Lynch Northwest Short Titanium Spyderco Pocket Clip (Sandwashed) NW

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  • Length:2.125"
  • Thickness:0.04"
  • Material:Titanium
  • Color:Gray
  • Weight:0.10 oz.
  • Brand:Lynch Northwest
  • Model:Spyderco Ti Clip
  • Country of Origin:USA
  • Product Type:Clip


Lynch Northwest, run by Casey Lynch in Rockford WA, makes the perfect replacement pocket clip for many Spyderco folders with the three hole pattern clip, like the Para 2, Yojimbo, Native 5, etc. Made from 6Al4V titanium, the clip is a designed for deep-carry and adds a clean look to your knife. This Short Ti Clip is sandwashed, giving it a matte satin finish and the beveled hole has a bright satin finish.

Fits Spyderco:

This pocket clip includes a set of "just in case" screws. These replacement screws generally aren't long enough to accommodate FRN scales on Delica/Endura models, but original clip screws should work fine.


Customer Reviews

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not that hard.
Riley S.
This is my favorite deep carry clip, I love it because of the amazing finish. I will own more lynch clips. The people who are saying that it is hard to install might not be used to working with their hands, they didn't cause any trouble and they come with a small tool to help work in close spaces.
Great upgrade for your Spyderco
Patrick K.
Casey Lynch Ti clips are cool without being gaudy, and makes your Spyderco nice and stealthy in the pocket, definitely recommend...
Could install w/ eyes closed
Russ G.
This is my fourth Lynch clip, which I installed on a Butch Valloton converted, D/A auto Lil Valloton Sub-Hilt. It's not specifically listed on the webpage here as being one of the compatible models, but the three screw pattern on the clip and knife scale looked the same, so I assumed it would work, which it did.

As other reviewers have said, but cannot be stressed enough: you must install these clips in a certain, very particular way. The first one I tried to do I didnt known the technique and it was a frustrating hell; I took it into BladeHQ and the gentleman there had never installed one and so also didnt know the technique. He finally got it on the knife, but it took over 30 min.

To do it literally in five min flat, start to finish: remove the old clip. The take either the OEM screws or the ones provided with the clip and insert them into their respective holes on the clip. They will hang in the holes, resting on their heads. When all threw screws are in the clip, only then should you line them up with the receiver holes on the knife. You have to line up all three at the same time, but it's easy enough. Screw each one down just enough to stay in place, then go thru and torque them down. Done and done.

Mr. Lynch should consider adding an instructional card with his nice presentation box, I think.
Great Products from LynchNW
Colby B.
It's takes a little bit of thinking to install this clip but once you get it on it is simply the best. Trick is just to put the screws into the clip and then carefully attach to the blade, alternate between the corners and tighten the middle last.
Frustrating Design
Aaron K.
I know everyone loves this clip, but Iíve had an extremely negative experience with it.

Thereís a hole cut in the clip, presumably to allow access to the screws. Makes sense. The problem is, it isnít wide enough in any direction to screw them in properly. You have to screw them it at an angle thatís INCREDIBLY frustrating and difficult and also runs the risk of damaging the knife because the screws might not align properly with the threads.

I just donít understand why it would be designed like this, and how anyone involved thought itís ok. Sorry to be so negative about something a lot of people love, maybe Iím just missing something? Definitely going with a different deep carry clip next time.
Very nice!
Rob A.
This pocket clip really speaks for itself. Does just what you'd expect.

When I bought it Steven told me it was a little tough to install. After looking at it for a couple of minutes I came to the same conclusion others did. Put all three screws in their holes before you try to install it. Really easy if you do that.

I bought another one for native 5.
Awesome clip!
Isaac H.
I work in a office environment as well and couldnít really carry the PM2 because a lot of the knife stuck out of my pocket. This clip has fixed that. It puts the entire knife in my pocket and is really low profile. It isnít that hard to install as well, just put the 3 screw in the clip before trying to install it. Buy it!!!
Game changer!
Mike D.
I work in an office environment and prefer deep carry. I really liked my PM2, but hated the standard hourglass clip. Was debating selling it, and happened to get lucky and catch a lynch clip in stock. Now I carry it all the time. Sits great in the pocket, doesnít tear up my pants, and looks great. This is the clip the PM2 should come with!

Install wasnít that bad, after a little research. Try holding it clip side down and ďloadingĒ the screws on the supplied hex key and screwing up. Just barely catch the threading on all three before you tighten them down. You need the play to get all three lined up. Took about thirty seconds, once the old clip was off. Donít over tighten or you will never get them off.
A great clip
Jonathan P.
This thing is amazing. It totally transforms the PM2. It is very easy to install. I have read a couple of reviews that said this can not be put on very easy. Just make sure you put the screws in in the pocket clip before you place it n your knife. Takes all of a minute.
Fits great on Para 3
Kevin I.
Loved it so much on the PM2 that I bought one for the Para 3.
Awesome on the Para 2 and Native 5 (G10)
Pete d.
I have one that I put on both of my Spydies, (PM2 and Native 5), with great luck. Scott B is absolutely correct,

"Place all three screws in their holes BEFORE you place the clip on the knife." is the best way to install.

I used mine on my PM2 for three years, and it has been perfect the entire time. I carried it 85% of that time as my primary knife. I'm frustrated waiting to buy a second one, so I can stop swapping my only one, between these two knives. Thanks Casey!
Great deep carry clip
Brendan W.
I love these clips, I bought 7 of them so far. It is a little tricky to install, but once you figure out that you need to bend the clip slightly to install all 3 screws, it is easy peasy. A little patience goes a long way. In fact, if you use the free included aftermarket screws with the allen wrench, it isn't necessary to bend the clip because of the smaller screw heads. Highly recommended, especially if you want to deep carry a PM2. 5 out of 5.
love mine!
Scott B.
Install is easy with one simple trick. Place all three screws in their holes BEFORE you place the clip on the knife. No sweat at that point. Once it's on, it's the best deep pocket clip out there, which is why tons of people rip off the design.
Love it
Matthew P.
I have a couple of these clips on my spydercos and I absolutely love them. I found as long as you use the supplied screws and wrench, installation on my para2s was very easy. The sand washed finish is great and the pocket retention is wonderful.
Good clip, but impossible to install
Justin L.
I really like the clip, and it compliments my Para 2 well, however, I spent two hours trying to install it on the knife with no luck. I finally had to contact the maker and send him my knife to get the clip installed. He was very nice about the whole process and sent me lanyard bead. BladeHQ might want to put a warning with this product that its damn near impossible to install yourself.
Not happy with it!
christophe S.
Worst clip ever to install...
Nice looking but...
Aaron B.
Posed problems to install. Access hole for screw heads is too small.