Benchmade Griptilian AXIS Lock Knife Black (3.45" Satin) 551

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  • Overall Length:8.07"
  • Blade Length:3.45"
  • Blade Thickness:0.12"
  • Blade Material:154CM
  • Hardness:58-60 RC
  • Blade Style:Drop Point
  • Blade Grind:Flat
  • Finish:Satin
  • Edge Type:Plain
  • Handle Length:4.62"
  • Handle Thickness:0.64"
  • Handle Material:Polymer
  • Color:Black
  • Frame/Liner:Stainless Steel
  • Weight:3.82 oz.
  • User:Right Hand, Left Hand
  • Pocket Clip:Tip-Up
  • Knife Type:Manual
  • Opener:Thumb Stud
  • Lock Type:AXIS®
  • Brand:Benchmade
  • Model:Griptilian
  • Model Number:551
  • Designer:Pardue
  • Country of Origin:USA
  • Best Use:Camp/Hike, Everyday Carry
  • Product Type:Knife


The Benchmade Griptilian 551 knife features textured glass filled Noryl GTX handles, which are very strong and lightweight. 420J stainless liners add strength to the knife handle. The AXIS lock mechanism makes the knife easy to open and easy to close for right and left handers. The modified drop-point blade is 154-CM stainless steel with dual thumb studs. The pocket clip can be reversed for right or left handed use. Mel Pardue design.


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Amazing knife
Jay A.
I want to start this review off by saying night didn't pay for the knife j stumbled upon it on the side of the road and picked it up but since then it has not left my pocket it's great and I will probably buy a custom griptilian later on because I like be this one so much the 154 cm is amazing has great ergonomics and it's light weight for a fairly beefy knife
Aaron F.
An amazing knife. Bought mine from a buddy of mine for a great price. I’ve wanted one for years and couldn’t be ass up the deal
Jake m.
I have edc this knife for about a year, it has been with throught alot of stuff but I have still loved it. I did need to resharpen it but that doesn't matter, because it holds an amazing edge. It is an amazing price and a great knife that you could always depend on and know that it will work and do the job amazing. It has great ergonomics and a comfortable grip on any postion. There are bad stuff that you can say about this knife though, the steel and the stock edge, but you get the 550-1 model with s20v and could always get the edge sharpened.
Best folder for the price
Nathan C.
The Griptillian in my mind is the gold standard for any edc folder.Polymer handle, 154cm blade, good texture and gimping, axis lock, and a slim pocket clip makes this knife the benchmark for most pocket knives. If you are looking to spend 100 dollars and up on a knife, this is always a great option.
super grip
Vladimir C.
Griptilian is a stronghold (with an icon) is among the folding knives in the Benchmade catalog for many years. During this time he managed to establish himself as an excellent EDC knife. This is a very practical knife for everyday use, available in several different stylistic decisions of the blade (Drop-Point, Tanto, Sheeps foot) and with handle of different colors. Knife you can also select by way of opening – do you like to open the knife, resting his thumb in a special peg or pulling the blade over the corresponding hole. And for fans of the mini knives – there's a younger model, more modest in terms of size, design. And of course for those who like to stand out - this knife also has a premium version, for example, with a special coating of the blade, or released in limited edition. In addition, you can create your customized knife Griptilian on the Benchmade website of the company, by itself, under almost all aspects of knife!

If it were not so "stellar" reputation of this model, probably I would not have assumed it.

But do not pay attention to this knife would be a mistake. It is lightweight, easy to use, relatively compact, it is convenient to carry in your pocket, and it is perfectly cope with their tasks.

This is one of the best all round knives I've ever used and definitely one of the best made in the USA models.

Before you buy your Griptilian in 2016, I read a few forums and found that for daily use more than recommended to purchase the mini version: this model less than usual, but not too small, and its size is sufficient so that the knife could be very practical. But for me, still, a mini version seemed too small. So my gaze fell on an older brother 551.

And as soon as I had the opportunity to take it in hand, the first thing I noticed is its weight. For solid EDC knife 108 grams is a great weight, especially when you take into account his massive blade. So with my choice I was not mistaken!)

The knife Griptilian is a very unassuming appearance. Its design is created in collaboration with Mel pardue, master, which, in the opinion Benchmade makes the model "very useful for those who use knives, and compare favorably to its quality."

Total length Griptillan 551 is 20.3 cm blade Length is 8.8 cm despite the rather thick spine straight geometry of the blade ensures good cutting quality.

The knife is very handy, despite its simplicity. The handle is made of a composite material Noryl GTX (another name Valox), has a somewhat cheap appearance, but it rests comfortably in the hand – and this is important!

The knife opens with the focus thumb in the peg on the blade (it doesn't matter, your right hand open or left). Peg, is removable, is located on both sides. Attached Phillips screws and operate well. It is worth noting that if you like the concept of the Griptillian, but not like the standard method of discovery. there is a version Gritiplian Benchmade 550 with a hole opener as knives Spyderco. Different options is always a pleasure and this is a big plus for the company Benchmade.

The knife can open in a slow, circular movement of the thumb, and quickly, with one click. I often open it in the usual leisurely way – I see no need to unnecessarily knock the blade on the stopper.

I had to see how some owners of knives brand Benchmade pulled the spring on the Axis lock so that the blade is shot, but he did not consider it necessary to resort to this method, since the knife Griptilian has quickly opened with one movement of the thumb. In addition, it is more secure.

Used on knives brand Benchmade AXIS lock is different from all the other locking mechanisms I have ever seen, and it works well. It is comfortable to use and the right and left hand, and the mechanism is a little metal peg on the spring, before closing the knife you must push to release the blade.

The root portion of the blade, near the handle, near the lock AXIS, a stop for the thumb – it is wide enough that the knife was comfortable to hold when working.

The underside of the handle also has a slightly serrated fingers for emphasis. From the first glance it could be mistaken for a linear lock, but it's still not him. These steel tabs strengthen the design of the knife and add strength lightweight handle made of composite material Valox.

Most modern knives open smooth, fluid motion, but much less common are models, who would close just as quickly and easily. Griptilian is still one of the few knives that I can close with one hand. Thus, can I take with one hand what I need to cut or punctured, and the other to open the knife, use it, close and put back in your pocket – and I don't need to be release from the other hand that I was holding it.

And even if the second hand is free, it is always great to be able to open, use and close a pocket knife with only one hand. As for the convenience of the handle, I can say that to keep the knife comfortable in almost any grip, only because of the hard plastic after prolonged use a knife, can socratica skin. But if you really are a few hours without interruption to do any heavy work for which it is not in principle intended.

Brand Benchmade knives Griptilian, offers of blades of several types of forms, including a sharpened tanto, and, alternatively, partial secretornuu sharpening on some models.

I prefer a blade with sharpening planovoi modification Drop-Point, as such knives are easier to sharpen and often better suited for solving common household problems.

Due to the shape of the blade Griptilian knife is excellent for slicing. He also pierces a variety of materials, but its true purpose is still RES.

The tip of the blade is a good compromise between sharpness and piercing piercing ability and thickness for solutions to common everyday tasks. This form of blade and especially cutting edge allow you to clearly direct the point of a knife and, accordingly, cutting with high precision – at least I was so.

The blade of the knife Griptilian is made of stainless steel 154СМ. Connoisseurs of the alloy could say that in this material there is nothing remarkable, but it is tested and proven steel of American manufacture, which combines such qualities as resistance to corrosion, durability and maintaining sharpness of the cutting edge.

Knife Griptilian is a reliable "workhorse": selected for its production of higher-quality stainless steel allows to use it for cutting more difficult materials.

Of course, the 154CM steel is not so "cool" like Elmax and other latest advances in powder metallurgy, which, of course, just fine – but you do not pay for the Griptillian model as much as you would have had to pay for the premium grade knives from the respective alloys.

To clip no comments. Looks decent, reminds clips of the Emerson knives. The knife sits in the pocket not so deep like in a Spyderco Sage, but enough for a knife everyday wear.

The Griptillian series of knives from Benchmade is quite simple, but this simplicity is not without its appeal. They are reliable, and with reinforced steel inserts composite handle and more comfortable to wear and lightweight.

This is an excellent folding pocket knives perfect for everyday use. If you are looking for a good knife for everyday carry, a great choice for you will be the Griptilian from Benchmade. This is one of my favorite models, and I would definitely recommend it to you.

If you think that a 9-centimeter blade of the knife Griptilian for you is great, read reviews about the Junior models of this knife. But, in my opinion, the model of the Griptilian, which was the subject of this review, is good start for most users – and you, of course, if you are not sure in advance that you need a folding knife with a blade a couple of inches less.))
Tristan I.
This knife is tons of fun! It’s easy to find yourself flipping it open and closed driving everyone around you crazy. But I’m not a fan of the plastic handle and the thumb stud sometimes catches my pocket causing the knife to open partly. Been cut more than one by that.
Good beginners knife
Jacob C.
If this is your first time buying an entry level quality knife this is a good place to start. I didn't necessarily like my para military 2 so I bought this one as my second high end knife purchase end it still gets pocket time 10 years later.
Great edc
Bob C.
This is my go to edc. It can really take a beating, and still be sharpe. I love the axis lock, which has never let me down. It feels good in the hand and is just a really all around great knife. If you are looking for a reliable edc you can count on, it's the 551. And if you don't like the clip, you can email Benchmade and they will send you a deep carry clip for free. And they have a great warrenty.
Benchmade Griptilian
Joseph T.
I have a Doug Ritter version with S30V steel for the blade material. Just a really good solid knife. Would love to see you guys make a micarta handle for this. G10 is nice, but I think that would make me give it a five star review.
One of the best EDC's ever!
Richard T.
I carry this knife everyday, it holds an edge really well and it handles virtually any task i throw at it. I've always loved the axis lock so that just made it even better.
Best knife for the money
Joe F.
Have carried a griptillian for about 4 years now. Best knife for the money in my opinion. Great steel. Sharpens easily with great edge retention.
Great Knife
Brian T.
This was the first good knife I ever bought. At first I was a little shocked at the price, but once I got the knife I understood. It's had a home in my pocket for over 10 years now. The weight and blade shape are perfect for EDC. The Axis lock is great (no fingers need to be placed in the blade's path). The blade is easy to maintain and the handle is very durable. Like all Benchmade knives it has the LifeSharp guaranty. In the over 10 years I've owned it I've sent it in twice to have the blade sharpened and each time it not only comes back sharp, but the knife has been cleaned and tuned. I've used this knife for work, camping, food prep, and any other general task. This knife will get you hooked on good pocket knives and hooked on Benchmade.
No flaw at all
Henry T.
Cmon. Its Benchmade. Of course it's going to be amazing! I edc this knife every single day I can. Its got great materials, great texture, great design, and that great axis lock. Perfect for knife enthusiasts, and hardcore survivalists everywhere!
Favorite Hard-Use EDC
Daniel C.
This knife can handle just about anything. Received mine as a gift for my birthday, and it has been with me for just about every backpacking trip and hard day's work since. The blade is one of the more stout blades I've handled, capable of withstanding a lot of torque. The tip, in particular, is much better reinforced than almost any of my other knives. I have used the tip of this blade to drill holes, pick open knots, pierce cans's tough. The handle is nice and grippy, while also incredibly lightweight. The best feature of this knife, however, is the axis! This lock is so addicting my girlfriend has to take it away from me to keep me from fidgeting with it sometimes!

I have had many other knives over the years, but if I were to go back and redo my whole collection...this would be the first one. And it would replace a lot of others. If you're thinking about it, just do it!
Great first benchmade
tom b.
This knife was the first benchmade I ever bought and has been working for me for about 7 years now. Handles feel plasticky and cheap, but I have had no problems whatsoever. Overall great knife
Good edc
Jon H.
I have carried my griptillian since 2012. I have used this knife for everything from food prep to construction and camping chores. This is a no nonsense knife that won't break the bank. The 154CM blade takes a sharp edge quickly.
A fantastic all around knife
Hunter G.
This knife is a near perfect edc. The shape is great for any task. It's light weight, fairly thin, but still feels good in hand. Made of good quality materials, and has one of the smoothest actions of any knife in this price range.
Awesome knife
Zachary R.
This knife takes everything I’ve thrown at it and no matter what it keeps working perfectly. It was my first benchmade and I don’t regret getting it at all. No matter what there is a version of the griptillian or mini-griptillian for everyone
Great EDC
Trey H.
This knife is a great everyday carry knife. The only downside I've had with it is that my axis lock keeps sticking when opened. Other than that it's an exceptional knife for the price!
Great carry
Michael M.
Shaving sharp!
Axis lock is great!
Love it!
Everyone should have one
Scott B.
Great knife, holds an edge, easy to maintain steel, and I absolutely love the AXIS lock. A couple of personal preference complaints, #1 The handle material, feels like plastic although its light weight and durable. #2 It's kind of a fat knife in the pocket. Still a dependable knife that holds up to abuse. Maybe one day I'll buy G10 or micarta scales, then it'll be a 5 star knife for me.
Perfect for everything!
Brandon G.
Light weight, grippy, premium steel, axis lock.. what more do you want?
Incredible knife from a respectable company
Nathan M.
When I purchased this item I had not yet heard of Blade HQ and their excellent reputation as a knife dealer. However, they are now my go-to for any and all knife-related purchases so here is where I will leave my review.

Whenever someone asks me, "I'm looking for a nice knife. Nothing special, nothing fancy, just something that will work for a long time and be worth my money." I point them at a Griptilian. It's $102, no matter where you buy one. So most non-edc enthusiasts out there will recognize it as "good quality" just based off of pricing.

It is the most neutral knife that I own. Not flashy at all, but still extremely attractive and just utilitarian. It does all that it's supposed to. It is a pocket knife in the most general sense of the word. It has no opinion one way or the other.

The steel is good material 154CM - always a nice choice. Easy to maintain, sharpen and plenty rust resistant.

The only complaint I have ever had with this Knife is that at $102, the plastic handles just kinda felt a little cheap in my hands. What makes it so expensive is the blade, design, and locking mechanism, not at all the handle material. Other than that, stellar knife.
Buy this knife!
Dan G.
I recently was able to visit the Benchmade factory and handled many of their knives. If you are ever in the Portland area GO. As soon as I handled the Griptillian I knew I had to have one but I was unwilling to pay full retail. BHQ to the rescue. This is the perfect EDC knife and BHQ rocks!
Awesome edc
Joshua B.
Awesome edc, it's a little chunky but it is so light weight and feels amazing in the hand and when it needs to be sharpened the steel takes a nice edge

The only problem is the gimping it is more for looks than anything else.

Other than that the knife is amazing!!! Also the box the knife comes in is awesome it's like an iPhone box. And Benchmade's warranty is probably one of the best warrantys ever!
You want this knife
Aaron T.
I don't know if there is a such thing as perfect but this knife comes closer than anything I have ever carried. It's got good reach but its not to heavy. Its made with good steel but its not so premium that you have to spend an extra hundred dollars for it. It came sharp and took an edge easier than any other knife I have ever sharpened. The lock makes it easy to deploy and close with one hand. If you can only own one pocket knife this is it.
A definite must have knife
USA #.
This is by far one of my go to knives. The Axis lock and weight are exceptional. The pocket clip is excellent. This blade can do almost anything. I have many Benchmade knives but I keep going back to this one because of its all around perfection. The fit and finish is astonishing. The knife isn't small but the weight is amazing. Razor sharp and extremely tough. I've carried this knife for years and it's never ever let me down. Oh's made in America. What's not to love?