Zero Tolerance Sinkevich 0450 Flipper Titanium Knife (3.25" SW/Satin) ZT

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  • Overall Length:7.375"
  • Blade Length:3.25"
  • Blade Thickness:0.12"
  • Blade Material:CPM-S35VN
  • Blade Style:Drop Point
  • Finish:Satin, Stonewash
  • Edge Type:Plain
  • Handle Length:4.125"
  • Handle Thickness:0.40"
  • Handle Material:Titanium
  • Color:Gray
  • Frame/Liner:Titanium
  • Weight:2.90 oz.
  • User:Right Hand, Left Hand
  • Pocket Clip:Tip-Up
  • Knife Type:Manual
  • Opener:Flipper
  • Lock Type:Frame Lock
  • Brand:Zero Tolerance
  • Model:0450
  • Model Number:0450, zt0450, zt450
  • Designer:Dmitry Sinkevich
  • Country of Origin:USA
  • Best Use:Everyday Carry
  • Product Type:Knife


The Dmitry Sinkevich designed ZT 0450 knife is a compact version of the award-winning 0454 folder. It has an S35VN stainless steel blade with a stonewash and satin finish. A flipper and the KVT ball-bearing pivot produce reliable, quick one-hand deployment. The stonewashed titanium handle has a sturdy frame lock and reversible tip-up carry pocket clip to round out the package.


Customer Reviews

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Zt knives
Aaron G.
I've owned this knife for 1 year now. It came razor sharp. The way the blade deploys is crazy cool. It's a knife I can carry into the mountains or to church and it would fit right in. I do think it's going to work for smaller hands though. I love it
Fabulous Knife
Chuck T.
This is my first BladeHQ purchase and I will definitely be ordering again. The shipping was incredibly fast and the price was extremely competitive. I've been carrying a 940 for about two years and have elected to send it in for some preventative service. This prompted me to shop for another knife to have on-hand while mine is away. I decided on the 0450 because I don't like huge knives and have been impressed with other ZTs. Having said all of that, this knife is incredible. Right out of the box, I flipped it open and couldn't believe there was no spring. It's very very smooth, came set-up with no blade play, perfectly centered and very sharp. It's a teriffic EDC knife and I highly recommend it to anyone that loves 940s or really just smaller lightweight EDC knives in general.
Slim EDC
Lionel J.
I got the limited edition CF with ZDP189 and I love the knife. It is a great EDC and super lightweight. It has a snappy action, great quality, and is super functional so I would highly recommend it if you are looking for a lightweight ti frame lock flipper.
Perfect EDC
Shawn M.
Best action ever. First purchased 0452cf & 0562cf. Fell in love. Actionnon 0452 in beautiful but a little big for daily use around the office. 0450 is perfect size. Has replaced all my benchmades also.
Borderline perfect
Alex M.
Smoothest action I have ever used. Superb ergonomics and very solidly built. My only complaint at all is how high it rides in the pocket, but that's just me being picky.
You get alot for what you pay for.
Matthew B.
I was trying to decide between this and the 940-2, but you just cant beat ZT's bang for buck. The only company I can think of that can get this close to quality for the $ is Kizer, but you dont get the same amazing warranty, costumer service and USA made pride. The action is perfect and smoooooth, its not too hard to keep your fingers of the lock bar, just place them on the clip. Speaking of the clip, its ok but its the only thing that i dont like about the knife, it doesnt go with the design, but everything else is clean and pleasing to the eye. The ergos are great, that is if you have medium sized hands, and it came in wicked sharp. If $160 seems like alot, just remember you get $200+ quality for a great price with this blade. its worth it BUY IT!
Ben P.
This thing flips like a dream. Super smooth. Blade came razor sharp and that titanium is great.

Just wish the grip area was a fraction longer.
Amazing Knife!
Tyler K.
The quality of this knife is amazing! I was also impressed at how cheap it was considering the materials used! Looking at it online I thought it might feel fragile but when I got it in my hand... another tough knife from ZT! This is very comfortable to carry (I have medium sized hands) and the flip action is smooooth.
The 940 of Ti Flippers
This knife is a definite must-have for anyone who might enjoy a flipper. The shape is great, aesthetically and functionally, S35VN is fantastic, the handles are nice if a bit plain, and the action is utterly flawless. It won't misfire even if I want it to, and it's a borderline finger guillotine on the close (despite the gory connotations, this is a good thing as long as you're careful). I thoroughly believe this knife deserves fame every bit as much as the 940, and would even say it's a step above in materials and quality.
Incredible edc knife!
Ryder L.
This knife blows me away!! For the price and quality you revive from this knife is incredible! This knife was razor sharp out of the box and one of the smoothest knives I own (about 22 in the collection 95% being $150+-$300 knives) itís life itís sleek and you donít know itís in your pocket! Titanium scales s35vn blade steel and bearings for a sub $200 knife blows me away! I love it and carry it all the time. Only thing that bugs me just ever so slightly is the s35vn that zt put on this knife seems to be a little soft and loses that razor edge kinda fast, but other than that I have 0 complaints!!
Michael D.
The action on this knife is unbelievably smooth. Your wife will be annoyed, because you will be flipping this constantly. Fortunately, once it's open, it cuts well too, and it looks good doing it. It's a future classic for sure.
Gentlemens EDC
Anthony M.
I picked this guy up back in November after the clip on the knife i had been carrying for 4 years broke and it gave me an excuse to get a new one. I have carried this knife for the past month and a half every day. Its sharp, its sleek, and it is acceptable with everything. I carried it in jeans and slacks, shorts, sweats, and a suit (ZT will send you a deep carry pocket clip if you request one). This knife will be part of my edc for the forseeable future.
First but not last
Tanner W.
Great size overall, lightweight, and fits in pocket with an iPhone 6 Plus. Recommended to anyone who is thinking about buying.
the delica and mini griptillian better watch out
john k.
the zt 0450 is the perfect small-medium sized edc blade, it slots right inline to compete with the spyderco delica and the benchmade min-griptillian and in my opinion it is better. it looks killer, flips beautifully, locks up strong and cuts with confidence. zt has done it again.

First ZT
Anthony A.
Great knife. Watched several reviews before I purchased and chose this over a 940. Fits absolutely perfectly in my medium-large sized hands. Lock up and construction both rock solid. My only complaint is the grind from the factory was very uneven and very slightly wavy towards the rear of the blade. Otherwise not one bad word to say 100% happy with the purchase and will not be my last ZT.
My First ZT!
Justin T.
This is my first ZT and it didn't disappoint. The knife is fantastic and stupid sharp. The shipping was supper fast! Thanks Bladehq!
My Favorite Knife
Neil W.
Just recently bought the ZT 0450 and it has become my favorite EDC knife. The fit, finish, and blade centering is perfect, the grind lines are totally symmetrical, and blade lock up is rock solid both vertically and laterally. Blade deployment is fast and smooth, and it sits perfectly in my pocket without being bulky. All in all, I am extremely impressed.
WAS hard to open, easy fix
Trey T.
This is a review mainly regarding the pocket clip. When I first received my knife it was very hard to open unless you held it just right. When I need my knife I dont want to think about exactly how I'm holding it, I just want to grab it and have it work. Needless to say I was quite frustrated. After a couple months using it and hoping it would break in, I gave up. Then I noticed after looking at other 0450's that my pocket clip didn't look the same. Mine sat directly on the lock bar where others sat on the frame. I loosened the 2 screws that secured the clip with a t6 torx bit and the clip easily pivoted off of the lock bar and up onto the frame where it should be. Turns out it was just slightly off from the factory. Frustrating that it came off like that but now it opens butter smooth and 100% reliable. I am so happy with this knife now, very glad I kept it and I would absolutely recomend it to anyone. If your having trouble opening your 0450 like I was, I suggest adjusting your pocket clip. Sometimes its really that easy
The smoothness is amazing
Seth B.
I had my eye on this knife for a long time. And I came close a few times to buying it but never did. And I am so glad I bought it. It's the perfect size for EDC. The flipping action is the best of any flipper I've owned. Fit and finish are perfect in every way. If you're on the fence about this knife. Do yourself a favor and try it out.
Gerardo P.
Very lightweight pocket knife. Extremely high quality. Titanium scales, CPM S35VN blade (3.25"). Flips without effort. Very elegant looking. I've seen some reviews about it being hard to open but my experience is quite the contrary. If you hold the knife without applying pressure on the lockbar it shoots open with authority. It's an EDC knife for carrying around town. I would not use it as a hardcore camping knife, not because it's not capable of hard use, but for $160 I'd rather use it for more urban tasks. I didn't go for the titanium and carbon fiber combination. For my taste, it seemed more sturdy with all titanium construction. The only complaint was the pocket clip. Looked great but it's not deep carry and a portion of the handle shows. I ordered a deep carry clip in titanium for $23 from MXG Gear and now it's perfect. No ZT logos on the clip, carries very deep and it's solid. As usual Blade HQ service is impeccable.
My new EDC
Jacob S.
I would highly recommend this knife to anyone who isn't concerned by the price tag.

I've had this knife for about 3 months now, and it quickly found itself supplanting my mini-grip as my go-to knife. Smooth action on the flipper makes it almost hard to tell it's not assisted-opening, and it locks up solid. The only potential issue I see with the flipper action is that, if you put pressure on the locking bar, it puts pressure on the blade, preventing opening; however, it is very easy to hold the knife for opening without even touching the locking bar. The blade is still sharp after just basic maintenance (I like to strop any knife I've used in the week every weekend).

I don't like using pocket clips, so I can't speak to this one very much; however, without the pocket clip, the knife comfortably and easily sits in my pocket.

The titanium handle, as titanium handles usually do, feels great any time I need it.

As a final point, the knife LOOKS beautiful, and has garnered compliments from anyone who has seen it. I'm in favor of function over form in an EDC, but this knife has plenty of both.
High quality
Aaron P.
Received this knife today. I currently carry the ZT 0900. Now that knife is an absolute beast. It has a shorter blade, and it's very thick. This knife, the 0450 has a longer, thinner blade. It's very lightweight and comfortable in the hand. The blade is razor sharp. Fit and finish is top-notch as we've come to expect from ZT. Honestly, there aren't any negative comments to make about this knife. Watch the video and read the reviews. I highly recommend this product.
Great knife
scott w.
Several things I like about this knife. The detent is strong, flips fantastic with the KVT bearing and is light. As others have said, pressure on the frame lock needs to be avoided. I wear a large glove so I almost returned it for difficulty opening. I'm glad I gave it a few days. The knife became really smooth and figured out how to not put pressure on the frame lock.

I highly recommend.
Best ZT
Robert O.
I have been wanting to go smaller with my EDCs and decided to purchase the small Sebenza Insingo. I also thought having a smaller flipper would be good too as a back up. After reading reviews online I bought the ZT 0450 and both knives came on the same day. As we all know that the tolerances of the sebenza is second to none however after carrying both knives for several weeks now, I enjoy carrying the 0450 more. The flipping action is extremely smooth and the knife has a great feel in the hand. I have medium sized hands and it fits perfectly without my last finger hanging off the back of the knife. My opinion is that it is a great EDC. The materials are excellent. It locks up rock solid and is extremely lightweight. A must have in your collection!
Lock is my complaint
Patrick M.
Love the design, blade and handle. My complaint is with the lock. It just catches leaving me with little confidence with the lock up.
Sweet manual flipper that opens every time.
Eric J.
I completely echo Preston's review. I like a light weight manual EDC, and this has caught my fancy right out of the box. The detent on this small flipper, with nice jimping, is Perfect.

Pros - Perfect blade shape and content and light weight titanium manual flipper makes this an EDC easily put into the rotation. Extreme ZT quality.

Cons - not as secure grip as the small Sebenza. Somewhat Spartan design. Not enough to take a point off. Enjoy.
sebenza eater!!
preston a.
I really love this knife, I'd compare it to a small sebenza. The fit and finish is excellent on this knife, sharp as heck out of the box I love the red back spacers, they add some pop to the knife. My only one and only gripe about this knife is if you put a small amount of pressure on the back spacer the knife is very hard to deploy. Other than that one of the best knives for the money. Great edc blade actually. Excellent blade if your a knife guy or gal. This is a must have!