CIVIVI Elementum Liner Lock Knife Dark Green Micarta (2.9" Satin D2)


  • D2 blade steel that offers dependable blade strength and edge retention.
  • Micarta handle scales for a sure grip.
  • Stainless steel clip for secure deep-pocket carry.
  • Caged ball bearing pivot ensures a smooth and reliable action.


Elementum. The word invokes a sense of the inevitability of nature—the consistent tides, tearing winds, or devouring fire; there is a certain balance that exists in nature. The CIVIVI Elementum is awesome in its own right, and succeeds in establishing a natural balance. Its elements come condensed, landing between too big and too small, high quality and affordability, plain and extravagant. The resulting CIVIVI knife is modest, ergonomic, and functional. Treat your pocket to one of the knife world's finest!

The CIVIVI Elementum comes in multiple knife types including the classic Elementum Liner Lock, the Elementum Fixed Blade, and the Elementum Button Lock.

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  • Overall Length: 6.99"
  • Blade Length: 2.96"
  • Cutting Edge: 2.625"
  • Blade Width: 0.88"
  • Blade Thickness: 0.12"
  • Blade Material: D2
  • Blade Style: Drop Point
  • Blade Grind: Hollow
  • Finish: Satin
  • Edge Type: Plain
  • Handle Length: 4.03"
  • Handle Width: 1.00"
  • Handle Thickness: 0.43"
  • Handle Material: Micarta
  • Color: Green
  • Frame/Liner: Steel
  • Weight: 2.89 oz.
  • User: Right Hand
  • Pocket Clip: Tip-Up
  • Knife Type: Manual
  • Opener: Flipper
  • Lock Type: Liner Lock
  • Brand: CIVIVI
  • Model: Elementum
  • Model Number: C907T
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Best Use: Everyday Carry
  • Product Type: Knife

Customer Reviews

Good enough for family.
Alan S. on May 15, 2022

After reading the reviews, I purchased this knife. It falls in that sweet spot with its light weight, perfect blade length (~3"), drop point, D2 steel, and Micarta skin. It really is a thing of beauty and a very functional knife. I owned it for about a week and I loved it, but so did my son. So now it's his daily carry. He works a couple of part time jobs where he needs a good knife and this one is serving him well. He's had it for about 2 months using it for opening boxes, breaking down boxes, and cutting rope. It's still sharp. I bought a second Civivi last month. This one is for me. They're super sharp out of the box, the mechanics are solid (good flip, smooth detents, solid lock up, no blade play), and it looks amazing. My only concern is in how the Micarta will hold up over time. But for now, I am very pleased with my purchases.

Great knife
BRYAN L. on Feb 20, 2022

Favorite EDC. Perfect weight and size

Vincent B. on Jan 19, 2022

Hey guys, I don't usually write reviews for knives, but for this, I just had to. This knife is so incredibly smooth as far as action. It slides open with the ease of a spring-assisted knife. The simple, elegant lines look so nice. Its simplistic design is mostly the reason I got it. I have some more flashy pocketknives, such as the Boker Black Widow, and I love them, but sometimes they just stand out too much. I already had some more subtle knives as well, but they didn't really click for me if you know what I mean. This one totally fills that hole in my collection. The Micarta looks and feels really nice, and the blade just looks clean and simple. A lot of people won't buy this knife cause of the D2 steel, but that angers me. Sure, it's not premium steel, but it honestly doesn't matter as much as steel snobs say it does. For an EDC blade, it will do just fine, and in my opinion, it is not worth paying the buckets of extra cash for stuff like M390 or something of that tier. It's ridiculous not to buy this incredible little knife because it's not made of the best steel out there. This knife is a real gem, price aside. Just buy it

Not all knives are created equal
CHAD A. on Dec 13, 2021

I was told from a young age that a knife is a knife. We use them as tools. I can tell you this is not the case. The elementum is high craftsmanship. The blade is thin and sleek yet strong and study. The micarta is soft yet rugged at the same time. Even the liner lock snaps into place nicely and yet is easy to work. This is such a nice knife and yet a great tool all at the same time. I have been living under a rock. It puts to shame the $35 clunky Kershaw I bought from the box store. (No offense Kershaw). No people were held at knife point while making this review. LoL

Instant classic do the job knife
Tasha v. on Jun 24, 2021

I had two other knives before this, but I knew I wanted to start collecting. This was my first micarta, my first flipper, and my first bearings similar to another reviewer. I am now hooked on knives and learning everything. The Elementum itself has great micarta with a very pleasant texture, the blade shape and finish are visually appealing, and the flip action enjoyable and reliable (I did add some oil the first day, carefully). Carries great in the pocket, it is not too heavy, and has nice jimping in all the desired places. It is a joy to use. Take care of the steel and no reason this knife doesn't last for a long, long time. If this is indicative of Civivi general quality, I'll be getting a lot more.

Pleasant surprise!
NATHAN B. on Feb 17, 2021

I bought a few knives in the last week and they all arrived yesterday. Surprisingly this was the cheapest and hands down my favorite out of the bunch! Beautiful blade with no billboard, the micarta is something you can't explain until you hold it! (and now I want more micarta hahaha) Overall this knife is well made, smooth action, cool design and light weight for EDC.

Best EDC Knife
Kevin B. on Jan 9, 2021

I have literally no complaints with this knife. $50 for micarta and D2!!! Super smooth action, like all Civivi knives. The micarta is definitely good micarta and the blade shape is very utilitarian. Deep carry pocket clip makes it a very good EDC if not one of the best for the price. I love this knife.

Hype is Real
Dan D. on Nov 17, 2020

The Elementum has been such a great surprise. This knife came pretty damn perfect out of the box. The blade was centered, edges on the handle and spines were nicely smooth and the detent was solid. The only modification I made was a drop or two of reel oil and the action became snappier and smooth. Also, the micarta looks different than pictured here. It is less OD green and more of dark forest green. I got this knife mainly for the micarta handles and to see if the hype was real. The handles are smooth with just enough texture to keep it interesting. It feels likes very finely sound wood before a sealing treatment. The action is also easily the best of the knives I own, and that includes the Ferrum Forge Mini-Archbishop. I can't believe they did all this in $50.

Great Blade
Jeff R. on Oct 11, 2020

Upgraded my EDC to the Elementum! Great choice, quality! Professional service, ordered one day and got it the next!

Classy and as good as they say!
Thomas K. on Sep 30, 2020

Did I NEED a new knife? Well, no. But I got suckered by the awesome reviews... But, it's as good as they say! Snappy action out of the box, perfect EDC size for me, and the micarta scales are velvety and grippy. (Saw some with the brown claim they were slick...but my dark green certainly isn't). I think CIVIVI is pushing the envelope on EDC knives, and some of the big brands are going to have to step up their game. Fantastic knife, zippered case, micro fiber cloth. Sure, some of this it may seem like fluff, but it's extra value...on a $50 knife! And for those, (like me), who might be turned off by the word "green", this knife does match the picture above, where it isn't REALLY green, but more of a gray with a green tinge. Classy looking.

Awesome edc
Luca D. on Sep 25, 2020

Like the minimal branding

Awesome Knife!!!
Damon G. on Sep 23, 2020

What a great everyday knife! Just the right size. Love the micarta scales.

Awesome little EDC!
Ken F. on Sep 14, 2020

This knife is great! Slim, lightweight, deep pocket carry clip and razor-sharp right out of the box. Unbelievable quality for the price. I originally bought the ebony wood version but it was not "grippy" enough for me. The micarta handle is perfect and looks great too. I highly recommend this knife!

Step 1: Buy this. Become a Knife Guy.
Shazar K. on Sep 5, 2020

Over the past year, I’ve tried to learn more about knives, and knife culture. I devote time each week to watching the video offerings from BladeHQ; I take time to explore how the knives are made, the history of the companies, and how they can find a place in my daily carry. When it comes to my friends and colleagues, I am constantly seeking for gifts, and the properly selected knife can be their lifelong companion. In my knife journey, I have heard the praise lauded onto the Civivi Elementum, and knew that at some point, I would need to experience the knife. The Civivi Elementum is not what I expected from a knife, and that is what makes it great. This was my first time feeling the texture of micarta, and I absolutely loved the velvet softness of the material! This was my first time with a “flipper” knife that had ball-bearings to control the opening action, and with one flick, I understood the smooth and confident movement! When I went to close the knife, with my thumb crossing the path of the blade to move the liner lock, the blade gracefully collapsed into the handle. It was beautiful to experience! However, it also made me mindful that I have to be very careful, before I injure myself with the closing action, since the blade closes without any pause. Keep your finger clear! This knife requires your attention, and intention, to wield, even casually. It was such a “Wow” moment, to finally hold this hallowed knife in my hand. I felt like I’d “made it,” because this was my first foray out of my knife comfort zone, and it left nothing to be desired. The Elementum was a good-sized, adept, discrete knife; it doesn’t draw attention to itself, it simply goes to work, completes its tasks, and returns home. Go get one, you will love it! Find the version that calls to you. Know that all the hype is true, and that it's going to be an enthralling experience that brings a smile to your face, every time you hold it in your hand!

Great Knife be careful of Engraving
Marcus K. on Sep 6, 2022

The knife is great but had issues with engraving. I had made two orders of this knife for my father and myself engraved and they showed up and looked good and engraving was on the spine and small to where you could see our names when folded. Thought to myself that this would be a good gift for my buddies so I ordered the same exact order with their names on them. The engraver took the easy way out and engraved the names way too large and on the grind portion of the knife. You cannot see it when folded. They look odd now and out of place. They made it right but you should be specific or they will be lazy and sloppy.

Blade HQ response:
We're very sorry to hear about the trouble you're having. Have you contacted our customer service department yet ([email protected])? We'd like to help you get this resolved. Thanks -BHQ
Buddy G. on May 18, 2021

Most all these reviews are spot on. I would give it a 5 if it was a little sturdier. I love the micarta and shape of the blade. The blade feels a little wiggly though. I would have no problem cleaning a deer with it were it not for that. feels like something might snap if you twist it in a hip joint. We'll see when season rolls around again.

Almost Perfect EDC Great Price
Da J. on Feb 10, 2021

This is a really wonderful EDC, even better at the price point. Comfortable, amazing action, looks great. Hard to beat this knife for the price. The reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5 is the pocket clip. There are three problems with it: a) the end of it sticks out too far from the knife, b) its not actually all that wide so it doesnt actually sit all the way down in my pocket, and worst c) there is a little ledge where the pocket clip is attached to the knife that catches on my pocket and tears up my pants. If it were smooth or the pocket clip were as nice as the knife, this is a 5 star knife.

Good flipper, but things to consider
Morgan M. on Oct 8, 2020

I used this knife as a donor for my s35vn version. Some notes: - this version has the micarta scales, which imo are better than the G10 scales on the s35vn version (more grip, while having a more premium feel). -the micarta gets a nice darker patina over time. All micarta isn't created equal, and this micarta is good. It has more fiber than all other micarta knives i have. - I like the s35vn version's thinner blade stock more. That version is "slicier" than this version without being too delicate. -Yes, you can swap the scales if you had two knives. -Considering this is a D2 blade, you'll likely want to get some EDCi to avoid corrosion. Overall, if you can't wait for the s35vn variant, this is a good knife. Things to consider with both versions: - The action is amazing on both, but it could be intimidating for some people. My girlfriend, for instance, gets weirded out when I'm flicking it. You can two-hand open if needed, but no other way to easily open with one hand. -The micarta is plenty grippy for me. -The lock bar gimping is a little too aggressive for me and I had to hit it with a dremel to smooth it out. I want my knife to be fidget worthy and this gimping was causing too much thumb pain. Not an issue if you don't fidget with your knives, but who doesn't? Not a deal breaker, but something to consider. -The pivot screw is held in place by a small notch in the scale itself (so it doesn't rotate when you loosen/tighten it). Most knives have a groove in the pivot collar itself. DO NOT over tighten this pivot, or you can crack the little notch on the scale. I think this is a poor design for maintenance. And yes, I've cracked one...

Doesn't Last
DEAN C. on Jul 19, 2021

I purchased this knife on a whim and all the hype from all the knife guys. Barely lasted one seven-month deployment. The clip bent out, and I was unable to put it back, so it kept slipping out of my pocket. And after the first exposure to ocean air caused the blade and frame to rust instantly. After using it a handful of times, the blade became ridiculously dull. Maybe this wasn't the right blade for a sea-faring Sailor, but even my more budget knives have lasted longer in similar or harsher environments.

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