TiSurvival Grooved Zirconium Lanyard Bead - Black

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Item #BHQ-82498


  • Height:0.58"
  • Width:0.39"
  • Depth:0.39"
  • Material:Zirconium
  • Color:Black
  • Weight:0.12 oz.
  • Brand:TiSurvival
  • Model:Grooved Bead
  • Country of Origin:USA
  • Product Type:Bead


This Grooved Lanyard Bead from TiSurvival is made from zirconium in a black finish. It has a 1/4" hole for easy attachment to the lanyard of your choice. Whether you use this bead to accessorize a knife, flashlight, or zipper pull, it adds a special touch to your personal belongings.


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Do you want your knife to look dumb?
Russ G.
This is undoubtedly an expensive bead. Heck, you could by a decent Kershaw knife for the price of this bead. But the price reflects the cost of the material: zirconium is an incredibly hard, durable element, which is why this bead can be colored a deep, even black in a way that no other bead material can be.

This bead isn't painted, or dyed; the color doesn't scratch off. I dont know exactly what the process is that achieves the black tone, but I do know that this is the only bead around at the moment that is 100%, honest-to-goodness BLACK. I also know that sometimes a lanyard and bead are a good way to add color to an otherwise monochromatic knife, but in other cases (a Pro-Tech Magic w/ black blade and carbon fiber scale, for instance), any color just diminishes the overall aesthetic of the knife. In those cases, you've got to have the black, because after spending all that money on a cool looking knife do you really want to make it look ridiculous with some rainbow anodized thing? Of course not. So consider the cost of this bead the final small fee in the purchase of your awesome black-on-black blade.