Spyderco Manix 2 XL Ball Bearing Lock Knife G-10 (3.88" Satin) C95GP2

  • Satin-finished drop point blade made from CPM S30V steel.
  • Ambidextrous thumb hole opener.
  • Black G-10 handle scales.
  • Secure ball bearing lock.
  • Reversible pocket clip and oversized lanyard hole.


The recipe for success: Start with an exceptionally strong lock, a manufacture using precise tolerances and add a blade honed from exotic high-carbon stainless steel. The conclusion is the Manix, now available in XL!

The C95 Spyderco Mega Manix is an assembly of small seemingly inconsequential features that added together result in one of the strongest knives from Spyderco to date. Outstanding ergonomics are the result of the convenient ball bearing lock, the relationship between the blade’s weight, and the handle's shape. These little things result in the smoothest possible opening/closing and reliable and comfortable cutting. A knife that fits perfectly in your hand!

Scales are a durable G10. Steel is USA made CPM-S30V. A three-screw pocket clip adjusts for ambidextrously tip-up carry. Includes hole for lanyard use. Made in Golden, Colorado, USA

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Our Price: $191.80
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  • Overall Length: 8.94"
  • Blade Length: 3.875"
  • Cutting Edge: 3.36"
  • Blade Thickness: 0.13"
  • Blade Material: CPM S30V
  • Blade Style: Drop Point
  • Blade Grind: Flat
  • Finish: Satin
  • Edge Type: Plain
  • Handle Length: 5.10"
  • Handle Material: G-10
  • Color: Black
  • Frame/Liner: Steel
  • Weight: 5.20 oz.
  • User: Right Hand, Left Hand
  • Pocket Clip: Tip-Up
  • Knife Type: Manual
  • Opener: Thumb Hole
  • Lock Type: Other
  • Brand: Spyderco
  • Model: Manix 2 XL
  • Model Number: C95G2
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Best Use: Everyday Carry
  • Product Type: Knife

Customer Reviews

Great, Big, Folder!
John W. on Jun 10, 2020

If you're looking for a big robust folder, this knife is for you. It has a larger profile, but sits in the hand nicely and isn't bad in the pocket either. The quality and feel of this knife is second to none. The S30V steel is razor sharp right out of the box and has great edge retention. The blade profile looks great and I can flip it out just as fast as a spring assist. (extremely smooth action) Very well thought out design by the guys in Colorado. Love the G-10 scales as well. Spyderco > Other knives.

Big sucker
Christopher M. on Apr 25, 2019

Love it. It's pretty big but that's part of it's charm. Not only do I get a full grip, there is still room on both ends of the grip. No complaints or issues. Everything is solid and done well. I own the Smaller manix 2 in s110v and I think that is my favorite spyderco right now but this is awesome too. Just depends what size you want.

Good Purchase
Fernando P. on Dec 18, 2018

This is my first American made quality folder. Hasn't let me down yet.

There's no better large folder!
Jill S. on Oct 19, 2018

I carried the Manix 2 for a long time, and thought it was perfect. I eventually picked up the Manix 2 XL and I've gotta say, for having an almost 4 inch blade this thing cuts like a beast and carries in the pocket perfectly. Don't sleep on this knife.

My Favorite Knife
Matthew P. on Oct 13, 2018

Back off the pivot screws an 8th of a turn and this turns into the smoothest non-bearing knife out there. One hand use all day. I use it for heavy camping tasks and it wipes clean to look brand new. The steel is perfect and the grip is perfect for big hands. Love it. P.S. Gimme that axe, I need it.. Thanks

Full Sized Hard Use Folder
Austin F. on Oct 13, 2018

The fit and finish are excellent as are the ergonomics. The traction package is beefed up with the jimping over the Manix 2 and the hand lock in naturally to the handle. The 50/50 finger choil is great for finer work. The knife is very wide in the pocket and a little big or EDC front pocket carry. There is a lot of knife that is visible out of the pocket due to the placement of the lanyard hole above the pocket clip. This knife is also heavy, sitting at 1.3 ounces per inch of cutting blade...it isn't stealthy it is a heavy duty working knife.

Martin H. on Oct 12, 2018

I love this knife , I use this all the time at work , cuts through straps like they were nothing. Big knife but feels great in my hand

Not too big!
Jeffrey B. on Oct 12, 2018

This is a big knife, but definitely not too big for EDC. Love the jimping and G10 grips. Never slips in the hand. Would recommend fully with no drawbacks.

Marc G. on Oct 12, 2018

I prefer larger knives and this spyderco manix 2 xl made me start to become knife obsessed. Im in the military and this knife has always come in handy when i needed it. Highly recommend!

Outdoor folder
Chad S. on Jan 5, 2018

My favorite outdoor folder! Smooth action, sharp out of the box, and it was strong enough for camp craft. This folder is always in my day bag.

Great EDC (Large)
Jason Y. on Jan 5, 2018

I've had this knife for about 2 years now and it's served well so far as a large EDC. The handle shape fits my hand well, although the serations on the inside of the metal can be uncomfortable after prolonged use. The blade shape is good for any task and the blade steel holds up well with an edge geometry that makes it easy to sharpen. Would definitely recommend this knife!

3 years in going strong
Bobby R. on May 2, 2017

I've had this knife for years and it's still going strong. It's the most ergonomic folder I have, it practically melts into my hand. It feels sturdy enough to cut down a tree but it's still got an almost classy look to it. I just love this knife.

Trevor S. on Apr 11, 2017

Just get it. You won't be disappointed.

Solid build
Shane S. on Mar 30, 2017

I've owned this juggernaut for about a month now. My chicks scared to even touch it.I love it . Trying to decide between the DLC XL and blurple manix2 s110v now. I need one for both hands. lol

quality companion
shane m. on Nov 21, 2016

Received my manix xl today, and it was spot on in every way, as soon as you get the knife in your hand you can just feel quality dripping from it, great steel, great scales, all of it on point. This knife will go to work for you every day , and be trusted to get the job done.....highly recommended, shout out to blade HQ for another good delivery, lil slow this time, but one for six, ain't bad.

Jaime M. on Mar 24, 2016

I had the regular Manix 2 for along time and it shows. So I ordered the Manix XL as an upgrade. Fast shipping I will definitely order again.

Great EDC
Trevor H. on Jan 6, 2016

Blade was razor sharp out of the box and the scales were perfect. Would highly recommend this knife to anyone looking for a larger EDC to fit larger hands.

Excellent knife.
Dan G. on Dec 28, 2015

I thought my Spiderco Military couldn't be beat, I was wrong. The Manix 2xl is truly an outstanding knife. Razor sharp out of the box, deploys with ease and locks up tight. It is the perfect EDC blade. Once again Blade HQ delivers on price and customer service.

solid choice
Brian T. on Mar 14, 2015

Good value knife. Mine didn't come perfect but 95 percent of knives don't. Centering was a little off and the grind was uneven. I also loosened the pivot to make one hand opening easy. I like the knife so much I will be buying more from the Manix line. Soon I'm giving this knife 5 stars because I think it is a excellent value.

Great knife
Adam B. on Mar 4, 2015

Best EDC I've ever had. Everything about this knife is perfect.

Dajen M. on Feb 9, 2015

Finnnnn awesome fully ambidextrous folder open and close one handed operation. Big knife could skin a deer no problem.

Performance, COMFORT and Reliability
Dru N. on Feb 6, 2015

To start, it's not as big or bulky as some reviewers make it sound—sure, it's a full-sized folder with a large blade and an abundant handle, but Spyderco made every effort to ensure the knife is slim and low-profile. It carries very comfortably on the body and disappears on your hip, especially when clipped on a belt or inside the waistband. For its size, the concealed carry factor is 9/10 thanks to the slim build. = It carries light thanks to milled-out liners but is still heavy enough to assist with cutting, especially tough/thick materials like ropes, drywall, heavy-duty cardboard, wood, etc. The slim blade makes it an amazing cutting performer, yet it's strong and durable due to its blade width. The tip is much stronger than it looks, in part thanks to S30V—you never have to fear it breaking, as long as you don't abuse it. = The handle is one of the most comfortable and ergonomic I've ever seen—it fuses with the hand and "wraps" around it, from my experience far beyond the ergos of PM/Millie. Variety of grips is unmatched thanks to handle shape: You can grab with the curled handle butt between the little and ring finger for tasks like de-limbing smaller branches or chopping foliage. You can also come out with your thumb far onto the blade spine with solid purchase of your index on the 50/50 choil for very controlled precision work with the tip. It's also very comfortable and secure in reverse grip. Extra handle length is always there and it lends to added control in any grip. = The metal spacer housing the ball bearing lock closes a section of the handle adjacent to the blade, providing ample support for the thumb, while the open construction through the rest of the handle makes washing and cleaning (and drying) the knife a breeze. It goes from dirty and loaded with drywall/soil to perfectly clean and looking new out-the-box in less than two minutes. = The lock is the only problematic area—it's not the most comfortable design, it can be very stiff, and takes time to get used to and break in, but it's definitely not a deal-breaking issue. The knife is GREAT and still well worth buying—the lock strength is some of the best, lending to hard use with peace of mind, knowing it will never disengage on its own like a liner could while you're putting the knife through paces. [On mine, I removed the spring during routine disassembly for cleaning, and cut off 1/16 of its length, then placed the cut end opposite of the bearing cage when reassembling. Now the lock is much easier and smoother to disengage, and the lock-up is still very very strong. I do understand that not everyone is comfortable/equipped to modify knives, but it's a simple and wondrous fix.] = The fit, finish, and tolerances are extremely precise and symmetrical, while the overall build is very solid and tight, as usually delivered by Spyderco. As noted by another reviewer, the slim profile and clean design give the knife a sleek and classy look. This is hands-down one of Spyderco's very best (and often underrated) designs, and where it truly shines is its performance and reliability in hard use. = The only con of this knife is the lack of regularly upgraded variants (most notably in S110V which this outstanding platform has proven for years it fully deserves) and quality sprint runs, such as S90V, REX 45, and M390 (or DLC-coated 4V with Ranger Green scales). = It's VERY comfortable, it's VERY capable, and it's built to perfection (despite a stiff lock).

Great knife recommend to anyone who likes big knives
Turtleguy F. on Jan 16, 2015

This knife feels great in the hand, lefty friendly, great steel, and a good deal. The manix 2 is super fun to play with. Because of the full flat ground it slices great. Also the ergos are amazing.

Brad d. on Oct 14, 2018

I freakin love this knife. I've owned it for nearly 2 years And cannot take it out of my pocket. It has held up to every task I've thrown at it, I'm pretty sure I even accidentally ran it over with my car too its just a beast.

big folder
dominic l. on Oct 13, 2018

love mine had it for years now. it has been put trought hell, im a mecanic/welder and iv carryed it a lot. cuting box, zip tag, skined wire, etc. the only reason iv put 4 star is that it has verry soft screw and with all that use i need to take it apart and screw have strip.

Great knife apart from blade play.
Darren R. on Jul 15, 2017

I really like almost everything about this knife; the ergonomics, appearance, weight, blade shape, and steel choice (s30v) are great. My only complaint, and the reason it lost a star from me, lies in the fact it came with noticeable side to side blade play that, because of the type of pivot screw assembly used by Spyderco, cannot be tightened up (despite the fact a torx bit will fit the pivot). While I plan to send the knife in for repair, I really wish Spyderco would use pivot screws that can be adjusted to the customer's preference. Edit: After selling mine and missing it a lot, I picked up another and it is rock solid with no blade play and still very smooth action. Definitely a 5 star knife now.

Design Could Be Touched Up
Giovannni O. on Aug 7, 2017

There's some great to this knife and there's a lot of bad with this knife. Good: Large profile Better blade shape than the PM2 Strong and Durable locking mechanism It's smooth Bad: - Poor Ergos (Just make it a smooth gentle recurve not mounds and choils limiting the user) - The design of the lock system, small thing PB washers, and a small pviot makes the knife have blade play unless you tighten it to the point where it becomes a fixed blade - Too much jimping, along with too much jimping - Ball Bearing Cage is very sharp and the Spring is too strong - Knife just feels very rough - Spydie Hole (Just a circle in a blade) is also quite sharp - Pocket clip should be in the same spot as the smaller Manix models. (The pocket clip needs to be next to the lanyard hole.)

Paul D. on Apr 3, 2015

The blade is made well and the knife as a whole is quality built,however the lock is difficult and has a rough feel to it. I have a very difficult time releasing the lock one handed an I am pretty strong. As a result I will not be carrying this knife! Lately BHQ has had problems with timely delivery.

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