550 Griptilian Series

The Benchmade Griptilian is an iconic and classic knife design that has been a consumer favorite for years and will continue to be so. It is offered in multiple blade and handle variations, including the full-size and the mini. Pick up an EDC gem with the Benchmade Griptilian.

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550 Griptilian Series
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About the 550 Griptilian Series

Benchmade Griptilian Review

The Benchmade Griptilian is an essential pocket knife that helped to solidify Benchmade's standing as one of the premier USA knife makers. This no nonsense EDC knife is designed for comfortable handling and carry, and built tough for daily use. For more information be sure to check out our Benchmade Griptilian Review or see the Griptilian in action in the knife overview video below!

Which Griptilian Should I Get?

So you've decided to get a Griptilian... Excellent choice! Now the hard part is deciding which one to get. Large or mini? Tanto or sheepsfoot? Orange, desert sand, or classic black? The possibilities are endless. But regardless of your style or blade preference, with the Griptilian you are guaranteed one of the best pocket knives from one of the best pocket knife companies at a steal of a price. If you're having trouble deciding which one to get check out the overview video above for the oh sooo smooth Griptilian 551-1. Or even better pick out a few and start off your Griptilian collection!

Assorted Benchmade Griptilians Benchmade Griptilians Large & Mini

Benchmade Warranty

From Benchmade as of July 2020:

"Each new Benchmade knife is packaged with written documentation of the Benchmade Lifetime Warranty. Benchmade Knife Company, Inc. warrants to the original owner that Benchmade knives purchased from authorized dealers will be free from defects in materials and workmanship. Benchmade will, without charge, repair or replace at our (Benchmade's) option, any knife purchased from an authorized dealer and returned for warranty work by its original owner that is found to be defective by Benchmade."

LifeSharp Service:

There's never a dull moment with a Benchmade... That's right! We will gladly re-sharpen your Benchmade knife to a factory razor sharp edge (service does not apply to any serrated portion of the blade). If you prefer us to sharpen your blade, or if you may have neglected to maintain your edge for a while, simply ship your knife to us. We'll not only sharpen it, but we will also inspect the knife for any warranted repairs and "tune" the knife for optimum performance.

We understand that our customers may want to modify their Benchmade knife to meet their own expectations. A modified knife will void the Lifetime Warranty, but we will still offer a limited version of our LifeSharp service to these modified knives. Specifically, we will not inspect, clean, repair or replace any parts for a modified knife as we do with our standard LifeSharp Service. We will only sharpen the blade (excluding aftermarket blades) and return the knife to the owner.

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