fingers would remember!). Just remember to hold the latch handle or you may get cut :D BTW- it's not that heavy compared to the original- the most common version had brass handles, which made these stainless ones feel light, even lively in the hand :)

Great value
Justin B. on Oct 10, 2019

I agree with some of the other reviews about it being heavy, but the price compared to the quality makes this knife worth it for sure.

Worth the buy
Kevin S. on Feb 23, 2017

I barely got the blade in the mail to and after flipping it though out the day I found the pros and cons. Pros: stainless steel handles, The D2 steel is scary sharp, The construction of the handles is amazing Quality materials for 90$ Awesome for rollovers Cons: Heavy as hell The latch hits the back of the sharpen sedge if get in channel of handles Need time to get use to manilla style Bad for rebounds But overall it's a hell of a blade and worth the cash it's a bit thick but time and hand memory will take care of that. WELL WORTH THE BUY

Bares true to the original
Jacob B. on Dec 29, 2018

A little information about this knife. This knife is roughly half a pound. The latch is backwards from the standard; which takes a little getting used to. The swedge is sharpened as well. The handles are almost as thick as my fingers. But aside from those it's good flipper. But then again, it was designed to be a collector's item. A common complaint is the handle/blade play. I don't know how common this issue is, but mine doesn't have this problem. So I'm not sure if I just got lucky. On the day of writing this review, I managed to get my hands on an original Taylor/Seto manilla folder. I'm blown away how similar the Schrade bares to the original. I definitely think you should pick this up. It's sure to increase in value over the years, and will make a cool knife until then.

Good buy. Good nostalgic piece as well.
George E. on Mar 3, 2017

This knife has a lot going for it for a 90 dollar balisong. Weehawk and D2 steel blade and heavy, solid one-piece milled handles. It does have it's flaws such as excessive blade play, pinned construction, no-latch gate, heavy weight and, to some, the Manilla latch configuration will take some getting used to. For flippers it may not be such a good choice. For edc, it's pretty durable enough. It won't be falling apart anytime soon. For collectors, sure, it's a nostalgic piece reminiscent of all those good quality imported balisongs of the 80's. Don't expect too much if you're thinking about buying and you will probably get more than you expected :) Worth the buy. Be aware that the quality may be up or down. I've received one really crappy one but have also received a pretty well made one as well.

Good Collector's Item, Bad Flipper
Brandon C. on May 19, 2018

It IS a bad flipper, but that's not this knife's intended purpose. It's really great if you're looking for something to put on display, but as for flipping, it's probably the worst choice except for those $5 Chinese trainers. It's extremely heavy, uses pins instead of screws, has an ungodly amount of handle play and the extra edge on the spine of the blade is annoying to say the least. Some other drawbacks are the fact that it just has a cheap T-latch and the pins aren't concealed like in the original design. The sharpness of the blade out of the box resembled a worn-out steak knife. The only reason I'm giving it 3 stars is because I dropped it from about 3ft off the ground and the bite handle broke in two, despite being made out of solid steel. It's meant to be a showpiece, and in that department, this knife does it's job.

Chris M. on Oct 28, 2019

I get what this knife was trying to do, but mine was probably the best example of what could go wrong, going wrong. Their QC must have been itching for happy hour, because the knife is not a manilla style folder, but instead is a batangas style folder. I should also note that the holes for the pivot pins, and the tang pin aren't in line, making the knife crooked when opened. The blade grind and sharpened swedge are also very un even. I'll keep it, but no way is this thing worth $85+. I found it to also be a decent-ish flipper. Handle heavy? Yes. However it can still flip pretty well given the 80s style handles. If you have an urge for collecting a look a like from the 80s, then you can get this. It still doesn't feel like my Valors, but it is still fun to flip around (not as fun). I would recommend this for the collector only. There are other balisongs that flip better. Others that also are better EDC, and there are others that are better as a showcase knife....this doesn't do too well in any of those categories, except for the collector. So I am happy with my Batangas "Manilla" folder. IMO it's not that heavy. It is manageable. P.S. I have had this for over a year now, and intended to write this review much earlier, but it got deleted right before I posted it, and I am just now getting to it again.

I don’t understand the good reviews!
William K. on Feb 22, 2020

I hate this Bali this is the only knife I have bought from bladehq that I wanted to return as soon as I received it. The only reason I kept the knife was because of all the good reviews I thought I was missing out on something. The latch is on the bite side so you can’t even flip the knife open without the latch catching on your palm. The handles have at least 1/2” of play. Someone’s review said be careful of the double edge it’s razor sharp. I didn’t even realize they attempted a double edge until I read that review because mine came about as sharp as salad tongs.

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