Aegis Solutions EDCi Every Day Corrosion Inhibitor 4 oz. Bottle

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  • Brand: Aegis Solutions
  • Model: EDCi
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Product Type: Lubricant


The axiom "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" certainly has application to your knives. Aegis Solutions Knifecare provide a number of products to help you take care of your fine knives.

EDCi Every Day Corrosion inhibitor is a spray on, rub in, and wipe off solution that is specifically designed to protect your knife using corrosion inhibitors. It coats your knife in a water-repelling layer that makes cleaning your knife simple and enjoyable. Made in the USA.

Includes a 4 oz. spray bottle.

Customer Reviews

Top flight!!
Mike R. on Mar 4, 2019

This stuff is worth its weight for the price without a doubt. If you own Dimascus, then you need this in your life. I picked this up a couple of days ago after all of the youtube videos (nick from cedric and ada does the most informative one where he uses tape and some citric acid and salt water to show where the importance of this stuff comes into play. Do yourself a favor and pick this up ASAP

It Works
Marshall M. on Oct 5, 2019

I used this solution on my knives & it seems to work great. I would purchase it again.

A must-have for D2 or carbon steel blades.
David M. on Feb 19, 2020

I've always liked the durability of D2, but I hate how easily it develops rust. This product does a great job at repelling moisture. I've used it on my newer D2 knives and they've yet to develop any rust spots, unlike my older D2 knives.

Blade protection
Paul P. on Aug 24, 2019

Any protection for my blade steel is worth the investment, especially for knives that I don't carry as often. The application of the solution is easy and have given me some "peace of mind" for my collection.

Mark C. on Oct 15, 2019

This is a good product - convenient, user-friendly and seems effective; cleans and protects well. 1oz bottle together with BHQ polishing cloth makes for a very portable package for carbon steel corrosion protection.

Great rust prevention!
Casey B. on Jul 11, 2019

Also prevents leaving finger prints. Would recommend to anyone!

You need this
francisco I. on Feb 23, 2020

If you care for your knife, buy this. Its convenient, food safe. and very useful. First thing I do with any knife is put a coat of this on it, then keep doing it as required by use. Love this product.

Good stuff
Jozef J. on Aug 26, 2019

This is a solid product. Not needed if you take extra measures to take care of your blades but it’s kind of nice to have if you roll around with some more corrosion likely blade steels. I love me some that sweet D2 as my edc steel and this stuff is just piece of mind for me. I’m not as good about cleaning my blade everyday as I should be if I used a lot of D2 or 1095 which I find myself doing a lot.

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