Spyderco Manix 2 Knife Black G-10 83mm (3.375" Matte Satin) C101GP2

  • Matte satin-finished drop point blade made from CPM S30V steel.
  • Ambidextrous thumb hole opener.
  • Black G-10 handle scales.
  • Secure ball bearing lock.
  • Reversible pocket clip and oversized lanyard hole.


The recipe for success: Start with an exceptionally strong lock, manufactured using precise tolerances and add a blade honed from stainless steel. The conclusion is the Manix 2.

The C101 is an assembly of small seemingly inconsequential features that added together result in one of the strongest knives from Spyderco to date. Outstanding ergonomics are the result of the convenient slide lock, the relationship between the blade’s weight, and the handle's shape. These little things result in the smoothest possible opening/closing and reliable and comfortable cutting. A knife that fits perfectly in your hand!

Scales are a durable G10 and the steel is premium CPM-S30V with a full flat grind. A three-screw pocket clip adjusts for ambidextrously carry, tip-up or tip-down. Includes hole for lanyard use.

Item #BHQ-4387
MSRP: $216.00
Our Price: $151.20
In Stock!

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  • Overall Length: 8.00"
  • Blade Length: 3.375"
  • Cutting Edge: 2.88"
  • Blade Thickness: 0.13"
  • Blade Material: CPM S30V
  • Blade Style: Drop Point
  • Blade Grind: Flat
  • Finish: Satin
  • Edge Type: Plain
  • Handle Length: 4.625"
  • Handle Material: G-10
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 5.00 oz.
  • User: Right Hand, Left Hand
  • Pocket Clip: Tip-Up
  • Knife Type: Manual
  • Opener: Thumb Hole
  • Lock Type: Other
  • Brand: Spyderco
  • Model: Manix 2
  • Model Number: C101GP2
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Best Use: Everyday Carry
  • Product Type: Knife

Customer Reviews

Great Knife, Amazing Fidget Factor
Randal R. on Apr 13, 2023

This knife is built to last, feels so solid in the hand, the ergonomics are perfect and razor sharp out of the box. If you’re like me and enjoy flipping you’re knife as you’re sitting on the couch watching a game or movie, this is the knife for you. It was a bit stiff at first, but after breaking it in and putting some knife lubrication on the washers it was much better. I went the extra mile and ordered a lighter spring and once I installed it, it’s now my favorite knife to flip all night long. Unlike many of Spyderco’s other knives like the popular Paramilitary 2 and Para3, the Manix 2’s locking mechanism is easy to adjust and customize, making the fidget factor for this knife 1000% better in my opinion. It’s got everything you want in a knife, solid construction, durability, premium steel, Spyderco’s warranty, and on top of it all, BladeHQ has the best return policy you can find, if you’re not 100% satisfied once it arrives at you’re door, they will take care of you. So if you’re thinking about it, buy it, you won’t regret it!

Not Satin Finish
Aidan B. on Jul 28, 2022

It's a Spyderco so expect it to either be the best work knife or the best knife to show off in your collection. The blade finish is not satin. It is like this high polished stonewash and you can barely see the satin grind marks. It's still a great-looking finish I was just expecting a regular satin finish like on the Sliverax or pm3.

Dave C. on Mar 30, 2022

I am a big fan of Spyderco knives and this one just be my favorite yet. Can't beat the ergonomics on this knife. S30V is an amazing all around steel. Made in the USA made is definitely a plus. Feels great in my large hand, razor sharp out of the box, no play in the blade, flips open and closed solidly and easliy (just like all the Spydercos I own) This is a workhorse, not pocket jewelry! 5 Stars!!

My favorite Spyderco
Derek J. on Nov 28, 2021

There are certain knives that just call out to you. The ones that when you first hold and try out leave an indelible impression on you so that you have to buy it. When I first held and tried out the Manix 2 at my local knife shop I couldn't believer how good it felt in my hand. I mean, the ergonomics on this knife are incredible. I own the Earth Brown one in M390 and it is the nicest EDC knife that I own. I love the heavy duty, rugged feel of it and that it is not too light. This is definately my favorite Spyderco.

Favorite by far.
Loren P. on Sep 10, 2020

This is my favorite Spyderco knife. Super sharp out of the box. The overall quality is excellent.

Great for a variety of tasks
Jared W. on Sep 5, 2020

This is my go-to knife for heavier tasks. It's beefy enough to take on big jobs, but still has an acute point for detail work. The full flat grind slices well. It does sit wide in the pocket, but it's flat enough that it isn't really uncomfortable.

Garrett R. on Apr 19, 2020

Cannot beat the ergonomics on this knife. S30V is an amazing all around steel. Being USA made is such a plus.This is a workhorse, not pocket jewelry!

Manix 2
Eric B. on Jan 31, 2020

This is my second Spyderco the first was the Para 3. Blade was perfectly centered and lock up was great. As others have said beautiful in the hand I could use this all day. Blade was sharp out of the box. For me nothing negative to report I will go back to the well again with another Spyderco.

Solid knife
Grant B. on Jan 22, 2020

This knife has been my go to, daily driver, EDC knife for 3 years now. It has never disappointed, even when using it heavily as a work knife. The lock is solid, the action is smooth and fast, and the s30V retains an edge beautifully. Also, this knife feels like a tank, without taking up a ton of space in your pocket. highly recommended!

Love this!!
Zach B. on Jan 13, 2020

I initially didn't like this knife due to the spring in the locking system but it loosened up over time and is super smooth! I love this knife!!!

Spider love
Dave L. on Dec 28, 2019

This is my second spyderco, and I love this knife. Everting is great, the grip is comfortable, the lock up is Solid. Awesome knife...

My favorite knife
Ian D. on Dec 7, 2019

I can't sing this knives praises enough. Amazing grip, fantastic blade, fit and finish is stellar. Its a big knife, but I EDC it in skinny jeans and vans, so it works. also the lefty factor is huge. ambidextrous knives are not as common, but this is a must for lefties.

Heavy Duty EDC
Anthony F. on Oct 21, 2019

This knife is built tough. It has an awesome action and excellent ergos. The blade a near perfect grind and came very sharp. The s30v holds its edge very well and is not too bad to sharpen. This knife is a little heavier than the PM2 but i think it would stand up better to very hard use and is more comfortable in the hand. As always Blade HQ has the best price on these!

Great for use, not so much for carry
Eduardo G. on Aug 1, 2019

This knife has the best ergos of any folding knife ive tried, it is very slicy due to its tall thin grind. The handle stays locked into your hand. The fit and finish is incredible as is to be expected of spyderco and comes hair shaving sharp. A huge downside is that it is very big in the pocket, like huge and kinda heavy. And for these reasons it doesnt make it into my carry rotationthat often. This knife is a user. If you are looking for a knife to function, buy this, if you are looking for a knife that is to be carried much more than it is used, look elsewhere.

Holy cow these ergos!
Aaron S. on Jul 20, 2019

Man oh man, where to begin? Maybe let’s start by addressing the ergonomics. It feels like it was made to fit into my hand specifically. I have large but skinny hands, and it feels good. My friend has much beefier hands and after borrowing it he also loved the feel. My younger brother with small hands has no qualms either. It just refuses to be uncomfortable in hand. The lock is excellent. I actually prefer it over the axis lock because the bearing makes is buttery smooth. Along with that, the fidget factor is great, three deployment options; thumb spydie flick and just using the lock. I would love a stock deep carry clip, but maybe we're just splitting hairs now. The blade steel is perfect. I’ve sliced hundreds of boxes at work and it’s still razor sharp. It’s also slicey as all h*ck. Unfortunately, I dropped it onto concrete, and brok just the very smallest, slightest bit off the tip. Really sad but just don’t be clumsy and you’ll be fine. Definitely the nicest knife I’ve ever owned. Maybe I’ll go for the maximet steel next?

Great Knife
Eric K. on May 3, 2019

This is my first Spyderco and I think its one of the best knives I have purchased. Very sharp out of the box. There will be more Spyderco knives in my future after this one.

The perfect knife!
Michael R. on Mar 18, 2019

Just got my Manix in the mail and I love it! Really looking forward to testing it out and carrying it with me!

Perfect for EDC
Travis M. on Mar 14, 2019

One of my favorites that I use. It handles anything I throw at it and works well with gloves.

Love it
Adam n. on Mar 7, 2019

Great knife very comfterble and comes nice and sharp

First “real” spyderco
William S. on Mar 4, 2019

This was technically my second spyderco only 2 weeks after I bought my tenacious. I have to say the fit and finish really comes through with the golden knives. This knife is amazing and definitely has started an obsession with not only spyderco but blade hq. I feel much better about buying from, in my opinion, the best online knife retailer on the interwebs.

awesome knife
Frank C. on Feb 19, 2019

This is my first over a $100 folding knife. I am very happy, it's an awesome knife. I have an endura 4 Spiderco love it also. Yeah I think I am hooked.

New edc
Mark G. on Feb 4, 2019

New favorite in the hand. Fits hand good . love the lock .. Very sharp . the g10 is grippy . ill update in a month or so too

just awesome
Matthew T. on Feb 1, 2019

I have 60 plus knives and so far nothing beats this for the price. the only downside i can find tothis knife is it's a little fat in the pocket. when closed it's about 2 inches from blade to scale but besides that it's amazing. awesome grip and great steel. And it's ambidextrous which for me being left handed is great.

Great blade
Levi J. on Jan 8, 2019

The manix 2 is a fantastic edc knife for me. It feels great in the hand the g10 is plenty grippy. S30v steel holds a great edge and is pretty easy to sharpen. My only regret is that I waited so long to order this knife. Thanks blade hq for the fast shipping.

John P. on Dec 5, 2018

The Manix 2 is really a great knife. It is solid, the blade length and shape are perfect for me, and the steel holds an edge well and strops nicely. I love the utilitarian look of it. I was initially hesitant because of comments about how large in pocket it was, but I don’t find it to be the case for me. I have an easier time slipping my hand in my pocket behind my knife than others I’ve had since it is flat. The Spydie-flip is very handy and seems almost as fast as a spring assisted knife I think. If I lost it I’d get another tomorrow (don’t tell my wife...!)

Pocket thief
Patrick k. on Oct 15, 2018

I’ve had my manix 2 for over a year and it keeps stealing my pocket over my other knives, It may not look like a beauty queen but it feels like a work horse that’s ready for pretty much anything. Good tight lockup, good edge retention, great handle, feels locked in. My only gripe is the stiffness of the lock release, it’s a little tough if your fingers are wet or if you have had a hand or finger injury.

Definitely must have this one.
Jason P. on Oct 14, 2018

I have MANY spyderco knives but this is one of my favorites! It sits a little big in the pocket but if you don't mind that, everything about this knife is just about perfect. Ergos are 10/10, blade material is great, action is great, locks up like a bank vault. Grab one of these before Spyderco stops making them.

spyderco t hawk
bo g. on Oct 14, 2018

the manix 2 is a superb knife for a quick story about Sal Glesser i had drew a design in school and and thought this design is pretty good so i decided to send it to spyderco with a little letter and for some reason i mentioned it in theat note and a couple of days later Sal sent me a manix 2 and a handwritten letter. Ever since i got it, it has been a superb knife and no edge problems so hit me up with that t hawk jk.... but srysly

My favorite
Forrest P. on Oct 14, 2018

This knife has blown me way. I have carried this knife for a little over a year, and it’s never let me down. It holds a great edge. I have even carried it to work ( I’m a FN in the U.S. Coast Guard )cutting rope, boxes, zip ties, and a lot more. It’s the only knife I own two of. Well, three if you count the xl version.

Rock solid workhorse
Nathan H. on Oct 13, 2018

I have this model, s30v satin finish. I couldn't be happier and have started to collect the limited edition steels as a result. The blade profile is beautiful and very strong. The lock is very strong as well, however it's not the most easy to use. Especially one handed. The steel is of good quality, holds a nice edge and isnt too hard to sharpen. It is slow to corrode but will show some spots if you edc it and never oil it. Every few weeks you should wipe it down with a food grade oil. Overall it's a very sturdy knife. I've tried the lightweight models in frn, and its just not for me. The full liner model is definitely the way to go. It's good and heafty, but that's what I prefer. Definitely not a weight snob. If you've never had one before, definitely give it a try. You wont regret it

Not a safe queen
Chris O. on Oct 13, 2018

Purchased for light desk use, wound up being my full time work knife on construction sites. Takes a beating but cleans up real nice and fits the hand great!!

My favorite Spyderco.
Gabriel H. on Oct 13, 2018

This is my absolute favorite spyderco. I’m a sucker for a decent sized knife with some weight to it and this is perfect. It fits great in the pocket. I wish it came standard with a deep carry pocket clip but that allows for customization. I would highly recommend this to any first time spyderco buyer as well. It holds an amazing edge and always gets the job done.

Can’t go wrong with a Manix
Jack T. on Oct 13, 2018

Another Spyderco masterpiece. Blade steel, ergonomics, and lock are excellent.

Superior Knife!!
Michael A. on Oct 12, 2018

What can I say, this knife is superb. I use it as my EDC knife and I have never been disappointed with it's performance. Hair popping sharp right out of the box. Extremely comfortable in the hand. No hot spots. Deep pocket clip. So comfortable in your pocket, you wouldn't even know it was there. Fast deploy, perfectly centered and balanced. Spyderco does it again with this masterpiece.

Perfect EDC
Tyler M. on Oct 12, 2018

It's tough, has flawless ergos, and the action is flawless. I really couldn't ask for more, especially because I have one in M4, CTS BD30P, 52100, and S30V

What a great cutting tool!
Peter B. on Oct 12, 2018

The Manix always seemed like a must have spyderco and I wasn’t sure whether to go LW or g10. I prefer some weight in my knives so went G10 and honestly think it just feels perfect. Solid but light enough I don’t notice it’s In my pocket. Now the lock. The first one I got had some lock stick and was crazy stiff. It wasn’t a pleasant experience. I changed it and the second one was smooth, still a little stiff but workable. And overall the knife (or my fingers) has really broken in after a couple of weeks. It’s the smoothest knife I own by miles, the blade drops shut and the S30v is beyond excellent for the average user. I’m scared to get another because I’m sure it won’t be as good as this one. I just think with some of Spyderco’s own locks you can get perfection or a finger’s worst nightmare!

Best Spyderco Knife
Taylor H. on Oct 12, 2018

I’m a huge fan of knives and Spyderco knives are some of the best! I love my Dragonfly2, Endura4, Paramilitary2 and etc. A lot of people consider the PM2 to be the best of the best! It’s good, really good! Although compared to the Manix 2 the PM2 doesn’t quite go cut for cut! The Manix 2 is a little heavier with full steel liners and outstanding amounts of jimping! With a broad leaf shaped blade it’s excellent for all edc tasks and even better if need be for self defense! S30V steel for the working man! My favorite Spyderco by far! Proudly American made! Pocket Perfection!

If you could only have one
Ethan M. on Oct 12, 2018

This knife is awesome! the ergos are some of the best you can get, the ffg grind on the blade allows it to just slip through whatever you're cutting, and the lock is really robust. If you could only carry one knife for the rest of your life this would definitely be one to consider. It may not be one of the prettiest knives ever made but that's Spyderco's thing. If your not a collecter and just want a quality knife that will never fail on you, pick this gem up.

Must Have
Richard G. on Feb 4, 2018

This is a solid knife (you definitely feel the 5oz heft) built with quality materials. There’s plenty of jimping all around this knife and ergonomics feel really good. It has that beautiful leaf shape blade that so many Spydercos have. The ball bearing lock is interesting. At first glance it looks similar to an Axis lock but when you take the knife apart it’s built very different. It’s another very popular knife and a must have for knife collectors. Build quality: 5 stars Materials: 4 stars Aesthetics: 4 stars Personal likability: 5 stars

Very comfortable
CHRISTOPHER H. on Jan 27, 2018

Great knife comfortable in hand. Steel is awesome s30v my favorite by far. Lock is awesome very stiff out the box but will be better as I use it. Must have for your collection.

More edc perfection
Gerald N. on Jan 6, 2018

Every bit as good as the light weight version for edc. Solid knife that can take hard use. Action is very smooth and lock up is solid. No blade play issues and centering is spot on. Extremely comfortable to use and carry. Worth every bit if the price. I own 5 different Manix versions, on of the best knives you'll own.

Buy it now!
Patrick L. on Jan 6, 2018

Love to carry this knife with me. The steel is very nice and love the closing action. Great knife all around!

Great for a larger EDC
Patrick P. on Jan 6, 2018

Usually I carry almost any knife with a sub-3 inch blade just because I’m a small knife guy. Wanted to try out a bit “beefier” of a knife, and boy oh boy did I get what I purchased. Love the jumping around the spine of the knife and the g-10 feels great.

Eric L. on Jan 5, 2018

Had this knife for about a year. Blade arrives very sharp as you would expect from spyderco. It's sturdy with very little blade play. Locking mech is strong and holds up. Pocket clip has no play to it. Handle provides a good grip. Opening is easy from either hand.

Great knife
Jordan M. on Jan 5, 2018

The manix 2 is great in the pocket, and also has great ergos!

Grew on me
Carl R. on Jan 5, 2018

Wasn't sure how mu ch k would like this at first... was On heavy side and first time with that blade shape...now I love it...weight is a non issue in jeans, not the best for slacks...great go to for edc...not too huge not too small

My first Spyderco
Shawn D. on Jan 5, 2018

Syderco’s never interested me until I saw the Manix 2. I purchased the Manix 2 G10 several months ago and has been my favorite EDC. I like the blade shape and the heafty weight with the solid liners. The ball bearing lock is also a lot of fun. The blade is very sharp and the point is like a needle. Now I want to try the light weight versions.

Great edc
Chris S. on Jan 5, 2018

Got this knife about a year ago. I can’t say enough about how much I like this knife! It is a beefier, heavy knife that you know can take camping and not worry about it, but also has a nice tip sharp enough to dig out a splinter if you need to. The ball bearing lock is pretty much an axis lock of Benchmade but is a bit stiffer. S30V steel sharpens really nice and keeps its edge for a good long while with just some stropping. Knife is kinda heavy for when wearing jogging shorts but perfect when wearing jeans. I would tell anyone to buy this knife.

Solid EDC Knife
Daniel S. on Jan 5, 2018

Just buy it. You won’t regret it.

the workhorse of spyderco's lineup
john k. on Jan 5, 2018

I have the cruwear version of this knife, but everything ill say applies to the normal s30v model. ergonomically it is perfect, the ball bearing lock is one of the strongest blade hq has tested, s30v is a heck of a stout steel, and the g10 makes the knife comfortable, safe, strudy and overall gives more confidence when cutting. my manix 2 sees more pocket time than any other knife i own for what its worth.

A great EDC
jerrie s. on Jan 5, 2018

What I love about this knife, and all Spyderco Knives for that matter is that with little effort they can be made to operate by a lefty with out a problem. They come razor sharp out of the box. And this one is no exception

Just get one.
Brandon G. on Dec 30, 2017

This is a solid, excellently built knife. Can’t go wrong here. Handle fits the hand perfectly, plenty of grip with all the jimping and G-10. One of my favorites!

New favorite EDC knife
spyderco f. on Dec 28, 2017

I love this knife! It’s the perfect balance between an EDC blade and a tactical knife. I’m also left handed, so the lock mechanism is great for lefties like me. It’s heavier than most of my previous EDC blades, but I’m willing to make an exception for this knife. This knife makes my bench made look like a dollar store knife. This is my third spyderco, and is my favorite BY FAR! Also, thank you to Blade HQ for the fast shipping and great price!

Rodney P. on Dec 7, 2017

The Manix 2 is just stunning !!! Looks great and feels better. Blade centering – perfect Fit and finish - perfect Sharpness- perfect G-10 - perfect if you have any doubt just go ahead and buy it and you can thank me later

Quality abounds with this blade!
Jay E. on Oct 17, 2017

First off, this was my first Blade HQ purchase. I included a note to please assure that my knife was properly centered and best of condition...... Three days later I received my Manix 2 along with a note ("I got you a good one! Enjoy it!") Well I have to say I was pleasantly surprised, and I want to thank Spyderco for a great Quality EDC Blade and Blade HQ and "Carson" (for the note) Great customer service and fast shipping mean alot! Love the Manix 2 and I'm very happy to add this blade to my rotation of knives!

Bad blade!!
Joe M. on Jul 15, 2017

Bladehq as done it again with another great knife. Manix2 g10 awesomeness at a great value. Blade came perfectly centered with no play up our down side to side. Great lock up and also very sharp nice blade shape and very happy that I chose the G-10 model over the light weight. Also bladehq delivered my knife on time as always. From now on I will stick with them to buy my knives because you don't have to worry if your getting a knock off. I purchased a pm2 from Amazon and it was real but it also came with issues had to grind down the lock to smooth it out. Thanks again Blade HQ!

Great EDC
Steve C. on Jan 10, 2017

This is one of Spyderco's best. Very smooth action and solid lock up. Extremely sharp out of the box. Fully lined and very strong. Fits the hand perfectly. I would highly recommend.

Great Knife
Scott L. on Dec 15, 2016

This knife immediately became my EDC and has been for over a year with no plans of switching. With the S30V steel blade you can practically abuse this knife and it comes back asking for more. There is not a better value out there right now for a knife you plan to carry and truly use.

Top EDC blade!
Steven M. on May 18, 2015

This is my most carried knife and by far my favorite in my current line up. I also own the Manix 2 lightweight but something about the extra weight on this knife adds a whole new feel. Amazing in hand and great in pocket! It's definetly a medium size folder but I don't mind it at all. The S30V is super sharp and really durable. I've used this knife for a few months now and it's still razor sharp! Again thanks to Blade HQ for keeping great low prices and having a great on hand stock! Highly recommended!!!!!

Jeff H. on Mar 15, 2019

This is a nice knife. It’s a little larger than I like to daily carry but that doesn’t stop me. It has a great in hand feel. G10 is always a great addition. Great steel too!

One of Fav Spyderco
Michael S. on Mar 4, 2019

Definitely one of my favorite spiderco been using for few months. Great Every day carry, love the G-10. The reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because, it doesn’t deploy as smoothly as my para 2.

Michael M. on Nov 14, 2018

Just get the light weight one. I returned this one because of the weight

If only they designed it to have 4 way carry like the lockback version.
Cameron M. on Oct 14, 2018

By far my favorite Spyderco, but I'm among the few that want more tip down carry options in the upper tier knives.

Great quality
Isaac R. on Jan 19, 2018

A very nice knife at a decent price. The locking mechanism is pretty interesting and very solid. Decent steel.

4 stars
Darryl S. on Jan 14, 2018

I love the design, however the lock is too tight! I have had this knife approximately 2 years and the lock is still super stiff. If it came with a compression lock I would like it more.

Amazing ergos, but kinda sharp
AJ C. on Jan 11, 2018

The finger choil and thumb ramp and jimping on the back of the blade are amazing. It feels like it just melts in your hand it fits so comfortably. My one complaint though is all the bumps/jimping that is a part of the liners that are on the back of the handle, near the finger choil, and near the butt of the knife. Those are pretty sharp and really not comfortable in my opinion. The G10 backlock version does not have these so that may be something you'd be interested in if you think the sharp ergos would bother you as well.

Great working knife
treestain h. on Jan 6, 2018

Great ergos, really smooth lock, great steel and carries well. only downside is a low blade to handle ratio.

Nice knife, too expensive
Robert L. on Jul 27, 2019

I picked up one of these from Blade-HQ back in 2013 for just under 90 bucks. Back then it had G-10 scales, liners, and a saber ground S-30V. I thought that was a pretty good value. I like the ergonomics and size and S30-V is one of my favorite stainless steels. I also picked up a Manix 2 XL shortly after and got it for under a hundred bucks too. Now all of the Spydercos I'm interested in are way more than I want to spend. The only ones I still have left are the Manix 2 XL, military and dragonfly in ZDP-189. I'll stick with Kershaw and Cold Steel for new purchases due to their value.

Great worker!
Hunter A. on Feb 22, 2019

Great knife for putting to hard work. A little heavy but decent for how durable and big it is

Overpriced and underperforming
Chase K. on Jan 19, 2018

I bought mine in 2015 when it was only 85 dollars. Now at the new price I can't imagine I'd ever buy this knife. If i could go back in time i still might not. First my biggest complaint is the steel. I wanted a super steel that never needed sharpening and back in my newbie times I was told cpm s30v was one of the best all around steel out there. So I saved up and spent more then double I have ever spent on a knife, hoping for atleast double the performance. Since this was one of spydercos cheaper s30v blades this is what I got. At 90 dollars I'd say it's marginally better then aus 8 or sanvik 12c27 and a little worse then d2. Rat 1 in d2, $40. Coldsteel aus8, $30. Mora stainless $10-20. ok so get the steel and price out of the question and it's a pretty good knife, but not as smooth as a "ball bearing lock" would have you believe. It's average smooth, still takes a little wrist, doesn't drop shut. It's just ok. Ergonomics are where this knife shines. Opens easy, closes easy, grip feels good, g10 has perfect texture/grip. Slides in and out of pocket good. All around a good knife, just overpriced and underperforming

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