Boker Plus Strike Tanto Automatic Knife (3.25" Black Serr D2)

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MSRP: $64.95
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  • Overall Length: 7.875"
  • Blade Length: 3.25"
  • Blade Thickness: 0.12"
  • Blade Material: D2
  • Blade Style: Tanto
  • Blade Grind: Flat
  • Finish: Black
  • Edge Type: Serrated
  • Handle Length: 4.625"
  • Handle Thickness: 0.50"
  • Handle Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Black
  • Frame/Liner: Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 4.70 oz.
  • User: Right Hand
  • Pocket Clip: Tip-Up, Tip-Down
  • Knife Type: Automatic
  • Opener: Push Button
  • Lock Type: Button Lock
  • Brand: Boker
  • Model: Strike
  • Model Number: 01BO458N
  • Country of Origin: Taiwan
  • Best Use: Everyday Carry, Tactical
  • Product Type: Knife

  • Black tanto blade made of D2 steel with serrations.
  • Push button *automatic opening mechanism.
  • Black coated textured aluminum handle over steel liners.
  • Plunge lock mechanism with secondary safety lock.
  • Tip-up deep-carry pocket clip for right hand carry.


For a knife to be considered tactical, it must meet some high expectations. It must be strong, easy and fast to deploy, be nimble in combat, and be efficient in utility. The Boker Strike is meets and exceeds those high expectations, and does so at a price that is near impossible to beat. Not only is the Strike a superb tactical knife, but it comes in several sizes, in a multitude of colors, and a selection of blade styles. There is a perfect Strike model to put in any pocket, from combat uniforms to blue jeans. No matter how you carry it, the Strike is ready for anything at the push of a button!

There are dozens of Boker Automatic Knives, and each one maximizes function and value. Check them out!

*Automatic conversion knives are retrofitted by a third party to accept a coil spring. The factory warranty on these knives is void, but we do warranty the conversion/spring of these knives for one (1) year from date of purchase.

Customer Reviews

Great knife!
Isaac H. on Jan 6, 2018

Great knife! Good action and sharp blade. Well worth the $40

One of The Best Low Priced Autos
James V. on Apr 9, 2019

For the price you get a pretty nice auto. Snaps out with good force. The handle fits my hand perfectly. Minimal blade play. If you are looking to purchase your first auto, this would be a great choice. Always great service from BHQ..

Boker Plus Strike Tanto Auto
Chuck K. on Jan 4, 2016

Ordered 2 days before Christmas and received it the day after! Very nice knife, not too heavy but just enough weight to feel good in your hand. Scalpel sharp!! Extremely satisfied with purchase.

amazing knife
JONATHAN C. on Sep 9, 2020

Fires beautifully every time and feels great in the hand. it is a remarkable knife for the price.

Colby J. on Jun 5, 2018

Overall great knife at the price but the button is a little stiff at the beginning.

Boker Plus Strike Tanto Automatic Knife
P. L. on Aug 28, 2020

This is the 4th Boker Plus Strike Tanto Auto Knife purchased from BladeHq. We're repeat customers, specifically this knife for the price point, quality engraving (given to retiring fellow military bother in arms) and the quick delivery of the items. Zero complaints from start to finish. Business professionals delivering quality service, setting an example we, the customer value most.

Great Automatic!
Lyle Y. on Jan 12, 2016

I received this knife as a gift from Bladeplay (now Grindworx)/ BladeHQ for my personal services for creating a video on how I modified the Lightning OTF-DA in a way that rectified its loose edge to spine blade play (though now the manufacturer has tightened up their tolerances and they no longer require modification). My first impressions were positive. After closer review and use I found it to be quite exquisite. The textured scales, dedicated index finger groove and thumb jimping make this piece very comfortable to use and secure in the hand. It came out of the box razor sharp. I recievedved mine before they upgraded the spring and it does fire slower than the upgraded version, but it fires true everytime with a positive lock-up. The safety also locks the blade open to prevent accidental closures while in use. Great EDC knife!

Larry S
Larry S. on Jul 27, 2020

I am so impressed with the Boker Strike. It is a fast and strong firing knife. I really like the Tanto blade. This is a great value for the money. The action is very good and the safety is well placed. I am very happy with the Boker Strike and Blade HQ (fast service and great prices). I highly recommend the Boker Strike and buying from Blade HQ.

Boker Plus Strike
jerry w. on Sep 16, 2018

I like the black tanto blade with serration, looks great. A crisp snap when I push the button. I am no expert on auto knifes but if I had to guess the price it would be a lot higher than $40.00.

Great inexpensive auto knife
Charles S. on Jan 6, 2018

Tanto blade with serrations is the way I roll. New spring mechanism is quick, consistent and smooth. I carry it tip down and it's good for EDC : no accidental firing or closure with a sure safety. It fits my hand very well and the scales give it a good feel and texture. Out of the box sharp with a very economical price.

The BEST Budget Tactical Auto
Aron K. on May 28, 2021

I own a few of the Kalashnikov's, and had to get one of these. I have to admit it is noticeably not as snappy with the deployment, but everyone you show it to will still think its awesome. Pros include the great grip on these and I especially love the thumb ramp jimping, safety lock for more confidence in the pocket, the tactical look of the handle texture and buttons. I also got the drop point in bead blast. Both blades are good and tight, no noticeable concerns. Also a great price on Blade HQ compared to other sites as well. Now...will they make an XL Plus Strike? I hope so!

Well designed for price.
Kevin G. on Sep 21, 2018

I love this knife. I was surprised at how well the knife operated. I got the knife on sale for $29.99. Incredible quality for that price. The safety works great. I have a Protech Godfather that does not have a safety. From that experience, I will never buy an automatic flipping knife without a safety ever again. Well done Boker.

Lou C. on Jan 16, 2018

I just received this knife in this afternoon's mail. It looks even better in person. Very pleased with the knife and Blade HQ's service. Thank you.

Perfect auto for the price
Daniel M. on May 30, 2021

I wanted a inexpensive knife for work. I wanted something not too expensive because honestly I abuse them. The blade keeps a edge. The handle is just contoured enough to be able to be used safely while wearing gloves. The only downside is the finish as it’s starting to wear off after going in and out of my pocket multiple times a day. Bottom line it’s a great work or EDC for the money.

Awesome knife
Thomas S. on May 13, 2019

This knife has great weight & balance. Very snappy opening. Great value.

bang for buck
Mark E. on Mar 13, 2019

With somewhat lower expectations, I ordered the Boker Strike as a EDC backup (when I did not want to put wear n tear on my Gerber 06) and have a cheap AUS-8 knock around auto. WOW what a great knife. Things I was looking out for as a possible problem were: loose lock switch, poor centering, loose lock up...all proven wrong. I had handled a few Boker AK47's and felt is was more of a novelty knife as every Kalashnikov I tested had a lot of blade play and side to side movement. The Strike I received has a very solid lock up no side to side movement and the safety switch is tight and positive. Centering on mine is off a wee bit, but not rubbing and for $40, I am fine with it. Switched the clip to tip up and now rides perfect in front pocket. (Nice to see factory had applied blue lock tight on threads also.) deployment is fast and solid, edge takes a good sharpening and a nice stone-washed finish. All in all very happy with my purchase and Blade HQ’s shipping was very fast. Will be ordering another Boker Strike today.

First and only Auto knife I will ever buy
Caleb S. on Jun 11, 2021

After recently purchasing a Kershaw blur and sadly losing it, I was very disappointed and I had plenty of other knives to put my rotation but I impulsively purchased the Strike because it was highly recommended and cheap. I believe it's an excellent beater knife and EDC knife. I will probably end up destroy this blade someday. But it's really nothing to write home about, with only using the blade for a week of use the black oxide coating has started to fade off near the serrations. And the plunge lock is a little "squishy". As long as you're not expecting perfection, this is an excellent knife to buy!! I will be using daily on the ranch and in the airplane hangar(aircraft mechanic) ~And also this is Lefty approved, doable but a little awkward

Scott w. on Jun 16, 2019

This is the second time I ordered this knife. The first one was really snappy. The second one, not so much. It still works and opens well. I wish that it came in a different blade steel. AUS-8 is ok but I would love to see it in D2. Until then I will keep buying it as my everyday workhorse.

It will cut!
Joe F. on Aug 7, 2017

Pretty nice. The auto action is slower than the kalishnikov maybe the spring is inferior or the blade weight or pivot point is not ideal but I like that it has a sturdy lock and I slimmed the width of the blade down on a belt grinder so it is a little faster. It has taken a lot of abuse and Resharpens okay for aus-8. Overall it will cut!

Just a pretty face?
Matt L. on Jun 11, 2019

Like the Kalashnikov's younger and more insecure brother, the Boker Plus Strike looks mean and feels great. Out of the box, the spring is super lazy, but a 16th of a turn counterclockwise on the joint bolt will fix that. An ultra snappy the high price of a little of your blade security. A fine balance that took me several tries to find. Other cons include; The pocket clip is thin and waiting to get bent. And the safety is annoying but probably necessary. But the most disappointing part came when I tried to cut some cardboard, the black finish came right off. Like they had taken a black sticker and put in on a satin blade. My Strike went from perfect to battle-worn in seconds. Was this my punishment for not getting the coyote brown? Maybe. Still so incredibly disappointing. Yet, I am drawn to this knife, it eye-catching and sleek, tacticool and sort of metal. I guess it still looks pretty neat, even with the screwed up blade finish, and it sounds just awesome too. *wapoa!* (fast knife noises) 73/100

decent knife for the money
david t. on Sep 23, 2018

I had a somewhat smaller Boker years ago and it was a fine knife, with about 2.6 inch blade, or so. The push button was much larger and easier than this Striker. The Striker release button is too small, too stiff and not too easy to use. I'm 6'1". 220#, and it's not very easy for me to use. With the clip on it, hard to get a proper grip for the too-strong spring. But, again, for the money it's good with the clip removed, which I wasn't gonna use anyway.

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