Buck 110 Automatic Lockback Knife Ebony Dymondwood (3.75" Satin)

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Buck 110 Automatic Lockback Knife Ebony Dymondwood (3.75" Satin)
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Item #BHQ-51274


  • Overall Length:8.625"
  • Blade Length:3.75"
  • Blade Material:420HC
  • Blade Style:Clip Point
  • Blade Grind:Hollow
  • Finish:Satin
  • Edge Type:Plain
  • Handle Length:4.875"
  • Handle Material:Ebony
  • Color:Brown, Wood
  • Bolster Material:Brass
  • Weight:7.10 oz.
  • Sheath:Leather
  • Knife Type:Automatic
  • Opener:Push Button
  • Lock Type:Lockback
  • Brand:Buck
  • Model:110
  • Model Number:0110BRSA-B
  • Country of Origin:USA
  • Best Use:Everyday Carry, Hunting
  • Product Type:Knife


Buck's revolutionary 110 folding knife is now available as an official automatic! No need to worry about third party conversions, this 110 features built-in automatic action straight from the manufacturer. The 110 Automatic is quickly deployed with a simple press of the firing button. This knife is equipped with a 420HC stainless steel blade in a satin finish. Its handle is made with an eye-catching combination of Macassar Ebony Dymondwood and Brass bolsters. Includes a genuine leather sheath designed to prevent deployment when removing the knife.

  • Cryogenically treated blade offers improved edge retention.
  • Friction fit leather sheath for secure carry and storage.
  • Push button automatic deployment allows fast, one-handed operation.

Customer Reviews

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Great quality, bad action
Joshua T.
Knife wouldn't open all the way when deployed. I played with it thinking maybe it will break in an no.I put a could drops of gun oil and let it sit for the night and now it works like a charm its amazing knife and it crazy sharp out the box really excited to EDC this knife.
jim s.
Thanks BHQ.love you folks been eyeing this knife for a few years had to get it no regrets it's a beauty Get it Ladies and gentlemen you will love it❤
Waaaay too big
Jim B.
This goes into the safe, will give it away someday... carried and used a 112 forever, just have to wait for the 112 auto i guess. It is built very well, hmm maybe i could go out to the garage and grind an inch off the end? ;-)
Old School (with a caveat)
Michael T.
I purchased this knife in late December of 2017 and have found it a durable bit of well made, old school magic with a modern twist. It seems as good as the 110 my father gifted me in the 60s, though more sleek and refined.

When I first got it, the spring would grind loudly when the knife was closed and sounded as if the coil had jumped its track. I was on the point of returning it to BladeHQ when, with a sharp ping, the coil seated and the action is now silky smooth.

While I had this problem I contacted Buck out of curiosity to see if it was covered by warranty. I was informed that if I sent the knife back to Buck they would simply keep it and not ship a replacement or the repaired knife back to me.

Though not mentioned on their site, it seems they only ship automatic knives to first responders, active military, LEO or certified Buck dealers who can prove their status with documentation. So if you're a private citizen, you're S.O.L. even if you're in an auto legal state.

Was told it has to do with federal interstate shipping laws and the only remedies open to me were to either be in Buck's home state, ship through a dealer or to work for change in federal laws.

They won't do send-in engraving or etching work on an auto either, same reason. Was told to "Take it to a local jeweler or etching company".

So if any future problems occur, looks like I'm screwed. Thanks for the wonderfully unusable and gutless "forever warranty" and services, Buck.
Good knife, bit over priced
Anders S.
I really like this knife. It's a great automatic for both hardcore buck fans but also those people who want an automatic knife that's not overly tactical. It's a little on the heavy side but it's not an issue if you carry it in the really nice leather sheath that it comes with. The steel takes a razor edge and seems to hold it quite well. My only complaint is price, especially when the regular 110 is only 50 bucks. Makes me wonder if the auto feature really adds another 100 dollars...
Jonathan J.
Beyond overpriced
Lyle K.
Classic buck design, knife is way too heavy and slippery for modern hard use. The most problem I have with it is the price tag of $150 for 420hc and your typical automatic action. Are we kidding here? I know most people buy knives based on nostalgia/love at first sight, but the price range is too high.
Buck 110 auto
Howard h.
The best auto ever.order on dec 21 came in 3 days.top of the line buck.love this blade.my son will now be a Bladehq guy as i will be back for more great deals on some really nice blades.
Excellent official auto
Jacob E.
Like many people, I have a long history with the Buck 110 as I was gifted a well used one by a relative when I was around 12.

My taste in knives has moved on to more modern designs since then, but I am so glad that I picked this auto version up. I love the classic aesthetic with the modern mechanism.

And the best part is, it is still a Buck 110 through and through. Overall great knife.
Favorite knife!
Lucas S.
I got this from my parents for christmas because I was in need of a new hunting knife, I really love it. It looks so nice I dont even want to use it, lol.Smoothest auto I have ever felt. Mine came extremely sharp, like shaving sharp! My grandpa has one(Not the auto version) he got like 30 or 40 years ago and has used it to process a lot of deer, and is still going strong.So i expect to have it a long time.Also comes with lifetime warranty! If you want one just get it, you wont be dissapointed.
Paul D.
Back in the Summer of 1976 I purchased my first Buck 110. I was 33 years old and paid a whopping $25.00 for it from the local small West Virginia town Hardware Store; needless to say it's lasted with no problem.

About 10 years later I was driving through an intersection in neighboring Ohio and while waiting under the traffic light to make a left turn I spotted a knife laying right smack in the center of the road in front of my Jeep. Jumping out before the light changed, I picked it up and saw that it was a very nice (minimum wear) Buck 110 with the side factory engraved "Ohio Farmer"! That was my second 110.

About six months ago and now at 75, I saw the new release of this 'automatic' version' and had to have it. All three have been carried, sharpened, dissected a couple hundred Moving Van Cartons in the four cross-country relocations I've made and used them (as one should) for the attendant hard jobs. The blade stands up to the worst punishment but comes right back to new-looking with a little sharpening and loving care. IMO, not a better all around, working EDC can be found!

After giving my first purchased one away to my son-in-law a few years ago (he still carries it), and noting how sturdy they truly are, I just had to have this new version.

As expected, it is a top-notch carry knife and one that is in my FJ Cruiser constantly. So many uses for this "Classic" that I always carry one of the two with me no matter the day or job! Truly a high quality "Man's Man" knife; no matter the version.
IMO, not a better all around, working EDC can be found; and now I can easily open it with one hand!
Collectors Item
Michael P.
I collect autos so this was a natural choice to add to the collection. I already own a Buck 110 standard. The steel is fine for EDC and general outdoor work. but at this price point should come with higher-grade steel. Not sure if the price increase over standard is justified by the inclusion of the spring/release mechanism alone. But I kind of knew that going in.

With that being said, this is the knife for someone who wants to forego the conversion and wants their buck 110 in auto, or just an addition for a collector like myself. There are better choices at this price point for someone who just wants an auto.

The buck stops here!
mike g.
EDC for a month now without any problems. Someone on here was disappointed with their spring action. Might of just got a bad apple? Mine so far flys out like a rocket. It also came very sharp right out of the box. If your looking for a robust auto I say go for it.
Best knife ever
Peter W.
Just recieved my 110. Cant believe I was looking at conversions before I became "enlightened."

Better knife mechanism-
Better price-
Lifetime waranty-
No brainer
Buy this knife!
John in Texas
John S.
It's the old reliable classic with a little more ease of use. I would like a safety for pocket carry. Sometimes the sheath isn't the best carry option. It has replaced my Microtech for EDC. Buck makes a good product, and they stand behind it.
Envy of all
Johnny C.
Buck 110 was my first knife I owned in 1980 seen this version and had to own it. Very pleased with the knife action, love playing with it. Most of all I love showing it off.. becoming the envy of all.
New Buck 110 Auto
Neal G.
Excellent Buck Quality, Opens with a snap, yet the blade has no side play. A great new product from a reliable old friend. BHQ is an excellent company to do business with, quick shipping and great customer service!
Buck 110 Auto
Gordon H.
Nice auto from Buck. Seems to be a quality build. Squirted some slick-um in the mechanism to lube things up a bit. Enjoying playing with it. Time will tell how it holds up. As always BHQ is excellent to deal with.
Excellent Upgrade of this Classic Knife!
Joe D.
I am very impressed with the fit and finish on this knife, there are no compromises to the original 110, this auto is just as tight and sturdy. I own lots of Auto's, and I love my Benchmades, but this Buck is just as fun and useful at a lower cost. As usual, dealing with BladeHQ was a pleasure.
A must have - Awesome knife!
Ray C.
I recently received my Buck 110 automatic. Since the early seventies with the purchase of my first buck 110 I've always had a nostalgic attraction and appreciation for the Buck 110. Many times since I've seen and heard about aftermarket automatic versions but was reluctant to invest in one. Now that Buck has chosen to manufacture it I bought it with confidence knowing that they will stand behind it. Upon first inspection of my new Buck 110 automatic I was struck with the Buck 110 appeal, craftsmanship, quality and nostalgia. It was 'scary wicked sharp" right out of the box. A couple drops of Nano oil on the hinge and it is totally 'Awesome'. This is a must-have knife. You'll love it!
Like the Traditional 110, Except....
Robert S.
Just like the original, except the ability to open one handed.

Opens very quickly and with authority, locks open every time.
Arm hair shaving sharp right out of the box.

As far as another review goes, I would not be afraid of pocket carrying, (other than the size, it would take some big pockets for this knife.), the operate button is slightly recessed, and takes a firm push to open. The reviewer may have one of the "conversion" knives and not the true factory Buck 110 auto.

And as far as another review mentioned the inside of the snap scratching his knife, Buck must have addressed this issue, mine has a piece of leather inside the sheath that covers the back side of the snap.

This knife is a keeper and will be put to use as my original as soon as the auto knife law changes take effect here in my state.

Beautiful but...
Eric J.
Buck is iconic, and this folder has a beautiful blade, fast action, sweet appearance, and solid lock up. There are no screws to adjust the distance between the bolsters, and there is slight blade play that may not be an issue for some, but certainly will not improve with time.

There may have been an improvement in the shiny black leather case, since there are no places where metal might scratch a bolsters as others described. In fact the case is lovely.

If there were an option for 4.5 stars, that would be my score. For the price, it's well worth the purchase. In fact, I'm rounding up to 5 stars. Cheers!
Not impressed
Gino C.
Nice knife BUT the spring is horrible! No power at all... I have 2 others that are 3rd party alterations and they blow this thing outta the water.. I'm actually sending it back.. no good BUCK I expected better. .only reason for 2 stars is that it is a nice knife but if your gonna make an auto why skimp on the spring !??
Blade HQ response:
We're very sorry to hear about the trouble you're having. Have you contacted our customer service department yet (info@bladehq.com)? We'd like to help you get this resolved. Thanks -BHQ
Like it and could love it
Dennis M.
I was given this knife as a gift from a very old friend and the quality is superb. The one thing it needs and which prohibits me from regularly carrying it is the lack of a safety. I have already ruined a pair of Levis and badly damaged an armchair from an auto I had that lacked a safety and from the reviews it seems that the holster it comes with has snaps that damage the bolsters...so what is one to do other than shop for a suitable holster. The knife is INCREDIBLY well made however no knocking that.
Buck Really Did a Great Job On This Knife!
Daniel J.
I am very happy with this knife. It fires out smoothly and quickly. The fit and finish is perfect. i can find not one thing wrong with it or out of sorts. It is perfect!

However, I had to return the first one due to the sheath scratching the bolsters. Buck replaced it and the sheath. The new ones have a felt sticker applied to the rivet backing for the snap which keeps the bolster from getting scratched.

The replacement that I received is not as nice as the first one. it is slower and the fit and finish is not as good. So, your mileage may vary-hope you get a good one!
Solid construction
Morris B.
There is nothing loosely machined, tolerances are close therefore cleaning and lubrication is a must during break in period.

You will not be disappointed and as always, it will last a lifetime. Get a couple you won't be sorry.