Spyderco Manix 2 Lightweight Knife Black FRCP (3.37" Black CTS-BD1) C101PBBK2

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  • Overall Length:8.00"
  • Blade Length:3.37"
  • Cutting Edge:2.88"
  • Blade Thickness:0.13"
  • Blade Material:CTS-BD1
  • Blade Style:Drop Point
  • Blade Grind:Flat
  • Finish:Black
  • Edge Type:Plain
  • Handle Length:4.66"
  • Handle Thickness:0.45"
  • Handle Material:FRCP
  • Color:Black
  • Weight:3.00 oz.
  • User:Right Hand, Left Hand
  • Pocket Clip:Tip-Up
  • Knife Type:Manual
  • Opener:Thumb Hole
  • Lock Type:Ball Bearing Lock
  • Brand:Spyderco
  • Model:Manix 2
  • Model Number:C101BBK2
  • Country of Origin:USA
  • Best Use:Everyday Carry
  • Product Type:Knife


This Manix 2 knife features a black FRCP handle with Spyderco's Ball Bearing Lock mechanism. It has a premium Carpenter CTS-BD1 steel blade with a full flat grind and plain edge. This state-of-the-art powdered metallurgy steel contains high amounts of vanadium and niobium—alloys that give it exceptional wear resistance and higher corrosion resistance than many other stainless steels.

Like its G-10 handled counterpart, the lightweight Manix2 features the Ball Bearing Lock. The lock operates around a free-floating ball bearing contained inside a custom polymer cage. The ball bearing's round shape allows the lock to self-adjust across a large surface ensuring smooth and consistent lock-up every time it is engaged. The Ball Bearing Lock is engineered to be self contained meaning there is no need for internal liners to support it, allowing the folder to be manufactured liner-free and extraordinarily light weight.


Customer Reviews

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Great edc
Stephen F.
Absolutely love my manix 2 lw! Great size blade, super light to the point it feels like its not there. Some people don't care for BD1 but I honestly have to say it's a decent steel. Good edge retention and easy to sharpen. What else could you ask for?
Comfortable Capable Cutter
Sergio D.
Comfortable - Fills the hand well with no hot spots. The finger choil and thumb ramp allow a secure choked up hold for detail work. Carry all day without issue due to it's light weight.

Capable Cutter - Apples, oranges, boxes, and ropes, all run in fear! The flat grind blade makes it an excellent slicer.

Changes? - Only one I can think of, replace the pocket clip with a deep carry version.
Solid EDC
Francis V.
Had the knife for almost a month now. Love how big the knife is for its weight. I work in an office and do some field work now and then. This covers all my EDC scenarios with ease from cutting letters, to cardboard, to packaging and zip ties. This replaced my Delica4 as my most carried knife. The size of the blade makes a difference.
Average user
This knife was bigger than I expected and took a week of carrying to get used to it. For the size it carries very well and breaks in to have great action. Good all around user knife
Very solid
Ryan U.
My favorite in the collection so far. Obviously it's main perk is being light. I swear it feels lighter than the Delica 4, maybe because it covers more surface area in the hand. Action is great. Lock is extremely strong. No blade play whatsoever, feels like a fixed blade when it's open. Remarkable tool. Did not purchase the knife through Blade HQ, although I wish I had, would have saved me about 30 bucks.
A perfect medium edc knife
Matthew B.
Well this isn't a medium sized knife but it is a large one with a small sized edc knife weight. It takes the best of both worlds and creates something awesome. The all black looks amazing, the ball bearing lock is like a axis lock, but more beefy and has no blade play and falls shut because of how smooth it is. The scales are strong for just being plastic, not flimsy at all and has plenty of grip, good gimping too. Add the wire clip into the mix (great for concealment) and you have one of the best all around edc tools you can buy at a decent price.
A great knife
Sean E.
I've had this for a couple of years and it has taken a lot of pocket time and I have to say it's one of my favorite knives, it is very sharp and I have used it a lot. Quite recently I have purchased another Spyderco because of this ones performance. Ohh the best part is when you break it in, it will open with a snap of the wrist (while decompressing the lock) and it will shut the same but it has a very solid lock up and it is highly recommend.
Wesley C.
Ultra light for a nice large blade
Light and sturdy
Matthew T.
My first Spyderco and I have to say that I'm really impressed. This has been my EDC ever since it was given to me. Unique and useful blade shape with a fun-fidget ball bearing lock, plus the fact that it's very light makes it a good one in my book.
David G.
For a big knife so comfortable and lightweight. Wanted a manix 2 for my collection. Like different steels for my collection so Spyderco makes it possible. Blade hq is the real deal.
Great quality
luke g.
I love the knife and the coating on the blade never scratches and the knife is really reliable but if you want a good solid knife get the non lightweight because this one feels like a toy in your hand and if you try to close the knife with one hand, the handle will kinda bite into you hand. I wish I got the non light weight, but that's my opinion
Buy this knife
Justin H.
This is the best knife I've ever owned. It was evident from the first time I opened it and it locked that this knife would be my favorite. It locks open with authority, with the ball bearing quickly and firmly holding the blade open. It makes a very pleasing "steel-slapping-steel" sound when it snaps open. It's solid and instant. The blade steel is beyond excellent and laser sharp out of the box. There's too many great things about this knife to list in a single review, and not a single bad thing. ****

I edited this review to give another review after using the knife for several months.

It's still five stars. I've used it to cut heavy rope, countless pieces of wood, and rubber matting. I will admit that it won't cut paper like it used to, leaving little curlies, but it is still very sharp. It still cuts everyday items very well. Cleaning is no issue, even though I thought it would be due to the inability to take it apart (rivets). I use silicon based WD40, not the regular kind, and flush all the mechanics. It's still very smooth and operates like new.
No blade play whatsoever. I wouldn't baton with this knife, like you see in all the videos demonstrating its capabilities. I use my knife hard, but I'm not going to destroy it. Don't let the videos bashing it influence your decision to buy this knife. It's still my go-to knife, and you won't regret buying it.