Ontario RAT Model 1 Liner Lock Knife Black (3.6" D2 Satin) 8867

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  • Overall Length: 8.625"
  • Blade Length: 3.625"
  • Cutting Edge: 3.25"
  • Blade Thickness: 0.11"
  • Blade Material: D2
  • Blade Style: Drop Point
  • Blade Grind: Flat
  • Finish: Satin
  • Edge Type: Plain
  • Handle Length: 5.00"
  • Handle Thickness: 0.51"
  • Handle Material: GFN
  • Color: Black
  • Frame/Liner: Steel
  • Weight: 5.07 oz.
  • User: Right Hand, Left Hand
  • Pocket Clip: Tip-Up, Tip-Down
  • Knife Type: Manual
  • Opener: Thumb Stud
  • Lock Type: Liner Lock
  • Brand: Ontario Knife Company
  • Model: Model 1
  • Model Number: 8867
  • Country of Origin: Taiwan
  • Best Use: Everyday Carry
  • Product Type: Knife


  • Satin-finished D2 drop point blade.
  • Dual thumb stud openers with washer pivot.
  • Textured black handle scales.
  • Steel liner lock mechanism.
  • Four-position pocket clip.


The Ontario RAT Model 1 is a superb design from Randall's Adventure & Training that is manufactured by Ontario Knife Company (OKC). This knife is designed for comfort and performance with an index finger groove on the handle to keep your hand where it should be and jimping on the spine of the blade for controlled cutting. The handle features textured scales with an open-built frame. The Ontario RAT Model 1 is a strong, high-quality knife at an unbelievable price!

Ontario Knife Company makes a variety of tough-as-nails folders and fixed blades at an unbelievable price!

Customer Reviews

Great knife for the price
Marc N. on Feb 22, 2019

Maybe a tad heavy for EDC, but great utility everywhere else. Great quality of the build and D2 has become my favorite steel. Absolutely worth the mid-range price.

very nice knife for the price
Christopher M. on Mar 29, 2019

solid knife for the price. Blade isn't perfectly center but very close, action good, lock is good and somewhat tactile, full metal liner with 5 spacers, clip sits low so a good amount of the knife sticks out of the pocket, jimping is ok, grip contour is good, handle material isn't super grippy but is ok, The company logo on the clip and blade is already wearing off. Overall it's a good pick up for the price.

Best intermediate EDC under $100 or more
Matt T. on Oct 6, 2017

I love this knife so much I had to buy the carbon fiber version. I've had the rat for a while and it is by far my favorite edc knife ever.

Better than the pm2?
Brad W. on Nov 15, 2017

While the rat won't beat the pm2 in fit and finish or steel quality it is still quickly becoming my favorite knife. The d2 steel is amazing and the full flat grind is awesome. I also almost prefer the blade shape of the rat over the pm2 because it offers more of a flat but still has plenty of belly. Thump studs are perfectly situated on the blade and the action is SILKY, because of this you can open it with the middle finger as if it had a Spidey-hole. (Also they're just the MODEL 1 now because OKC discontinued their association with Randall's adventure training. That's also why the printing on the blade no longer has the triangle RAT logo and instead just has the OKC O logo)

Great Knife!
David M. on Jan 5, 2018

For less than $50, who can complain. Comes out the box extremely sharp, great work knife

Can Not Imagine EDC Without It
Joshua C. on Mar 16, 2020

Best EDC knife I have ever had. I struggle to find fault in this knife. The handle fits my hand perfectly and the pocket clip has never once fell out of my pocket. In my opinion, the drop-point blade is near perfect and the D2 steel is tough as hell. I have carried mine for nearly a year and I have struggled to find a knife that can compete with the price of the Model 1. The action has worn in and works terrifically. Cons: The only main con that I wish was addressed by Ontario is that the lock is not the strongest. Plus I wish there was G10 scales. All in all I do not see myself replacing it and it all always be a favourite.

I will name my first born child "Rat Model 1 D2"
Joseph A. on Jan 12, 2021

This is basically a perfect knife. The only way it could be better is if it were made in the USA. Frankly it is understandable that they haven't tried that: the universe might very well collapse on itself in a singularity of beauty and harmony. The ergonomics are essentially perfect for me. It is simply a daily toss up whether I would rather carry this or my PM2, which feels very similar. One does not feel better than the other, it's merely whether I feel like carrying the satisfying extra 1.32 oz and the slightly less grippy yet more comfortably rounded scales of the Rat 1 on a given day. It feels premium, frankly more than a Sebenza does. Please, don't try to argue otherwise. I will defend this knife's honor in a manner that surely cannot be described without violating BladeHQ's Community Guidelines. The action is perfect. And if you think it is not perfect, even though you are wrong it can be fine tuned to whatever suits you, with more subtlety than most knives of any price. The D2 steel is the master stroke, which perfected an already amazing knife. In practice, those who are serious users rather than collectors know that D2 performs almost as well as most super steels. It is a wonderful steel and I wish more companies would use it to upgrade their own well designed budget knives. Aside from being amazing on its own, this knife is a perfect platform for customization and gifting. For the non knife nut, the AUS8 is an all time great bang for your buck. For your knife buddies, the D2 version is perfect for trying your hand at a little customization - dyeing, fancy scales, engraving, etc. You can gift them something that's special AND high quality without breaking the bank. If you're reading this, just buy it. If you're like me and already own 10 of them, buy it anyway. You don't have to be Nostradamus to predict that there'll be a day when you simply can't buy a knife of this quality for this price, and you'll wish you had bought more when you could.

I don't think there is much better out the for the price
Matt P. on Dec 21, 2020

This thing is a SOLID knife for the price, I wanted to try the D2 steel as I have never had one, but so far this thing is awesome. The flipper is very nice, it is built like a benchmade. The ONLY complaint I have is this thing is large, if you have a spyderco endura this is about that same, I prefer the smaller version from a size perspective, but built quality and D2 is pretty hard to beat for this price level, feels like something 3x, maybe 4x more in cost.

Amazing price
Ricardo A. on Jan 5, 2018

Love this knife feels super solid in hand, and doesn’t feel weak at all. This liner lock is probably the strongest you get at this price point.

Love this thing
Tae S. on Jan 8, 2018

Comes very sharp out of the box, be warned! The knife itself is very reliable in lock-up, have used mine many times in the field for small camp tasks, nothing major. OKC has an outstanding reputation for well-built knives. You wont be disappointed SF

james w. on Mar 11, 2019

My new favorite knife! Everything about it rules. Beyond sharp D2 steel. Grippy handle. Fast action. Just heavy enough. Love the blade shape. I have many more expensive knives, but this blows most of them away. For 40 bux you can't go wrong. Get this now.

Brad L. on Jan 5, 2018

This is a knife so nice, I bought it twice. I got this knife, and I fell hard for the first week, and the action started to get worse (not unsurprising, I opened concrete bags with it) so I took it apart, drilled some holes in the metal handles, polished the washers, and put a screaming edge on it, then I put it back together, and could not get it centered

GDPR G. on Jan 29, 2019

Great knife for the price.
Gage S. on Jan 19, 2018

I bought mine a couple of years ago when they were cheaper and over that time I have carried it a lot. I own both the rat 1 and the smaller rat 2. They have both held up very well and I actually bent the lock on the rat 2 batoning a log. All I did was bend it back and it's as good as new. The action is pretty smooth and the detetent is pretty hard, which I like. They are very easy to take apart for maintenece purposes. The list of pros go on and on. For normal edc they are very sturdy and the blade steel is good for the price. I highly recommend this knife and the rat 2 to anyone.

Solid knife
Eric B. on Aug 29, 2019

Solid knife, like the D2 steel. Slick handle good price.

Solid knife, great value
Jeff J. on Jul 11, 2019

I have many high end knives, but I wanted a good "working" knife that wouldn't break the bank. This knife has proven to be a solid performer with the D2 blade steel. Holds an edge well and the high, flat grind slices cleanly. The thumb stud is also out of the slicing path, which is helpful. The knife also has a very solid feel and fills the hand nicely, so it's easy to control. I would have no issues recommending this knife to anyone with a limited budget who needed a good, solid all-around performer.

Simon m. on Apr 21, 2019

Decent edge out of the box but the detent is incredibly stiff and hard to access the tumb stud the action wasn't great but I took it apart and cleaned the factory grime and that mosty fixed it

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