Blade HQ Jumbo Knife Roll Nylon Carry Case - Black w/Door Hooks

The Jumbo Knife Roll may have started as a joke, but here at Blade HQ we listen to our customers. Now its a Blade HQ Exclusive! This knife roll has 40 3" x 5" pockets and a Velcro patch on the front, letting you add more of your personality to your knife collection. It's designed to hang on a door and includes two door hooks. Add this awesome knife roll to your collection today, hold your knives securely, show your Blade HQ spirit, and free up some space in your life!

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Item #BHQ-101144
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  • Closed Length: 6.75"
  • Overall Length: 5.92"
  • Width: 12.00"
  • Material: Nylon
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Blade HQ
  • Product Type: Case

Customer Reviews

Perfect for decluttering
Brian D. on Mar 10, 2023

If you have a bunch of pocket knives, flash lights, pocket tools then this is perfect. I have it hanging on the back of my door. It not only helps de-clutter my counter but also keeps it off my shelves. The one thing that could make this product a little better is to have a protective coating on the side of the hangers that touch your door(if you don't want damage).

Not just for knives.
Chris B. on Feb 17, 2023

Good for flashlights and pistol mags too, depending on their size. Some larger items will fit in the slot but, you wouldn't be able to roll it properly. I don't anticipate rolling it up anytime soon anyway. It's just perfect hanging on the inside of my closet. They should offer these rolls in OD green and blue as well.

Jumbo roll addiction
Richard E. on Feb 9, 2023

I, too, am a collector so as all the previous reviews have successfully made how practical and useful BladeHQ's Jumbo Knife Roll is. It's not like there aren't enough reviews to guide another, I felt I should pile on with a five-star review. And when they aren't available, I have withdrawals as I prefer my collection organized not in a pile. Well done BladeHQ, but, please don't let the supply enter "Out of Stock" status. Highly recommended.

Peter J. on Jan 18, 2022

This knife roll is: LARGE AND DEFINITELY IN CHARGE I have 10 of these knife rolls that's right 10 that's right 400 plus knives and have been collecting for over 30 years this item is a dream for collectors like me ☺️ thanks BLADE HQ for designing and offering an item like this 👍☺️

Just one more
Adam S. on Dec 9, 2021

I bought this thinking I was going to have quite a few slots left. Just to realize I have 11 left. I think I've taken the words (just one more) a little too seriously.

Very Happy With It
Timothy A. on Oct 23, 2020

This Jumbo Knife Roll is the perfect solution to a problem I didn't realize I had until I saw it. Now most my collection is easily accessible so I can swap my EDC knife every day if I want to. I really love the door hooks because that is the perfect place to display it... I can see it when I am in the room, but once I open the door the roll is hidden from prying eyes.

Big Roll!
Jim C. on Sep 4, 2020

Finally, a knife sleeve big enough for my collection plus some room for expansion. Great for display when I'm in the field sharpening knives. When it is more than 1/2 full, it won't fold up quite as well, but other than that, 2 thumbs up!

Great addition to knife storage.
Roger G. on Jul 30, 2020

I have this hanging on the back of a closet door along with my three smaller Blade HQ rolls and now have a whole door full of pouches with plenty of empty slots for more knives!

Great for storage of knives.
Michael B. on Apr 11, 2020

This is one of the best things to come along in a while, in my opinion. Plenty of storage and the door hanging capability is a great touch. And you can get a second and hang it right next to the one you already have.

Excellent Storage for EDC Items
Timothy B. on Mar 1, 2020

I'm very pleased with my BladeHQ Knife Roll. The build quality is excellent and it offers a great way to not only store knives, but the pockets are big enough to store EDC flashlights and multitools. The hooks for doors are also great for minimizing the space the roll actually takes.

Very Pleased
Barry F. on Feb 5, 2020

Well made and a fair price. The only way it could be better was if it had five knives per row and held fifty. I guess I'll just have to buy a second one.

Brilliant Storage!
Kevin L. on Sep 18, 2019

Not sure about transport, because I hung mine on the closet wall. Was able to organize many of my "everyday" folders (I might have an issue.) Great to be able to walk in the closet and see them and choose the knives of the day.

Best EDC organizer
Michael G. on Sep 16, 2019

The pockets are deep and wide enough for more then just small folders. I wouldn't put anything too bulky in them, but I have multi-tools, flashlights, pens, and various EDC gear and it all fits perfectly. Surprisingly good build quality for the price.

Best April Fool Ever
LB B. on Sep 15, 2019

Wanted this “wrap” after your April Fool’s ad, better than expected. Finally able to have all my folders in one place. Had more than I thought.

Display perfection
Jeffrey C. on Sep 14, 2019

Hanging over the door, down to the floor, this is like having a big piece of living art, as my knife collection grows. It's made with durable fabric and strong stitching. The pockets are very well-made, holding and displaying each knife beautifully. Plenty of room for a lot of knives of all sizes. The only thing I would do to improve it is by adding some thick, padded areas to the corners and edges to prevent the whole thing from knocking against the door when opening and closing. Otherwise, it's exactly what I was looking for. I love it!

Functional and slightly comical
Ross A. on Jul 11, 2022

I really like this roll a lot. The only minor issue is that the pockets are 1/4 to 1/2" shallower their standard rolls, so the big blades poke out the top a bit.

Blade HQ response:
We're very sorry to hear about the trouble you're having. Have you contacted our customer service department yet ([email protected])? We'd like to help you get this resolved. Thanks -BHQ
does the job
Leanna F. on Oct 31, 2019

This is the kind of capacity I've been seeking for my pocket knives. It unrolls to about the length of my door. I wouldn't mind a handle and closures like the smaller ones but honestly where would I bring this on a daily basis? It's narrow enough that I could fit more than one on a door... the top of it says "Just one more" and I thought it meant one more knife, but *maybe* it means one more knife roll which means 40 more knives... I aim to accommodate. I can't help but notice it is not the same price as in the April Fool's Day "ad," though.

Great display
Brian M. on Oct 25, 2019

The organizer is great and displays the collection well. I really like it!

Look! An organizer!
Ryan L. on Sep 26, 2019

It is what it is. Hangs over the door nicely and installs in seconds. Holds my knives fairly securly. If you have some that are larger/heavier, they may not fit in this. Only drawback, I have alot of empty pockets, which means I need more knives, which means angry wife. It's a win lose situation, you choose.

Best organizer
Jeff C. on Sep 18, 2019

The pockets are deep and wide. Great for organizing your EDC. It's great that they took an April Fools and made it real. Thanks Bladehq for making it.

Love It
Carson B. on Sep 16, 2019

Great for keeping my folders organized and its just hilarious that they actually made it. My only problem is that it doesn't roll up but its more for organization than transport.

Like it, but room for improvement.
Tim P. on Sep 11, 2019

I really wanted this when it was an April Fools Day joke. When it was released, I ordered one. I got it today and the build quality is as good as the smaller ones, but my problem is when I loaded it up, I could not roll it up flat. I almost think that they could remove one row and increase the spacing between rows. I will have to change the spacing and see if that makes a difference also.

adequate size
chris a. on Oct 29, 2019

fits most knives well, is very long almost reaches floor on standard door

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