Spyderco Manix 2 S110V Knife Dark Blue FRCP (3.37" Satin) C101PDBL2


  • Satin-finished drop point blade made from CPM S110V steel.
  • Ambidextrous thumb hole opener.
  • Dark blue FRCP handle scales.
  • Secure ball bearing lock.
  • Reversible pocket clip and oversized lanyard hole.


This Manix 2 knife features a dark blue FRCP handle with Spyderco's Ball Bearing Lock mechanism. It has a premium Crucible CPM S110V steel blade with a full flat grind and plain edge. This state-of-the-art powdered metallurgy steel contains high amounts of vanadium and niobiumalloys that give it exceptional wear resistance and higher corrosion resistance than many other stainless steels.

Like its G-10 handled counterpart, the lightweight Manix2 features the Ball Bearing Lock. The lock operates around a free-floating ball bearing contained inside a custom polymer cage. The ball bearing's round shape allows the lock to self-adjust across a large surface ensuring smooth and consistent lock-up every time it is engaged. The Ball Bearing Lock is engineered to be self contained meaning there is no need for internal liners to support it, allowing the folder to be manufactured liner-free and extraordinarily light weight.

Item #BHQ-23409
MSRP: $260.00
Our Price: $182.00
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  • Overall Length: 8.00"
  • Blade Length: 3.37"
  • Cutting Edge: 2.88"
  • Blade Thickness: 0.13"
  • Blade Material: CPM S110V
  • Blade Style: Drop Point
  • Blade Grind: Flat
  • Finish: Satin
  • Edge Type: Plain
  • Handle Length: 4.66"
  • Handle Thickness: 0.45"
  • Handle Material: Polymer
  • Color: Blue
  • Weight: 3.00 oz.
  • User: Right Hand, Left Hand
  • Pocket Clip: Tip-Up
  • Knife Type: Manual
  • Opener: Thumb Hole
  • Lock Type: Other
  • Brand: Spyderco
  • Model: Manix 2
  • Model Number: C101PDBL2
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Best Use: Everyday Carry
  • Product Type: Knife

Customer Reviews

Max C. on May 10, 2019

very light in weight due tot the absence of liners, ideal for EDC. Lock up on the blade is super tight.

Super steel and ergonomics
Gregory N. on Mar 4, 2019

This Manix 2 will always be one of my favorite EDCs, and it starts with the ergonomics of the handle which are perfect for larger hands. The caged ball lock is easy to disengage one handed, with enough detent to prevent the knife accidentally opening. The S110V blade is one of the toughest rated steel. I've yet to wear down the factory grind lines after a year of sharpening. Finally, the wire clip is minimalist and awesome.

Perfect EDC
Matt M. on Feb 28, 2019

I was on the fence a long time about this knife, wondering if I could really get 110V sharp. After dulling the blade from hard use I put it on the Sharpmaker with the diamond stones at 15 dps. Then went to the brown stones and that was it. Took 20-25 minutes maybe. Razor sharp again with real bite. I later experimented with going to fine, extra fine and stropping, but I think the best edge for use is the medium grit brown stones. Great knife, perfect ergos, a little wide in the pocket but weighs nothing and has full-size capability.

A hawk in duck's feathers
Thomas H. on Nov 29, 2018

Fantastic value for this quality of knife for under $130. Cruisble's S110V steel is brutally sharp and hard. I went with the FRN over G10 to save some cash and don't regret it. It boggles the mind that a knife this large weighs so little. Ergonomics are fantastic. The action is a little stiff, but I wouldn't say it is totally broken in yet. Some people might say the Manix2 is very ugly and they would be right. But I care little for form over function.

My favorite knife!
David M. on Nov 28, 2018

Bought this a while ago and have been carrying it around a lot. Great lightweight knife with a great locking mechanism. Good for everyday tasks and holds its edge great! 100% would recommend!

Favorite EDC!
Steven S. on Oct 16, 2018

This knife is an amazing combination of lightweight and high performance cutting! great steel and very durable choice!

Manix 2 lightweight
Myles M. on Oct 16, 2018

I bought one of these in the last year and it is awesome! It is my work knife , I’m an aircraft mechanic. Very light, very sharp and the ergonomics are great.

Graham R. on Oct 15, 2018

This knife is amazing! A friend got it for my birthday, and now it is my favorite knife! It is surprisingly light. It's so light that the first time I carried it, I forgot it was there. It can hold an edge exceptionally well, and it can be sharpened to an outstanding point/edge. Spyderco outdid themselves again!

Excellent EDC
Aaron T. on Oct 14, 2018

This blade will cut!!! The s110v holds a wicked edge for slicing. I am a hardwood floor installer and I abuse my knives. This one holds up to almost any task. The only knock I have is the s110v is too brittle when cutting mixed medium that may contain metal. (Unknown staple in a box) the edge will chip. For every other task it holds its edge an extremely long time. It's so light you wont even know it's in your pocket!

Light weight workhorse!
Justin T. on Oct 13, 2018

This has been a go-to for me. I love the ergos, awesome blade steel, and really just a great EDC carry! Easy operation and fits into any environment I am in.

My favorite knife ever
Alex J. on Oct 12, 2018

I have been collecting knives for just about 4 years now and I can genuinely say that the manix lightweight in s110v is my favorite knife I’ve ever owned. Every time I try to change up my blade and carry something else I always find myself reaching for my beloved manix yet again.

Jon M. on Oct 12, 2018

Great knife for everyday carry, light enough that is very pocket friendly but it is ready to work any time you need it.

Perfect companion.
Michael G. on Jan 19, 2018

This is my go to knife. Light, comfortable, and sharp as hell. Very little sharpening needed with moderate use. Great toothy edge will cut almost everything. Fits great in pocket and even better in hand. I will never go anywhere without this knife.

Manix 2 greatness
George S. on Jan 6, 2018

This knife is very reliable, has an amazing steel, and it is very light. This knife has endured a year of frequent use without any problems.

Paul H. on Feb 22, 2017

I bought my son one and when it came and I got to hold it I knew I had to have one. Out of all my knives this is by far the most ergonomic knife. This thing came hair shaving sharp and with perfect blade centering. Everything about this knife is perfect, the blade grind and geometry is spot on. The action, free swing blade and butter smooth. Thank you HQ for fast shipping!

The Best Pocket Folder
Michael L. on Feb 2, 2017

Crazy lightweight for a folder with a 3.37" blade. Goes into your pocket after cutting an orange or peeling an apple without rusting. Stays sharp with minimal upkeep. Proper size for a folder that can easily do everything you'd want it to but stays sharp and does not rust even when abused. Saves considerable money by putting the plug in my knife addiction - well, slows it down anyway.

Favorite spyderco
Joshua B. on Sep 22, 2016

The knife is flawless!!! My favorite part about this knife is that it weighs about what a mini griptilian weighs but the manix is a lot bigger, has better steel and after all of that it costs just slightly more than a mini griptilian!!! If you are still reading this stop and just buy the dang thing you won't be disappointed!!!!!

Nice job spyderco
Mike k. on Mar 20, 2016

It's very lightweight for its size. Even so it still feels really well balanced. And once you break in the spring on the locking mech it's a fairly quick release and and close there for you in a jiffy kinda knife. Feels weightless in the pocket. Still has factory edge after a month of regular use. Haven't had to sharpen it yet. Also getting the new blue g10 version pretty stoked about that. Either way a highly recommended knife.

Great knife & service
Dan R. on Feb 29, 2016

Just received the knife in the mail today and the free shipping took 4 business days to arrive at my door. Good job to Spyderco on sharpening to hair shaving sharp out of the box. Only disappointment is the pinned together construction doesn't allow disassemble for cleaning but that is clearly visible in the pictures BladeHQ has posted. Excited to try out the S110V steel.

Great knife, don't like the pins
Robert C. on Sep 7, 2020

It's a great knife overall. Haven't used it enough to see if the S110V is all that it's cracked up to be, but it's very light and slicey. I have to remove a star for the pinned construction, though. I didn't know Spyderco was still doing that until I got it, and now I'm kind of wishing I had read the reviews and gotten the G10/S30V version instead.

Feels like a lego
Austin F. on Oct 13, 2018

Fantastic ergonomics but really a bit too wide in the pocket for me. It is a great knife, great steel choice, great grind. BUT what makes it a 4 star knife instead of a 5 star knife is the FRN they used, It feels very lego like instead of the Japanese made spyderco's which feel much closer in texture to a Glock handgun type polymer. I would recommend to ANYONE who wants a manix 2 lightweight or otherwise to go to a store and ask to see one and see if they will let you put it in your pocket just to see if you can live with that much knife in your pocket.

Almost perfect.
Jay D. on Jan 30, 2018

The Manix 2 is one of my favorite folding knives, in a lot of ways it is the best option for all practical uses. The lightweight version unfortunately has a couple things that hold it back. First off, the Manix 2's ergonomics are second to none. There is something about this knife design that makes it super comfortable and secure in a wide range of hand sizes. It also has a wonderful blade shape for the super high performance slicer it is. The lock is also about as strong as they come and is completely ambidextrous for lefties. It is not without a couple small faults though. I'm not a fan of the pinned construction. For those who will never take apart their knives, this is not a concern. For those of us who want the ability to do a complete maintenance on it, the G10 version is a better option. Lastly, the locking mechanism is on the stiff side. This isn't really a problem for me but people with smaller or weaker hands may find it difficult to disengage.

Almost perfect...
Paul W. on Nov 10, 2017

Did this Manix 2 arrive in perfect condition, sharp enough to slice paper, and in a timely manner? Yes! My only complaint, if you want to call it that, is the finish on the handle and blade. The handle needs a fine grit sand paper applied to the edges of the handle, just to smooth it out and have it be comfortable for daily carry in my waistband. I used the same sandpaper to smooth the edge out on the spydie hole. NOW, it is perfect for me! This is an awesome blade steel! Very sharp from the factory, made sharper by a few passes on my leather strope. Thank you Blade HQ for the excellent service!

Great except for 2 (big) things
Patrick B. on Feb 6, 2019

Overall, this knife is an incredible value. Some of the best ergonomics around, a top tier super steel and for $130. Now for that I would give it 5 stars. However, 2 big issues I have are the ball bearing lock spring is too strong for the surface area you can actually get on the tabs, making it tough to disengage the lock. I’m used to the easier omega spring of the Benchmades. Secondly, and this is a HUGE issue, this knife can not be disassembled. It uses pins rather than screws for its construction, so it can not be taken apart and I can not put those beautiful flytanium scales that I intended to, and am now glad I decided to forego purchasing them in the same order. I think it’s ridiculous that a folding knife in this day and age is using pins rather than screws. It just makes maintenance that much more difficult, and reduces the customizability I believed I was getting when purchasing this knife

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