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Best EDC Fixed Blade Knives

Best Best EDC Fixed Blade Knives

Recently we’ve had a lot of questions about everyday carry fixed blades and what to look for when choosing one. Fixed blade knives have a look, feel and performance that can be hard to find with folding knives. EDC fixed blade knives tend to be small, compact and easy to use. They are more subtle to carry than a large fixed blade, but more noticeable than a pocket knife. We look at performance, ease of carry, and price point to compile a list of the best EDC fixed blade.

Plus, at the end of each breakdown, find a review from one of our wonderful customers.

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1. Gerber Ghostrike

Gerber Ghostrike Knife

Starting off our list of best EDC fixed blade knives is the Gerber Ghostrike. This fixed blade knife is both lightweight and slim, making it the ultimate everyday carry fixed blade. Plus, it’s great for those who live in tactical mode or those of us who just love the subtlety of black. This knife features a durable 420HC Stainless Steel Blade with a rubber coated skeletonized handle. Ghostrike comes standard with a low-profile polymer sheath, designed to be carried on back or hip with ease. Also included is a neoprene ankle wrap for a more concealed carry.

  • 3.25″ 420HC Drop Point Blade
  • Rubberized Handle
  • 3.61 oz. Weight
  • Made in USA
Gerber Ghostrike Average Star Review

Eduardo S. says…

“This is possibly one of the best products Gerber has produced. The knife is strong, lightweight and thin, it’s very comfortable to carry no matter which carry option you choose you forget you have it on. The sheath is maybe the best sheath on any fixed blade I’ve seen, horizontal and vertical without an additional Tech-Lok system and the blade can go in any way.”

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2. GiantMouse GMF1

GiantMouse GMF1 Knife

The GiantMouse GMF1 Fixed Blade knife is modeled after the popular Biblio and features a lot of the same great ergonomics. This knife’s skeletonized fixed blade design makes it an incredibly lightweight, sturdy fixed blade knife. It slices with ease and makes quick work of most cutting tasks. The GMF1 comes with a sexy leather sheath that fits well in pocket or on a belt. If you’re looking for that “WOW!” factor, do yourself a favor and buy a GiantMouse GMF1.

  • 2.60″ N690 Drop Point Blade
  • Skeletonized Handle
  • 1.90 oz. Weight
  • Made in Italy
GiantMouse GMF1 Average Star Review

Nathan D. says…

“I’m kicking myself for not picking one of these up sooner than I did. It’s definitely a small, skeletonized, 3-finger fixed blade so it won’t be perfect for everyone. BUT, it is absolutely perfect for me. The blade is a useful shape and has as slicey a flat grind as you could get on a thick 5mm stock. The jimping is perfectly placed and feels great on the rounded surfaces. The addition of a short lanyard can be easily added if you want an easier grip or removal from the sheath. And the sheath itself is a thing of beauty. I suppose, most importantly, it’s just great to use. It’s so good in my opinion that I’m toying with the idea of getting a 2nd *just in case* something happens to this one.”

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3. Ferrum Forge Lackey

Ferrum Forge Lackey Knife

The Lackey from Ferrum Forge is an amazing fixed blade knife thanks to its slim profile and purpose-built design. The knife features a slender drop point blade for precise cutting and slicing. Lackey’s G-10 handle scales and thumb jimping provide incredible grip during use. It comes standard with a black kydex sheath that can be set up for scout or drop carry. This little knife is small but mighty. It provides the right balance of looks, performance and subtlety that all great EDC fixed blade knives have in common.

  • 2.67″ CPM-S30V Drop Point Blade
  • G-10 Handle Scales
  • 3.52 oz. Weight
  • Made in USA
Ferrum Forge Lackey Average Star Review

Stranton N. says…

“This little knife is a beast. I would dare say it’s the perfect dimensions for every day carry. It’s light, but not too light. It has just enough blade, and it isn’t overly flashy or too traditional. If you’re looking for a smaller EDC fixed blade, this is perfect. And the G10 feels and looks great. Comes super sharp out of the box!”

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4. Bradford Guardian3

Shop Bradford Guardian 3 Knife

The Bradford Guardian3 is a compact fixed blade designed to handle the workload that might typically fall upon a heavy-duty everyday folder while allowing for easier carry throughout the day. AEB-L Steel is the steel of choice for this Bradford fixed blade knife as it is double tempered and cryo-treated for exceptional blade quality and performance. 3D Micarta scales make the Guardian 3 grippy and comfortable during even toughest of cutting tasks. The Bradford Guardian3 includes a premium leather sheath with a belt-carry loop and plastic blade insert.

  • 3.50″ AEB-L Spear Point Blade
  • 3D Micarta Handle Scales
  • 3.40 oz. Weight
  • Made in USA
Shop Bradford Guardian 3 Average Star Review

Ricardo A. says…

“Amazing AMERICAN Made knife. Feels like a part of your hand, and sits in your belt without you noticing it’s their. Amazing knife; can’t recommend it more.”

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5. Benchmade Hidden Canyon

Benchmade Hidden Canyon Knife

If you haven’t noticed already, most of the knives on this list are fairly small. The Benchmade Hidden Canyon follows suit with its short blade and ergonomic construction. Premium CPM-S30V blade steel and Dymondwood® handle scales help this EDC fixed blade knife perform beyond expectations. The Hidden Canyon fixed blade comes standard with a sturdy pressure-fitted leather sheath great for scout carry.

  • 2.67″ CPM-S30V Drop Point Blade
  • Dymondwood® or G-10 Handle Scales
  • 3.41 oz. Weight
  • Made in USA
Benchmade Hidden Canyon Average Star Review

Ryan S. says…

“I only have a few fixed blade knives under 3″, but this is by far my go-to for light task. holds a great edge, not too hard to sharpen, and feels awesome in your hand. Very light and small knife you can belt or neck carry, and almost forget it’s there.”

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6. TOPS Bull Trout

TOPS Bull Trout Knife

The TOPS Bull Trout is a compact EDC fixed blade designed by fishermen, for a fisherman. Its unique design makes it a great knife for fishing and almost everything else. The knife features a large finger choil and a stout blade with a large belly for more comfortable and efficient cutting and slicing. Bull Trout’s contoured burlap micarta handle scales give it the look and feel you have come to love. If you need more info check out this in-depth Bull Trout Review or browse this knife and other great TOPS fixed blade knives.

  • 2.75″ 154CM Drop Point Blade
  • Burlap Micarta Handle Scales
  • 3.01 oz. Weight
  • Made in USA
TOPS Bull Trout Average Star Review

Ian D. says…

“Just a great ‘lil fixed blade. I have used it to clean fish, baton tinder, break down boxes, and it just keeps going. The ergos rock, and it fits perfectly in my hand. I want to invest in a horizontal sheath, and that will be the icing on the cake.”

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7. CRKT Minimalist

CRKT Minimalist Knife

The Alan Folts designed CRKT Minimalist series of knives combines the utility of larger fixed blade knives with the convenience of a small knife. They are ergonomically designed to be comfortable in hand, easy to use, and efficient while cutting. These knives live up to their namesake as they are everything you need in a knife and nothing you don’t. The Minimalist comes in several different styles and blade shapes so no matter your taste or need, there’s bound to be one for you.

  • 2.125″ 5Cr15MoV Drop Point Blade
  • Aluminum Handle Scales
  • 1.60 oz. Weight
  • Made in China
CRKT Minimalist Average Star Review

Sean M. says…

“This little guy is awesome! It’s been in my EDC for the last 6 months and I love it. I carry it horizontal on my belt and I forget it’s there at times. Even for a little guy, because of the handle design and lanyard, you can get a great grip on it.”

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EDC Fixed Blade Knives Overview

Fixed blade knives come in all shapes and sizes. Some are built to take a beating and others work as a reliable companion for whatever gets thrown your way. Either way, a fixed blade knife is one of those tools that just performs. If you haven’t considered carrying a fixed blade knife every day, there are a lot of reasons why you should. They are easy to carry, simple to maintain and built to last. They may not be the most discreet option, but they don’t have to be.

Blade HQ is one of the top dealers of EDC fixed blade’s in the world. This list of best EDC fixed blade knives offers just a taste of what small fixed blade knives are available. Chances are you will pick one (or all) of these knives up and be amazed. But, on the off chance none of them are to your liking, we have hundreds more to choose from. Check out our full selection of EDC fixed blade knives by clicking the button below!

Once you’ve found the perfect EDC fixed blade leave a review! For any of you who need an EDC knife, but aren’t settled on a fixed blade, check out some of these other EDC picks. Plus, follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for all your future knife-related updates. If you’re still looking for an EDC knife, but not convinced you want a fixed blade, check out the these other EDC picks. If you’re looking for even more EDC gear, take a look at our recent articles on the Best EDC Pens and How To Choose An EDC Knife.

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