Victorinox Classic SD Swiss Army Knife Blade HQ Dessert Warrior Donut

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  • Tools: 7
  • Closed Length: 2.28"
  • Thickness: 0.40"
  • Color: Pink
  • Blade Length: 1.50"
  • Weight: 0.80 oz.
  • Locking Blade: No
  • Brand: Victorinox
  • Model: Classic SD Dessert Warrior
  • Country of Origin: Switzerland
  • Best Use: Everyday Carry
  • Product Type: Multi-Tool


  • Pen Knife
  • Nail File
  • Scissors
  • Key-ring
  • Tweezers
  • Toothpick


This Blade HQ Exclusive Victorinox Classic SD model is next up in the line of Dessert Warrior knives. We know it looks delicious, with its pink frosting, sprinkles, and delightful golden brown underside, but don't eat it. That might hurt a little, and certainly wouldn't taste good.

The Victorinox Classic SD Swiss Army knife features the classic multi-tool design that started it all. With seven popular implements, it is functional as well as versatile. It has a closed length of just 2.28" that is compact enough to fit comfortably in a pocket or attach to a keychain.

Comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer's defects.

Customer Reviews

Great Keychain Tool
Noah G. on Sep 30, 2021

Love the theme and fits on the wife’s keychain nicely. For those that gave it a lower rating because the Blade HQ logo on the back… did you not look at the photos? Attention to detail issues I guess :) Fun knife and worth the 20 bucks. No issues with finish or quality on mine.

Tramp S. on Jul 14, 2021

It's a victorinox, it's a donut, WHY NOT!!! I absolutely love it.

Todd T. on Mar 21, 2022

Cool little knife and the shipping was fast.

So I ate it.
Samuel S. on Oct 15, 2020

While it didn't taste amazing, it did give me the perfect set of tools for the desired tasks.

Perfect Gift
ryan a. on Jul 21, 2021

If you're looking for a SAK as a gift, this is the perfect gift, buy five (5). Four (4) for you, and one (1) for a gift!

Fun Knife
Nathan B. on Oct 25, 2020

I bought a few of these a fun little presents. I kept one for myself. My sister loves hers. Fun design. Its a well built Knife, I mean hey its a fun variant of a classic. great build quality.

Dessert Warrior
Rare S. on Oct 13, 2020

Exactly what I would expect it to be! However, I gave it 3 stars because the actual decal of the knife didn't seem to be very good, it looked worn, I might have gotten a dud.

Its a good SAK but I do not like the Blade HQ Branding
David A. on Sep 12, 2021

First of all, I was so eager to buy ANYTHING dessert, that I did not see that this knife is branded on the back with Blade HQ. It takes away from the fun donut style it has. Now I feel that I paid extra for advertising for Blade HQ :-(. Overall, good knife (Victorinox Classic!).

Nail file and blade scrape each other
Tully m. on Sep 15, 2021

Nail file and blade scrape together

Arrived damaged but love the design
Alex O. on Oct 14, 2020

This knife arrived with the small blade sightly bent inwards, causing it to rub against the file every time I open or close it. The blade is already pretty scratched up after opening it only a handful of times; this makes it hard to get excited about what is otherwise a great little knife. On the plus side the graphic is very clean and a lot of fun to look at and show off. Ultimately I cannot recommend it given the poor quality control.

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