Kershaw Lucha Balisong Butterfly Knife Stainless Steel (4.5" Stonewash) 5150


  • Stonewashed Sandvik 14C28N with a clip point blade.
  • Stainless steel handles with a gentle bead-blasted texture.
  • KVT ball bearing pivots for smooth and fast action.
  • Latch lock design.


Kershaw is known for its fast and smooth operating folders, but they have taken all they know about knives and applied that knowledge to a balisong. The Lucha is the first Kershaw butterfly knife offering! It features stainless steel handles with internal stop pins and a latch lock. The blade is Sandvik 14C28N steel and runs on KVT ball-bearing pivots, providing buttery smooth movement and eliminating blade play. The Lucha is taking the knife community by a storm!

Take your Kershaw Lucha balisong to the next level with custom handles and bearings from Flytanium. They add a premium touch to the already excellent balisong.

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MSRP: $249.99
Our Sale Price: $134.99!
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  • Overall Length: 10.25
  • Blade Length: 4.60
  • Cutting Edge: 4.375
  • Blade Width: 0.88
  • Blade Thickness: 0.16
  • Blade Material: Sandvik 14C28N
  • Blade Style: Clip Point
  • Blade Grind: Flat
  • Finish: Stonewash
  • Edge Type: Plain
  • Handle Length: 5.80
  • Handle Width: 1.125
  • Handle Thickness: 0.43
  • Handle Material: Steel
  • Color: Gray
  • Weight: 5.90
  • User: Right Hand, Left Hand
  • Knife Type: Butterfly
  • Opener: Wave Opener
  • Pivot Type: Bearings
  • Lock Type: Latch
  • Brand: Kershaw
  • Model: Lucha
  • Model Number: 5150
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Best Use: Recreation
  • Product Type: Knife

Customer Reviews

Butterfly knives
Michael D. on Sep 1, 2023

I bought a Lucha a few years ago to learn how to handle them, not necessarily a carry piece. I was so impressed that I bought a second and have been training with them in both hands. Great knife, works good, beefy, and sharp. Great representative of the butterfly and a reasonable price.

First bali
Zakk M. on Jun 23, 2023

Just fantastic. Simply put, it may be my first balisong but it puts a smile on my face everytime I pick it up and that can’t be beat!

My first balisong and it’s solid!
Daniel H. on Dec 23, 2022

Got this thing less than a week ago and I haven’t stopped playing with it since! It’s much bigger than I expected it to be and it’s size can be intimidating out of the box but once you get to your knife, you’ll become the best of friends with time. This knife is very smooth with its swings. The weight of the handles and blade combined with the swiftness of the ball bearings complement each other perfectly! If you want a great balisong to start, get the Lucha. Wish I could’ve gotten the blackwash one but it was twice as expensive. This knife is SHARP, so make sure you understand the terminology of a butterfly knife before you start swinging this thing! Thank you Blade HQ!

Amazing knife
Jeremiah V. on Nov 30, 2022

Had this thing for over 2 years, it's my daily edc. i've put it through the ringer and it still holds strong, I can latch it up and shake it, no jiggle on any of the parts, steel holds an edge well, and can handle some rough work. The thing has been dropped more times than i could ever count, onto every surface imaginable. Very smooth, haven't even ever oiled it. If you want a good butterfly knife but aren't looking to spend too much, this is your best bet. I cannot recommend it enough.

Perfect edc balisong
Eric H. on Jul 8, 2022

Love it. Well built and durable for what I need it to do. I'm a Wildland firefighter, and always keep a knife on me. This thing is very sharp! Also working on getting into flipping, so it has a multiple purpose benefit. Not heavy in my opinion, just well built. Thank you blade HQ, great service.

In love with it!
Eric G. on Jun 25, 2022

Amazing Bali. Love how solid it feels! makes for a great edc which is why I got it. Flips amazing out of the box, holds it's edge quit nicely! Before getting this I was worried it was guna be too heavy from reading the reviews but it's not as bad as I thought, you just need to get use to it.

Great 1st balisong
Ray H. on Apr 21, 2022

The Lucha flips very smooth and has great tolerances out of the box. It runs on bearings so it can be tuned quite easily and has a really satisfying noise when flipping. All around good knife and very pretty highly recommend

Love it
Alejandro M. on Apr 20, 2022

Kershaw took a HUGE step into the world of balisongs when making this knife. Its light, the flipping ergonomics, are insane and the blade came razor sharp. Ive cut myself a couple times practicing but so worth it. The ONLY downside i have is that i wish it had a pocket clip. I found an after market one made specifically for the Lucha and added it on. Now its my favorite knife in my collection. Highly recommend to anyone debating on buying it. Do it and you won't be sorry!

Joseph M. on Apr 14, 2022


John S. on Dec 17, 2021

This is the best possible beginner balisong you can get! Even experienced balisong flippers should have this in their collection because its just that good. It's on ball bearings so it's very smooth, also the blade is pretty dang sharp. The thing you have to watch out the most for on this knife is definitely the tip. Most of the injuries I've gotten from this knife are from the tip because it's so sharp and so finely pointed. I would recommend taping up the blade to learn new tricks with this to make it easier on yourself.

Zamn 😝
Nathus K. on Dec 15, 2021

I went from a 17 dollar trainer from Amazon to this, so this is just a grail for me right now. The knife I had first was 6 ounces or so, which means this knife is pretty light for me, which took some getting used to at first. Once I flipped for a couple hours/days, I was in love. Really the only con is how big it is. Also the latch is a little annoying, so I would take that off. But other than that, great knife.

Great Balisong
Alex D. on Nov 17, 2021

This is a great balisong especially for the money. Some people complain about the weight but it gives a different experience from the lighter knives. The weight builds momentum resulting in fast flips and easy fanning.

Great knife. Great quality.
Zeb B. on Oct 7, 2021

I got this knife a few days ago and absolutely love it. Lots of people claim this isn’t good for beginners because of its heft but once you flip with it for an hour or so it feels great. The bearings run smooth. The only problem I had was that one of the pivot pins was loose allowing too much play with the blade causing it to scrape against the scales. Luckily I noticed this early on and tightened it slightly and it’s smooth as butter. Just make sure the pivot screws are snug but not too tight. Great knife, very sharp, very smooth, amazing price.

i love it
Ethan H. on Sep 3, 2021

i’ve been flipping on and off for about a year and i started with a bear and sons balisong and then i decided to buy the lucha and it was infinitely better and then it ended up getting lost so i looked insanely hard to find it but i never found it so i went back to the bear and sons knife and then i kinda took a break from flipping after that but then i picked the bear and sons up the other day and decided i wanted to get back into flipping and instead of buying any other new knife i bought the lucha again cause i just loved it that much sorry for the long story but this knife is amazing so amazing in fact i bought it twice and i would gladly buy again if i lost my new one lol all around the best knife for the money

Impressive, After Transitioning
Troy M. on Aug 27, 2021

I'll start with the good points, because there are a lot of them and they overwhelm any negatives. The balisong doesn't pinch on rollovers, the edges on the nipple and the entire finish is quite smooth. There is very little play, tolerances are great. The flipping is butter smooth, and the bearings are considerably easier than the alternatives to maintain. The negatives, or negative as it were, is apparent: the weight takes getting used to, and the added weight can add fatigue when richoeting the handle off of your hand and knuckles. Once you've transitioned, this is a phenomenal balisong. This weight also creates a considerable handle bias, which may or may not matter to you. If the weight is a deal breaker, they do offer aluminum and titanium handles, but they're quite expensive and bump you into the >$200 territory where it.will compete with knifes like the Krake Raken. Overall, impressive entry into the market for Kershaw, and a knife whose price point you'd never guess from the quality. For this price range, it's tough to beat.

Noah C. on Jul 15, 2021


First real Bali, and it’s fantastic
CHRIS S. on Jul 3, 2021

This my first real Balisong, and I think it’s great. It flips good, is sturdy, and for the price it is very hard to beat. My only issue is that it is a bit heavy, but otherwise fantastic

So good I bought four.
Jeffrey C. on May 9, 2021

I own four of these. Including the trainer. If you like to tinker. This Bali is the one for you. This Bali is good out of the box. To make it better, change out the scales and pivot bearings from FLYTANIUM . If you are serious. Do these mods. It makes a good flipper even better. Jeff C.

Super solid and crisp, great intermediate or beginner blade
Austin L. on May 6, 2021

I've had this for a couple of weeks now and it's my third balisong. It's insanely smooth and the construction is heavy and solid. The steel is so nice it actually reverberates / resonates when you pick it up or set it down. The blade itself is stunning and super sharp straight out of the package. The stonewash looks really slick in combination with the stainless steel handles. The only issue I've found is that it gets pretty loud when flipping. The latch is a little loose and will hit the steel handles, so it clangs a bit. Some may think it's a little heavy, but I like the added weight because it helps carry it over my hand when doing rolls and spins. I highly recommend this one, especially compared to some of the other blades in a similar price range. I've had 2 bear and sons knives and they couldn't hold a candle to this Kershaw. Despite being more of an intermediate blade, I'd recommend this to anyone just starting off. It's worth it to pay a little bit more than the $70 blades for the insane quality you get out of this one. You want need or want a new one for a while.

Amazing Butterfly Knife especially for beginners
Michael E. on Apr 26, 2021

I haven't had this knife for very long but after some a thorough amount of flipping, dropping, and cutting myself with it I can safely say that this is a great knife. The price is amazing and it is much better than any other knife at this price point. It is also great for mods if you are into that stuff. The blade itself is pretty sharp but if you are going to use this knife heavily every day, you are better of buying a blade with higher quality steel (not this this is bad quality). If you are looking to buy your first real bali song, where you are upgrading from a trainer not, look no further. If you are scared of buying a real balisong like I was, always remember that you can tape up the blade and practice that way.

Awesome Starting Knife!
Caleb B. on Apr 17, 2021

The Kershaw Lucha was my first ever real balisong, and for the price, its absolutely amazing! I've had mine for about a year now, and after countless hours of flipping (with a little loctite) it's still going strong! The only thing that isn't great about it is the latch. I had it on there for a while and it was fine, but once I took it off it was just so much better! (and it was easy to do so...) Overall, great starting balisong! At a great price!

I can definitely see what all the hype is about
STEVEN G. on Dec 26, 2020

New to flipping (Bali-style), I'm just happy that Kershaw has provided something of quality at such an affordable price point. It's definitely living up to its hype. Now, I don't have much experience with this style of knife to know best, but I have to say that the Lucha feels smooth, tight, and fast. Again, I'm not sure what is supposed to make a good butterfly knife, but this one is so much fun. Maybe I'm just too ignorant to not recognize flaws, but I like the weight and I like the action. Compared to my childhood butterfly knife (a Fury), the Lucha is 10 times better. Mine came SHARP! And like most of my knives, I got the scar to prove it! D'oh! I might've gotten the blackwash had it been available at the time I was making this purchase, but I'm happy with this version. It's shiny and flashy, though. I don't know what a lock tab is supposed to do when flipping, but it doesn't seem to bother me when I'm flipping it around. Then again, I only do the basic opening and closing, so maybe it's not an issue. Anyway, be safe, have fun, and good luck with your EDC. And always remember to enjoy the slice!

Love it
James B. on Dec 21, 2020

It feels good in my hand, nice and light. I adjusted the screws to the action I wanted with the handles and they've stayed there after hours of flipping and dropping. Blade is sharp so be careful :) Only thing I would change is the handles are pretty rectangular so they don't roll in hand as easily as a rounder shaped handles. But really, that just takes some getting used to. Also the lock flaps around. They aren't held in place with a spring like some other models.. First world problems.. Otherwise I love it and absolutely recommend the Kershaw Lucha!

Light and nice flipping action
Brad S. on Oct 12, 2020

The first thing I noticed was how light this thing is. Blade is nice and sharp out of the box and the flipping action is really nice. Kershaw got it right with this one.

Really nice flipper with only small issues.
Carter W. on Oct 8, 2020

For the money this knife hits it out of the park, I recently bought a BRS premium alpha beast and to be completely honest the Lucha has better QC. There are no sharp edges on the handles unlike the AB and no play due to the bearings. It is on the heavier side for sure but nothing too bad to the point where it isnt flippable. My only gripe is that the handles seem slightly bent, and it seems to be an issue that many people are having. It doesnt effect flipping, just one is slightly above the other if you look at it closely.

Very Cool
Lucas G. on Oct 6, 2020

Great quality and worth the money compared to a lot of other models, the handle is pretty heavy, but I got used to it quick. If you have the money, and are new to balisongs/butterfly knifes, I would recommend the buy.

It Just Makes Sense.
jack r. on Oct 2, 2020

This knife is the right size, the right price and has the right features. Bearing pivots and a chunky feel make this knife feel like a more expensive model. It's a tad handle heavy but, that is not a complaint. It flips well and makes you know that you are holding something substantial. It's a great choice for someone dipping their toe into balisongs wanting more than a toy that may end up being disposable. These are all reasons this is the blade hq best selling knife of the year, so far.

Love Kershaw Lucha
Jeff L. on Oct 2, 2020

I just got the email to write a review Oct 2, but is says to submit review in sept. Maybe I'll get lucky on winning the Benchmade freek anyways. That would be awesome as it is first on my list to buy since watching the video and review on it. Here goes. Long time knife lover, new to Blade HQ. Love you guys, are great. I bought the Lucha and the Schrade Manilla at the same time. When I first opened it up, the first thing I noticed was the length of blade and how sharp it was. Cut myself 3 or 4 times. Love the danger. I immediately thought this is a keep for sure. I bought the schrade manilla because I had one just like it as a kid and thought it would be my favorite Billasong do to the design and the sound it makes when flipping. I also like the weight. Weird right? Love it. But after playing with the Lucha, it's lighter and quieter. This became to be more of a practicale knife for me to carry and play with. While flipping on the 3rd or 4th day, however one handle fell off. I was like "what the". Good thing I was able to find both washers and bearings to in order to put it back together. I had fun figuring out which order and which side to put the bearings and washers in, but I love this stuff. Got it back together and it's just as smooth as when I got. Tighten the screws down a bit more to make sure the don't fall out again. Awesome balli. If you buy one, just make sure to tighten the screws just a tad. Planning on purchasing many more knives from Blade. Thanks. Jeff. Socal.

Joe P. on Sep 25, 2020

I was happy to see Kershaw come out with a balisong. even though it is a heavier stainless handled knife it is extremely smooth to operate, has good sound when flipping and is extremely pointy sharp! Great budget 1st bali for someone looking to get into the hobby/sport.

Tight tolerance smoothness
John G. on Sep 23, 2020

First off let me say the latch is hot trash, 30 sec later and now latchless the Lucha is a thing of beauty. Comparing it to my other 2 balisongs a Benchmade 51 Morpho and Bear OPs Bearsong VIII there is way less handle play and it is on par for smoothness with the 51. The Lucha is heavy but that doesn't bother me or hinder the 3 tricks I know in any way. For relatively the same price as the Bearsong VIII the Lucha is hands down the winner and it's not even close. A definite must have for any balisong lover. 5/5.

Kershaw Lucha
Stephen H. on Aug 20, 2020

This knife is really really good.Great price, it feels amazing, and it looks beautiful.

The Lightweight Champion
Robert E. on Aug 20, 2020

I have been really wanting to get a new balisong but have been pretty broke. That being said I looked around for a while then came across the Kershaw Lucha. I fought myself for about a week on weather it was worth buying. Finally I decided to order and I'm glad I did. First thing I noticed when I opened it was that it was heavy and had a very bad latch at least weight wise (remove it right away). After some time playing with it I realized it had a very smooth action and no play. Once you get accustomed to the weight it starts to become really easy and fun to do spinning tricks and chaplins but making ricochets and ariels kind of hard but still pretty comfortable. This knife is big and I mean a giant but I honestly love the size and length of both the blade and handles. Besides the terrible latch the only complaint I have with the Lucha is the slick steel handles making ladders kind of difficult and fanning takes a lot of getting use to (heavy weight plus slick handles equals accidental ariels across the room). When people say it is sharp out of the box they are not joking. During my first day with It I was wrapping the bite handle with tape and I accidentally smashed it down while trying to tare the tape and completely cut to the bone (actually I got cut twice with the second one pretty deep). On the bright side because its so sharp not only did I barely feel it both during and the days after but I also didn't have to get stitches because the cut was so clean. This thing is about the closest knife I've ever seen as both a good flipper and a good everyday carry knife. At this price point especially on sale it is a complete steal. I call it the lightweight champion because it is high quality and smooth all while while being cheap. It beats pretty much any knife in its price range and even easily competes with balisongs in the $300 range. My final verdict is the Kershaw Lucha is a step in the right direction for both Kershaw and the balisong market and brings excitement for what's to come. If you are a beginner looking for your first live blade or looking for a first cheap decent balisong the Lucha is the knife you need. The first thing I would suggest if you end up loving it is to buy flytanium handles to take it to the next level. I've had it for 4 months now and absolutely love it. If you are a veteran just looking for a new knife in your collection like me it will be a great piece and with how popular the Lucha is and being made in bulk by a big company we will most likely see many mods in the future for it.

Razor Sharp
Tanya K. on Aug 18, 2020

The Kershaw Lucha is very sharp and a fairly heavy balisong. It flips really smoothly. The price on this knife was great for the value. Exactly what I was looking for.

Nice Balisong for the Price
JOEL R. on Jul 16, 2020

Pretty nice to see a good balisong at this price range with decent bearings, along with having no handle play. The knife is heavy handle wise though due to the stainless steel handle (will be interesting to see if they ever release a version with some lighter handle material).

Excellent Quality
Cordell S. on Jul 1, 2020

Love how sturdy this bali feels. Came sharp, flips smoothly, not much else to ask for. Great work Kershaw

Absolutely Excellent
Patrick G. on Jun 12, 2020

Pros: This knife is an insane value. Blows any bali at this price point out of the water. Super fun flipper, high quality build, virtually 0 handle play. They say they worked with people in the flipping scene to perfect this thing and it SHOWS. Absolutely excellent. Cons: Quite a heavy bali. And too much weight bias towards the handles. Not a fan of the latch, especially the noise it makes. Much better without it, knife doesn't even need the latch to feel solid when deployed anyway. With the Flytanium scales.... this knife is an absolute dream. Unfortunately those cost more than the knife :P

Clickty Klack
Kurt S. on May 15, 2020

On the day I received the package, I was confused because I forgot that I had ordered yet another toy! Then I opened and it said Kershaw. I took the tool in hand and was disappointed because it was not shiny and heavy like my Benchmade 62. And it didn't have the same metal on metal noise that I was used to. I was sad...... but after a few days... I LOVE IT!!! Its lighter weight and the longer length and new sounds are awesome!! Now I need a third balisong. God stop me, how many knives does one need to cut steak and chicken?

Excellent Balisong
Kevin A. on Apr 19, 2020

This is my first real balisong and I bought two of them. The quality on this knife is exceptional. Fit and finish is excellent. The KVT ball bearings make it a smooth flipper; and at first, I was skeptical about Kershaw's claim of eliminating handle play entirely, but after flipping this knife for a while now, I can vouch for them and say that surprisingly, is absolutely no handle play whatsoever. Coupled together with the affordable price point, this balisong is really hard to beat. But, what else can you expect from Kershaw? After all they did manufacture the original Bradley Kimura series knives. That's a testament to their quality right there.

More FANTASTIC Kershaw Quality!
Jeffrey E. on Mar 31, 2020

I don't know balisongs well enough, nor am I experienced enough at flipping to offer a technical review, but I know knives in general very well, and this is a very high quality knife. It arrived razor-sharp, is very tight, and as smooth as silk. I have many Kershaws, and all are extremely good quality, and were an outstanding deal, as they are also very reasonably priced. I have have much more expensive knives, and the Kershaw quality can compete with the best of them! Kershaw does it right! High quality at a fair price. I have no doubt that if Kershaw chooses to go seriously into the balisong arena, they'll be producing some of the best in the business, and the Lucha is an amazing example of what's hopefully yet to come, and I'll be happy to add more Kershaw knives to my collection.

Great Balisong at this price point
Alex B. on Mar 20, 2020

Zero handle play, very smooth action, and for me the latch doesn't get in the way. The longer handles take some getting used to, and it may be a better flipper with more weight near the top of the blade. That being said I adjusted to the weight quickly and this massive knife is a lot of fun to play around with. Kudos to Kershaw, and I hope they make more.

Beyond belief
Jacob K. on Mar 18, 2020

Whoever designed this knife knew exactly how to do it. Kershaw is on another level at this price range. Can you make a trainer blade please?

Well Made
Justin D. on Mar 7, 2020

Sharp, smooth, solid, no play,.. well done Kershaw

John C. on Feb 22, 2020

very heavy compared to my Benchmade 51 and BRS Alpha Beast. Much lighter price though.Quality build. I like it very much.

OMG!! Way To Go!! Kershaw!!
Marc P. on Feb 22, 2020

At long last, not only an excellent balisong but also the correct length, finally!! Kershaw pretty much single handedly beat out the top of the line of the Balisongs! Shame on you, "Big B." Well balanced, well made. Standard balisong combat length in the "old country" comes to 11 inches BUT that is irrelevant!! Pleasant surprise for a US knife maker to beat out the original maker who also came from the "old country!!" Yes! Heavy handles like the originals but just heavy enough for excellent handling.Excellent blade design! Built for the purpose of the Originals! Not just another very expensive hunk of steel!No, not a flipper, just a student of many years and still learning! Mabuhay!

Excellent Bali that wont break your wallet!
Dave T. on Feb 16, 2020

Smooth action, great build quality, sharp as hell with a price tag that doesn't shred your wallet, what more can you ask for? I'm very happy with mine, a great addition to my collection!

Kershaw Lucha Balisong Butterfly
Tom C. on Feb 12, 2020

This is a quality Balisong, for the money. I've had it a week and can't put it down. I own the Benchmade 67 and the BRS Alpha Beast, these are quality products buy very expensive, Kershaw has made it possible to own a quality balisong at an affordable price. The Lucha is a Home Run!!!!

Great balisong. Exceptional value.
George E. on Feb 12, 2020

Smooth, razor sharp and well put together right out of the box. Just what you would expect a well known name brand to deliver. What you don't expect is for this kind of quality balisong to be delivered at this price point. I might pick up another one just for the hell of it. May not be a top tier flipping balisong but, then again, the top tier flipping balisongs are double, triple the price of this Lucha. It flips fine enough for me. Again, thanks to Blade HQ for shipping it out so quickly. I've actually had this knife in hand for over a week because I had it on pre-order and Blade HQ shipped it out as soon as it was released. It was in my hands before others realized it was even available.

Great Balisong
Gary Z. on Feb 3, 2020

Just got it today and I've been playing with it since. It feels really good in the hand and I love the fit, finish and form of it. The balance is good; it flips very well, with no hot spots or sharp edges anywhere on it. For $120 dollars I don't think you can go wrong.

best in its price a country MILE!!
Rich s. on Feb 3, 2020

so, Ive been flipping this knife for about 4 hours, pretty much all the time so I really wanted to share my thoughts on this first Kershaw brand bali. Yes, theyre all positive. I was expecting this knife to be just, ok, for flipping.... Mostly because of the steel handles and overall weight.... HOWEVER.. Kershaw have done an amazing job balancing the blade and handle weight, and rounding the handle edges with a lovely chamfered feel. Its also quite long so flips tend to be slower (which for me is perfect as I dont flip really fast...but for a heavy bali like dont want a live blade whacking your finger, it came SHARP). Although because its quite heavy the weight could carry the length for pretty quick flipping if thats your thing. Its very centred with no blade tap or play..... the bearings obviously help with it having no play.... but theres no "grittiness" you sometimes get with bearings either. The build quality is fantastic, with decent sandvik steel, also there are no imperfections that I can see. Kershaw have done an excellent job for their first balisong. At a reduced price of $119 its an ABSOLUTE bargain....that, for me, no other company can touch. Even if you dont flip.... the solid build and weight means you could use this as an edc....its a very strong knife. I guess if I had to niggle, the latch doesnt come open just by pressing the handles together.... this may change with use. For me though, Im fine with the latch, it really doesnt get in the way....its held in the handle by a pin so it would be very easy to remove. Having said that, the latch is curved so if it bangs onto the handle, it simply slips off. Well done Kershaw on your first balisong.... its a cracker

Very nice knife
Beck N. on Jan 7, 2023

I bought this thing as a beginner and I really like it! It has fine material and looks very cool. Though I have to mention that this thing is VERY SHARP! One more thing about this knife is that it squeaks a lot, other than that it is a very fun toy and I think you will enjoy playing with it.

Good quality.
Jose J. on Jan 10, 2022

It's weighty and feels like quality. Came extremely sharp. Been using it for a while and it has no play whatsoever on the bearings. My only complaint is the size. This is thing is a big long boy and takes time to get used to. It beats up on your hands when flipping.

All Good but very VERY Big!
Nicolas B. on Jan 4, 2022

Nothing bad to say about the Lucha ... Materials, finishing, tolerance are really good, but definitely not for everyone nor everyday. This is a very big knife! Longer than a lot of fixed blades! Crocodile Dundee would be happy with it though but not an EDC to draw at a restaurant even if the thin line makes it wearable in the pocket! Will stay in the kitchen for now ... impressive slicer!

Really Nice Knife
Anthony J. on Sep 20, 2021

Quality felt fantastic other than the latch being noisy as shit. When the latch is off it is near perfect. The weight and size of it was concerning to me but never bothered me while flipping it. Sliced my finger pretty badly 10 minutes of it being out of the box and have not been able to use it much, but I really liked it.

The Kershaw Lucha
Paul W. on Oct 23, 2020

TL;DR - The price/quality ratio is as great as everyone says. Buy it if you can. It’s better the dropping $300+ on a Bali of nearly the same quality. Review ***** The Kershaw Lucha is a beautiful, good quality, weighty piece of tool. I’ve been using and flipping this knife for a little more than a week now. And I can say, I recommend the Lucha to anyone interested in flipping or just need a fidgetable knife to use at work. Flipping **** I’m no pro flipper but I do fidget and swing this thing around when I’m bored at work. The steel handles were annoying me to the bone (literally). Things were better without the latch but I always keep a latch on my knives when they’re employed at work. So for the weight issue, and me being spoiled by Titanium anyway, I went and bought the Flytanium scales. This knife now flips like a dream! Work Usage **** Nothing much to say here because for knives and tools with exposed bearings, they stay indoors and do clean/light work (only cutting tape, cardboard, thin wires, etc). That’s just how I am and how I take care of my tools. I can’t stand the feeling of crunchy bearings >_

Curious? Replies Plz!
Mr.Mark Z. on Oct 18, 2020

Thanks ! I had some knives in the past and the blade was Stainless steel along with the handles. I did notice after flipping awhile that the handles did have slack! The blades were very sharp and they cut so clean that it was as if the capillaries lined up and healed in a couple of days! Wow! Since I am looking at this knife, the only difference is the bearings. Everyone is saying the weight and don't know if that is an issue with me? Also, everyone is mentioning the Flytanium handles? I guess I am trying to justify the price of these? Are these returnable ? Sorry , I didnt read that far.... Thanks Mark

Complete gorious madness
Nathan M. on Aug 12, 2020

This puppy is rock solid, heavy, traditional fighting knife sized, smooth, and absolutely bloodthirsty. I am an ok bali flipper, not great but confident enough to try tough moves out. This knife is so razor sharp and the handles are so heavy that it will cut you if you mess up and won't give a single F. I'd bet this knife has drawn more blood than any knife ever made in the past 200 years. Of all my balisongs I play around with, the Kershaw is the only one that gets me no matter how briefly I make blade contact. Not a great starter bali because it might give people the wrong idea. Out of the box I flipped around with it very often for about two weeks before the tang pins started coming loose and the play on the handles became noticeable. I locktite the screws since and it's now completely rock solid and smooth as a bore. The blade is far sharper than my 51. I dropped this thing so many times and chipped the point of the blade a slight bit, not super concerned about it. Really excited to see Kershaw get into the Biz and hope to see more from them.

Heavy and stiff
Anson S. on May 8, 2020

I love the build quality and I don't see this breaking anytime soon (despite how often I drop it) but it came pretty stiff out of the box. I ordered a screwdriver to take off the latch. The handles are pretty heavy. Very sharp blade.

Handle heavy, but a solid option for the price
Frank D. on Feb 15, 2020

I've got quite a varied collection of balisongs to compare this to. BRS Latchless CHAB, HOM Chimera, Basilisk, Replicant, Kraken, Barebones, Petrel, Nieves, you name it. For the price, it punches above its paygrade in fit and finish. The knife is well chamfered, with a great edge, grind, and machining details. The bearings are fairly smooth and the handle play is non-existent as you'd expect from a bearing driven balisong. The latch is not so great. It's heavy and really large, I'd recommend removing it asap if you'd like to flip with it seriously. And on that note, the flipping; it's ok. Quite handle heavy and a bit sluggish given it's weight, and the bearings can get fast on you if you're not used to them. It's about as good if not maybe a little better at flipping than the Barebones, which makes this a solid value at nearly half the price of the Barebones. I'd suggest it if you can't afford more or just want a cool new option for your collection, but it's not dethroning the greats at flipping like the chAB or Kraken.

not a flipper, but that's ok.
Commander M. on Apr 1, 2023

This balisong is great for EDC or utility purposes, but if you are interested in flipping it, don't. This is coming from a flipper's perspective, so some of these points may be irrelevant if you are not interested in flipping it. It's beyond too heavy and can barely preform mid to high level tricks such as ladders, cherrypickers, scissors, etc. and is terrible for fanning. It's weight is scuffed, and it's too thin to be as heavy as it is. It's also on bearings, which aren't great to begin with, posing a number of problems from a flipping perspective, but the knife's weight, size, and feel exacerbate these issues even more. T6 screws also strip very easily making it a bit stressful to take the latch off for flipping, which is necessary as the latch ways like 6 tons. Having said that, it's clear that this is not a balisong for flipping, rather one for a more utility focused purpose, and for that it is actually really good. Its durable, sharp, and can be easily opened with one hand due to being a balisong. But balisongs a knife have their fair share of issues that make them pretty bad for utility in general so it's a bit strange to go for a bali for this purpose to begin with. Should you get this? That depends on what it's for. If it's for flipping, you'd be better off getting a more flipping focused bali, but for edc it's pretty good.

Brennan W. on Feb 18, 2023

really good knife, but an awfully heavy flipper

The screws stripped almost instantly
Revel B. on Jun 17, 2022

I paid for this knife and for the flytanium aluminum handles which came to about 260 and I went to change the handles first one of the barrels did not want to come out at all but I eventually did get it to come out then when I went to put on the flytanium handles and went to tune it the screws stripped unfortunately I tired everything including locktight but the screws just kept coming out but maybe it was mine that came like this but it really ruined my experience with kershaw knives

Blade HQ response:
We're very sorry to hear about the trouble you're having. Have you contacted our customer service department yet ([email protected])? We'd like to help you get this resolved. Thanks -BHQ
Still too handle heavy.
bryce f. on Feb 4, 2020

It looks good, the tolerances are good, and though it is definitely too handle heavy, it is slightly less so than the old kershaw kimuras. Sadly, it flips a lot better if you attach some extra weight to the end of the blade. ~b

Big and easy to flip but
John P. on Nov 1, 2022

This is heavy. Flipping this is painful, no matter how you do it. So, yes, it is very easy to flip. If you don’t mind deep bruising and bone spurs.

Knife is oxidizing!
GORDON T. on Jul 14, 2022

I just want to start out by saying I love this knife. It’s sharp, pointy, and flips really well despite the fact that it weighs 6 oz. I have had this knife for probably a week and a half and it is starting to rust. I naturally have pretty sweaty hands and I assume this is what is causing it because it hasn’t come into contact with any other moisture. I am very upset because this is almost a perfect product, but I am not happy.

Blade HQ response:
We're very sorry to hear about the trouble you're having. Have you contacted our customer service department yet ([email protected])? We'd like to help you get this resolved. Thanks -BHQ
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