Kershaw Launch 6 Automatic Knife (3.75" Black) 7800BLK


  • Black-finished drop point blade made from CPM 154 steel.
  • Automatic bullseye firing button.
  • Black anodized aluminum handle with a milled design.
  • Reversible, tip-up pocket clip.


The Kershaw Launch 6 is the embodiment of a sleek, all-purpose tactical folder. It adds the convenience of push-button automatic action to facilitate one-hand opening and speed. This model has a steel blade with a long cutting edge that aligns with the centerline of the handle.

The Kershaw Launch Series high-performance, USA-made automatics that punch way above their price point! Shop the whole selection!

Item #BHQ-34418
MSRP: $224.99
Our Price: $134.95
In Stock!

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  • Overall Length: 8.70"
  • Blade Length: 3.75"
  • Blade Thickness: 0.12"
  • Blade Material: CPM 154
  • Blade Style: Drop Point
  • Blade Grind: Flat
  • Finish: Black
  • Edge Type: Plain
  • Handle Length: 4.95"
  • Handle Thickness: 0.47"
  • Handle Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 3.80 oz.
  • User: Right Hand, Left Hand
  • Pocket Clip: Tip-Up
  • Knife Type: Automatic
  • Opener: Push Button
  • Lock Type: Button Lock
  • Brand: Kershaw
  • Model: Launch 6
  • Model Number: 7800BLK
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Best Use: Tactical
  • Product Type: Knife

Customer Reviews

Amazing EDC
Ryan H. on May 31, 2023

Iv owned this knife a year now. Its action is very smooth and quick. Be careful handing it to people not used to them, my friend dropped it tip first. But was able to fix it and re sharpen. The only downside is my pocket clip has broken. I believe kershaw has parts. But I love this knife. And I own the launch 8, and live wire and this is still my main EDC for autos

Blade HQ response:
We're very sorry to hear about the trouble you're having. Have you contacted our customer service department yet ([email protected])? We'd like to help you get this resolved. Thanks -BHQ
Great work knife!
Nate F. on May 28, 2023

This knife feels and performs great! Very sharp and is a super solid build. The knife really pops out with some force so it's fun to play around with. However, the button does get stuck sometimes and is kinda hard to push when you first get it. It gets a little better with use. I put some KPL oil in the mechanism and that fixed the button stick.

Great Blade
Darren S. on Jun 10, 2022

First off, the blade is bigger than i expected, in a good way. Smooth action, great lockup, good looks and is slim in the pocket for its size. Sharpens well and holds a good edge. Great blade for EDC and the black finish is holding up extremely well,

Every day knife
BENJAMIN V. on Dec 15, 2021

I purchased this knife a few months back and I love it. The action is smooth and crisp. I have large hands and it fits perfectly in them. The knife is big enough that I am able to maintain a good grip on it while using it. The opening mechanism is very strong and opens the blade with ease. I carry this knife daily

Amazing knife!
Joe T. on Dec 12, 2021

I bought this knife a few months ago looking for a good work knife for heavy duty use. It's a great little heavy duty auto! cuts through heavy plastic,pries industrial staples out,and is all around a great worker's knife. I highly recommend this knife for anyone who works in a shop/factory.

Quality that hits way above the price!
Chris C. on Aug 20, 2021

After I bought this I went to YouTube, and much to my dismay I noticed video after video of reviews saying that this launch doesn't lock up 100% of the time. Well it was already on its way so I figured we'll see what happens? After 3 days of constant fidgeting and firing this thing probably 500x I haven't had it not lock up once! I love this knife it came razor sharp and if I had one gripe it would be the handle. I have very large hands and even at that it doesn't affect my actually using of the knife but more so when I fire it open. This thing kicks hard! My fiance actually had it fly out of her hand when she tried opening it. My next auto will be the launch 1 I think that handle will fit larger hands better. Overall amazing knife and if your on the fence I'd say go for it you won't be disappointed.

Tracy P. on Jun 8, 2021

Got my Launch 6, and Launch 7, yesterday. I have 3 Microtechs, a Pro Tech-Emerson CQC7, and a 1/2 serrated Spartan Autos tanto. These are my first Kershaws, and they feel great in my hands, snap and lock open with as much authority as the others, have zero wobble or rattle, great edge symmetry, both are lightweight as heck, and I have no doubt they are both durable as all getout. Not everyone can or will drop $150 and up on an automatic opener, which is understandable, thus, I encourage anyone wanting a quality, USA made auto opener to give these a shot. I do not think you will be disappointed. Additionally, the Launch 6 and 7 both have a nice handle shape,on the butt end, for defensive strikes, and I'd theorize, also potentially suited for emergency use as an entry or escape tool via automobile glass breakage. Nice job, Kershaw USA. Keep up the great work.

Kershaw Launch 6 Automatic Knife 7800BL
Chris s. on Oct 12, 2020

The knife is well made. The lock makes sure it stays closed or open depending on what the user wants. It’s light and comfortable in my pocket. There are no sharp edges to dig holes in you pocket. The handle is smooth but not so smooth that it is hard to hold on to. I have a few Kershaw knifes and they all seem to hold an edge well, I’m sure this one will be no different. I’m pleased with my purchase. This will be my new EDC This company has great customer service USPS shipped my blade to my state then a different state (it did eventually arrive at my residence) but before my order arrived I contacted customer service at BladHQ They were willing to replace my order at no charge if USPS did not deliver my order.

Great knife
JETHRIN M. on Oct 1, 2020

As always Kershaw made a top quality knife. Bought this for my everyday carry and it's great for that. Lightweight and feels great in hand.

Great blade
John O. on Sep 21, 2020

Can’t go wrong with this knife. Strong action, sharp right out of the box.

Kershaw 7800BLK
Robert F. on Sep 7, 2019

Very well made. Crisp opening. Very sharp blade. I bought for the blade length. Very comparable to Benchmade for the price point.

Very good auto
Igor F. on May 14, 2019

Good quality,sharp,comfortable.

My 4th
don s. on Nov 4, 2018

One of the best autos for money. Great design, quality, price and materials. Not the fastest opening. But very reliable and a reason for being the knife of the year by alot of people. Little big for my EDC but I do it alot anyway. I wish it had deeper carry. Half inch point will show. Easy to get wicked sharp. Holds edge well. It will chip but it's thick enough to not easily snap. I Bet you will love it and play with it constantly.

Launch 6
Leslie J. on Aug 17, 2018

This auto is a high quality knife. I was surprised by the feel and design. And awesome shipping. These guys treat you right. Don't let the price fool you. Fast, solid lock up, NO WIGGLE. Thanks HQ.

Magnificent Auto
Jason M. on Feb 10, 2018

This blade is so nice. It's a nice size at 3.75" for everyday use. It has a nice Auto action with a single pushbutton. There is no safety on this knife but you have to push the button down really hard in order to get it to release. Feels really nice in the hand and is really sharp out of the box. You won't be disappointed with this knife.

One sick auto
Tony M. on Jan 19, 2018

This is an awesome tactical edged weapon! Came super sharp and the styling and shape of this blade from tip to handle is well thought out. Handle isn't fully ambidextrous and isn't full neutral so it's a nice in between feel. Launches like a hellfire!! I recommend this knife to any enthusiast, Leo or military personall looking for a good Auto.

Super solid budget Auto
Samuel R. on Jan 5, 2018

Pros: •fast action •strong lockup •good blade steel •easy to use Cons: •dlc coating will scratch with use. •blade only locks up 90% of the time

Excellent Knife
Jonathan F. on Jan 5, 2018

Fast action and sharp blade. Comfortable in the hand and right size for easy carry.

Quick and Sleek
Ed S. on Jun 2, 2017

This is an awesome knife. I was going to get an OTF from Benchmade, but I'm so glad I got this instead. I've had mine well over a month. Actuates flawlessly, locks in and is super sharp. Another item to note is this can easily double as an impact weapon and/or glass breaking tool. Fits great in the hands and no discomfort when I tested it out against a punching bad. Buy this knife, you won't be disappointed.

Awesome Auto
Jon G. on Apr 11, 2017

I've had the Launch 6 for a couple of months. This is a high quality knife. Blade is very sharp and the action is just right. I do wish the release button was a little larger and not so recessed. It's hard to deploy with gloves. Other than that, great purchase.

Amazing Auto Blade
William D. on Feb 19, 2017

Just received mine about 3 days ago. Already tested a ton as its a fun knife to own. The blade snaps out very fast and is incredibly tight with zero play once opened. The grip fits my hand perfect and is easy to control while opening. I know two guys who have just purchased one after seeing mine. And the current price is stupid for a blade like this. As far as the sharpness of mine out of the box, well it shaves the hair on my arm with ease. Pretty sharp for me. What a value!!!

One word, BADASS!
Spencer N. on Jan 14, 2017

Love the look, feel, weight and size just about everything about this knife. Opening action is smooth and works well hope it stays that way as I just got it but as of now good. Sharp point but the actual blade isn't extremely sharp for being brand new but easy fix with a stone.

Great and beautiful folding knife
Carlos A. on Aug 11, 2016

Robust spring mechanism. I liked the finish and quality.

TJ S. on Jul 3, 2016

Handle is a little thick for my liking, but otherwise, an awesome auto! Instant classic. Hope they use this blade-shape more.

real, real nice!
Don L. on Feb 23, 2016

Just got mine out of mailbox ordered one of the last, next am they were gone. I wanted protech tr3 fish scale or the sog tac auto, but both were out of stock. Just happened to catch this the 1 thru 3 launch series are ok but don't trip my trigger, this one did and was worth the purchase. My state legalized autos Nov 2015 I had the boker ak74 real cool and nice for size and price, but this is my first quality auto. Anything less than 3.75 blade length or more than 4.25 just isn't in my opinion optimal for daily use and er tactical, this is perfect, buy one when in stock at 108.00 you won't be sad!

Anonymous on Oct 22, 2020

Not perfect
Edward K. on May 17, 2016

Nice knife, but misfires. In other words it doesn't lock in place all the time. A fix for this is to fire it so when the blade opens the cutting portion of the blade is facing up.

Roger L
Roger L. on Jan 19, 2021

The blade is good as expected. The problem with this knife is getting the blade to open. It is very difficult to press the release button. There is not enough relief around the button to allow it to be depressed opening the knife. You can Also feel the button grab and stop due to friction or machining flaws. The button could also be larger and taller making the opening of the knife at least acceptable. My advice, don't buy one. I was extremely disappointed.

Not reccomended
KENNY K. on Jul 2, 2021

I have been a big fan of Kershaw knives until I purchased this one. I bought 2 and they stopped working soon after using them. They will not deploy after a little use. I was very disappointed in the lack of customer support from Kershaw. Do not buy this Knife!

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