Quartermaster QBS1 Marty McFly Butterfly Knife (4" Satin) QTRMSTR B2TF2

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  • Overall Length:9.50"
  • Blade Length:4.375"
  • Cutting Edge:4.00"
  • Blade Thickness:0.22"
  • Blade Material:D2
  • Hardness:61-62 RC
  • Blade Style:Tanto
  • Blade Grind:Hollow
  • Finish:Satin
  • Edge Type:Plain
  • Handle Length:5.125"
  • Handle Thickness:0.54"
  • Handle Material:Titanium
  • Color:Gray
  • Weight:5.78 oz.
  • User:Right Hand, Left Hand
  • Pocket Clip:Tip-Up
  • Knife Type:Butterfly
  • Brand:Quartermaster Knives (QTRMSTR)
  • Model:Marty McFly
  • Model Number:QBS-1LT
  • Best Use:Everyday Carry
  • Product Type:Knife


What will it be, a butterfly knife with a razor sharp edge or a trainer blade? The Marty McFly QBS-1 from Quartermaster makes it possible to have both while offering great flipping action. Their patented BladEXChange feature allows the user to remove the handles from one blade with a push button release, and quickly attach to another blade. The QBS-1 includes both a "live" tanto blade and a satin finished, dull trainer blade. Handles are bead blast finished titanium and include a pocket clip and titanium latch.


Customer Reviews

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Andrew L.
Fast delivery.. 2 screws came out within a day, the clip came loose and the handles were coming loose... nothing a bit of tightening wont fix. Blade was super sharp.
A great butterfly knife.
Michael B.
I got this and have had a ton of fun with it so far. The blade is hair shaving sharp right out of the box and I really like the fact you can change blades to the trainer. You can practice with it without fear of slicing yourself up.
Weird but Good
Greg E.
This is my new favorite knife, above even the BM51. Switching the blades is very easy and the pivots feel surprisingly sturdy. The blade is very heavy, especially the trainer, and the handles are large and wide, which makes it flip in an unusual and interesting way. If you want a knife that handles 'perfectly,' spend the money on a benchmade. But if you want a unique, eccentric challenge plus a bonus trainer, this is the way to go.
Its not bad
Josh V.
Overall, this knife isn't bad, but it's no beginner flipper knife, it's SUPER bulky and thick in every dimension, the handles are so thick it feels almost as if swinging around a pair of bricks, the blade, (and obviously trainer blade) Is ridiculously thick, it's twice the thickness of a benchmade 51, it's larger than the BRS replicant in every dimension, and I thought that was a big knife when I bought it and it is, with the live blade, the balance isn't too bad, but it's lacking just enough to where it makes flipping difficult, they should have gone with block spacers in this knife to make the handle end more substantial, the latch works, but it seems as if it's held in place by nothing but pure friction, it seems that if the handles weren't screwed together so tight, the latch wouldn't even do anything, the Zen pins do seem a bit lackluster to handle a blade this large and bulky but I haven't had a problem with them yet, and when flipping, the tang that the Zen pins catch on to has a tendency to pinch, but I think that's just due to its unique shape and also due to it being so large, the blade exchange system works flawlessly, it takes a little getting used to to be able to do it fast, but just a little wiggle and the pivot latches lock right in, the trainer blade, jeez where do I start with this thing, it's a standard blade blank that hasn't been sharpened and is marked TRAINER, but being as thick as it is and not having the bulk of the blade removed by sharpening makes the already bad balance of this knife absolutely TERRIBLE, if you're trying to learn with this thing, go ahead and hang it up cause the trainer blade is just gonna teach you how to drop it, I've been flipping.g for about two years now, I rarely EVER drop my knife anymore, but with this thing I can't help but drop it, all in all, I think this blade is a GREAT idea, it just needs a lot more fine tuning, if this was the size of an old benchmade 4X series knife and had block spacers, it would be a dangerous competitor to even benchmade, I love the idea of the blade change system and sending a live blade and a trainer so for the price, you essentially get two knives in one, it's just the fact that it's so big and bulky that makes it a major turn off, it even looks really nice, it's just too big to be what it is.
Back to the Drawing Board QTRMSTR
William B.
Let me just start out by saying that there are some pretty big shoes to fill in the $200+ price range in the Balisong world. This knife is falling behind in that category. The materials used are for the most part quality but the specs and tolerances are lacking. Out of the box it is a very attractive blade and looks beefy and tough. But the "zen" pins are way too light and offset to handle a blade of this weight. I don't expect them to take very heavy use or flipping. The blade did come very factory sharp but at $250 why not some better, less brittle and corrosion resistant steel. The latch was so loose in the closed position that it didn't hold at all and it over traveled the detent in the open position. That was a little discerning being a zen pin construction. Last but not least who designed the pocket clip? It is on the wrong handle and the drilled holes are so big that it won't stay centered no matter how tight the screws are.

So after removing the latch and the pocket clip and adjusting the tension of the zen pin screws it flips ok. But this is quickly becoming a table price and not a flipper.

For those of you planning on using the trainer blade I'd recommend drilling some holes in it or filing it down to match the weight of the live blade.
Worth it
Gloria B.
Don't let this one pass you up. Limited to only 300 it won't last long. I was kinda On the fence about ordering this one. I thought there was going to be a lot of handle play with it being interchangeable blades but it's not. It's beefy, and once you get it in your hands you can tell it's not cheaply made.