Tallen Bisect Single Groove Bead (Damascus)

Add some class and sophistication to your knife lanyard with damascus beads from Tallen knives.

These high carbon Damascus steel beads with a bisecting wide groove make a great addition to any lanyard. Each bead is unique due to the material. Sold individually.

Please Note: Clean and maintain with REM oil or WD-40 to inhibit rust.

Item #BHQ-15856
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  • Height: 0.50"
  • Width: 0.50"
  • Depth: 0.50"
  • Material: Damascus
  • Color: Gray
  • Weight: 0.29 oz.
  • Brand: Tallen
  • Model: Bisect Single Groove
  • Country of Origin: Pakistan
  • Product Type: Bead

Customer Reviews

The Swedish Death Metal of lanyard beads....
Russ G. on Jun 22, 2018

...because it's dark and heavy. Seriously though, those to characteristics of the bead have meant that I still haven't found a knife to put it one, despite buying it months ago. I'd intended to tie it to a lanyard for one of my two Damacus-bladed knives, but the pattern on the bead, and the color it imparts are much blacker and darker than the knife blades. It's somewhat similar but that similarity w/o a real match looks worse with the other Damascus than a completely contrasting color. Further difficulty comes from the weigh: BHQ says this bead weighs .29 oz; my digi say .32, but no doubt the all very a bit. Either way, that's heavy for a little bead, about the same weight as three dimes, but at about 2/3 the diameter. When one runs with that bead hanging from one's pocket, it slams around uncomfrably. It's just heavier than is comfortable on anything but a very large knife. Other may like the weight and even the color, but I'll probably stick withl TiSurvival beads.

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