Spyderco Manix 2 Knife Dark Blue G-10 (3.37" CPM-S110V) C101GPDBL2

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  • Overall Length:8.00"
  • Blade Length:3.375"
  • Cutting Edge:2.88"
  • Blade Thickness:0.13"
  • Blade Material:CPM-S110V
  • Blade Style:Drop Point
  • Blade Grind:Flat
  • Finish:Satin
  • Edge Type:Plain
  • Handle Length:4.625"
  • Handle Thickness:0.45"
  • Handle Material:G-10
  • Color:Blue
  • Weight:4.13 oz.
  • User:Right Hand, Left Hand
  • Pocket Clip:Tip-Up
  • Knife Type:Manual
  • Opener:Thumb Hole
  • Lock Type:Ball Bearing Lock
  • Brand:Spyderco
  • Model:Manix 2
  • Model Number:C101GPDBL2
  • Country of Origin:USA
  • Best Use:Everyday Carry
  • Product Type:Knife


Spyderco is making a Manix 2 knife that features a dark blue G-10 handle, skeletonized liners and a CPM-S110V steel blade. It's a screaming awesome blade steel and handle combo!

The Manix 2 features Spyderco's Ball Bearing Lock, which operates around a free-floating ball bearing contained inside a custom polymer cage. The ball bearing's round shape allows the lock to self-adjust across a large surface ensuring smooth and consistent lock-up every time it is engaged. The Ball Bearing Lock is engineered to be self contained meaning there is no need for internal liners to support it, allowing the folder to be manufactured liner-free and extraordinarily light weight.


Customer Reviews

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Charles R.
Looks good feels great! I also have the paramilitary 2 and 3 and those are fun to play with but the Manix is my go to knife. I'll ll be getting more
Greatest Value - Greatest Knife
Tyler B.
This knife arguably has both the greatest value and quality of any knife I have ever owned. This only cost 10 dollars more than my Benchmade Casbah and yet it far surpasses it in every way possible. The blade came razor sharp, the G-10 is absolutely beautiful, the lock is rock solid, the tip is like a needle, and finally the blade has absolutely zero blade play. Dollar for dollar the quality of this knife cannot be beat. Every person that I have handed this to has commented on how well it feels in hand and that they were considering buying it. For my first Spyderco, I am certainly sold. Also, I am proud to say, I have perfected the Spydie Flick (opening the knife with my middle finger). Used to be a Benchmade fanboy, but due to the tolerances, fit and finish, and overall immense quality of this knife I believe Spyderco may be getting the majority of my business from now on.
Favorite Spyderco
Ryan B.
The ball bearing lock is my favorite spyderco lock. Awesome knife.
Absolutely pleased!
Bryan L.
I just received my new Manix 2 Dark Blue G10 "Blurple" in S110V and it looks fantastic! This knife looks even better in person than it does in the pics.

I've been carrying an Endura 4 for a really long time now and, although that knife has many years left in it, I just felt like a change...we've all been there!

The fit & finish of this Manix 2 looks flawless, to be honest I cannot list a single flaw.

The blade opens very smooth and the lock is the same. I am very picky about my edges, most of mine go beyond what most people refer to as a shaving edge. I don't feel the need to touch this edge for the moment, the knife is extremely sharp.

I have no doubt the knife will hold up for years. I have never had S110V steel in any knife before though so we'll see how well that works.

Seriously, if you're teetering back and forth about ordering this knife just order it, you will be very pleased you did!

As always, BladeHQ did a fine job in getting the knife to me quickly!
Design Greatness
Jamie D.
Looks good, feels good and cuts good for a really long time. I always get a kick out of handing this knife to other people and witnessing the reaction when they realize how rock solid and comfortable a folding knife can feel in the hand. The amazing thing is that the Manix 2 doesn't seem to care about hand size and is completely ambidextrous.

It should be noted that you not only get a super high end steel in the s110v version, but you also get skeletonized liners which shed some weight.

The edge performance, the steel and the ergonomics make this knife an easy recommendation.
Solid after some work.
Phillip D.
Great ergos and stupid sharp out of the box. However, the lock was very stiff. Took it apart and add some oil now its perfect.
A must have
George S.
The Manix 2 is my favorite model and this one is great for tasks that require exceptional edge holding. This knife arrived flawless and after I reprofiled it I really started loving it. I've been using it often for over a year and it's been a valuable edc option.
EDC Perfection
Grayson V.
It has the best ergonomics I've handled, and the blade shape/length is amazing. Would recommend to anyone
Great knife
Nolan m.
I was saving money for the m4 manix 2 but they are sold out :(. I already own 2 pm2 knives in s110v and blurple and had some knife burr issues and had one replaced. I kept the other and took it to the sharp maker. I was just hesitant because of that. I was told it was mistakes made in the animatronic sharpening. So I went for it anyway. Being my first normal sized manix 2 I am very pleased. Mine looks better than the one in the image. And no burr, except for a tiny spot but it's a polished burr. I know right but it shaves like a beast and is very aggressive cutting steel. The burr isn't a issue because I can drag the knife edge down the tip of my nail and not feel it. So yea it has a very great finished edge!! Very pointy edge also. I'll be waiting on some more exclusive knives bhq! I want the m4 manix. I actually think I like this one better than the shaman I just got a couple weeks ago.
More than I could ever want! :)
shaine c.
This knife is rock solid and omg the blade is amazing! Must have:)
Paul J.
This is a really solid feeling knife. In the hand, it feels very natural and very locked-in-place in a wide variety of grips/positions. It feels a tiny bit too roomy for my medium-sized hands. I find it easy to open in a variety of ways. (It's my first thumb-hole opener.) The color varies in different lighting, but most often looks dark blue to me. I'd prefer black, but it's fine and announces its status to those in the know. I am annoyed by the slight side-to-side blade play that I can't get rid of, but perhaps the reward is how smoothly it opens and closes. I only notice when grabbing the blade and checking for it. The lock is indeed rather stiff. Now that I've found a good technique, it's fine, but I definitely notice when moving back and forth between this and an axis lock, which is MUCH easier to operate (but feels less solid.) It takes up a LOT of territory in the pocket. For this reason, I carry my Benchmade 940-1 and Kizer Gemini more often, but I like to sit and play with this one when watching Walking Dead. It's fun to handle/fidget with and I'm pretty sure I could take out many zombies in a row without my hand slipping at all.
2nd best work knife you can buy.
John B.
The Manix 2 Lightweight in Maxamet is better steel, but I despise the FRCP handles and the most challenging thing I cut is zip ties, so S110V is good enough for me. Should Spyderco produce a Manix 2 in Maxamet with G10 handles I will be reaching for my wallet immediately.

Everything about this knife is good. Ergonomics, excellent. Blade geometry, excellent. Edge shape, excellent. Blade thickness, excellent overall, slightly thick near the base, I can live with it. Audibles, excellent. Love the sound when it locks open. Action is smooth both directions. I should note that in my Special Instructions I requested that the Blade HQ staff pick me a knife with good action on open/close and lock release as I am a tender and delicate flower with frail thumbs. I'm not sure how much searching they had to do amongst their stock, but they certainly delivered! Many thanks to them for their effort.

About the only gripe I have is color. S110V really deserves a better color than "blurple". Royal Indigo, for instance. Let the world know you're carrying a King of edge retention.

Finally, price/value convergence is insanely good. Dollar for dollar you will not find a better working knife anywhere.
Damn good knife
Dan L.
Out of the box it is smooth to open and smooth and predictable when closing. I'm certain it will improve with use.

10 years ago my spyderco Police was stolen I shouldn't have waited this long to buy another Spyderco, I think there's a paramilitary 2 in my future.
Adult tested....users approved.
Bevan T.
My first Spyderco..... smh. Why have I waited so long to own one of their products?! The Manix 2, S110V, is simply one the most efficient tools you'll ever own. The ergonomics, the steel, the value... unbelievably worthwhile!!
My Favorite Knife
Luke D.
This is the best knife I've ever owned. Long story short: super solid, smooth, VERY ergonomic, cuts like a light saber, S110V is a BEAST of a steel. Stop reading the reviews and buy one!
My favorite blade from Spyderco!
Wells B.
It was hard to decide between this knife and the PM2 in the same steel and handle configuration. I've owned a few PM2s in the past and, while I love the PM2 design, I instantly fell in love with the build quality of the Manix 2 after fondling one at a local shop. I'm a big fan of the ball bearing lock and find the fit and finish of this knife to be best in class. The blurple scales are very attractive and provide a very unique and classy look without frightening the sheeple. I'll be picking up the pm2 as soon as Blade HQ gets more in stock! Love my Spydies!
Just buy one
Mike A.
This was my first Spyderco knife. Being a Benchmade fan I kind of always viewed Spyderco as being cheap and gimmicky (stupid assumption, I know). I was trying to decide between a Paramilitary 2 and this knife. Let me assure you, this knife delivers. To me it was far superior ergonomically to the PM2 and I enjoy the locking mechanism on the Manix 2 more than the one found on the PM2. For the price I doubt there is a better knife on this planet. The "blurple" scales are awesome. Not the most tactical things in the world, but I really enjoy how they seem to change color under different light sources. I went from EDC'ing a Benchamde Mini Reflex to this and one thing that has taken me a bit to get used to is the size. I'm not going to fault the knife for it's girth becasue I love the way it fits in my hand and I also love the blade size/shape. It does get in the way when I have to dig in my pocket for my keys. My biggest complaint about this knife is the lack of a deep carry clip. Unless I am blind and all of my google searches have been in vain, I don't see that Spyderco makes a deep carry clip. WTF? So I went the eBay route, we will see how that ends up.. Even with the lack of a deep carry clip, I don't hesitate to give this knife a 5 star rating. If you haven't already, do yourself a favor and get one of these in your hands. You will not be disappointed!
Top notch
Mike k.
I have this and the light weight version. Worth the price, comfy grip, for the price you get an awesome steel.

Just want to do a follow up review on this knife. Hands down my favorite knife on rotation. Worth every penny. It's built extremely well. Very smooth action open or close. S110v is a monster of a steel. I'd get one while you can or if you can for that matter. I imagine they're selling Like hot cakes.
My favorite spyderco knife!
joe w.
I just got this knife friday evening. I haven't put it down since. I love spyderco knives and all the different types of blades and handles. Its more of a bluple instead of a dark blue but I don't mind. Its got great grip and gimping and the ball bearing locks the blade up nice and tight. No side to side play or up and down play. The g10 grips jus as good as the gimping. The edge on the knife is amazing. Jus as I expected from spyderco. I definently recommend this knife for EDC.
Great for the price
Steve M.
Love this knife. Blade shape is awesome. Sharpest knife I've ever bought out of the box. Love the axis lock. The steel is awesome. G10 looks awesome. Nice purple. Wish it would flip open a little easier. I'm sure it can be tweaked though. A little wide too. Overall I really love this knife though. Can't beat it for the price.
Great knife
Steven H.
Super smooth and sharp. Sturdy liners and G-10 and the locking mechanism is great. 110V is a great steel.
Love s110v!!!
Ryan B.
I'm a para 2 guy all the way (I have 8). This is my first Manix 2, & with its s110v blade, skeletonized liners (like the sprint's) smooth action, perfectly centered blade and bank vault lockup have made me a Manix 2/Para 2 guy. I just ordered a 2nd s110v Manix 2 to keep the first one company. BHQ is the best place to buy knives from period. Thank you guys.
$ for $ best deal on the planet
William B.
Just received this today and it exceeds all of my expectations. First thing that struck me was the quality of the blade edge finish. This is the first factory knife I've bought that I didn't want to rush over to my sharpening station to refine or fix. It arrived with an 18-15 degree 600 grit edge, very even from butt to tip and side to side.

The s110V takes an edge like no other (yes I couldn't resist fondling it on the strop). The weight is I think a little less than what is listed due to the skeletonized liners.

The blue G10 scales are beautiful (they appear black under artificial light).
The blade is perfectly centered, I could not be more pleased with this purchase it falls into the perfect EDC category, at the price it's a great deal.
I hope BH gets more of these in soon so more folks can experience this great combination of alloy and craftsmanship.