Spyderco Paramilitary 2 Exclusive Tanto Compression Lock Knife G-10 (3.4" Black)

This Spyderco M4 Tanto Paramilitary 2 is a Blade HQ Exclusive with its exclusive tanto blade!


  • Exclusive tanto blade with a compound grind and a black PVD finish made from CPM-S30V stainless steel.
  • Washer pivot system for buttery-smooth opening.
  • Fine-textured G-10 handle scales in black over stainless steel liners.
  • Spyderco's excellent Compression Lock for maximum safety and accessibility.
  • Four-way pocket clip that can be oriented for tip-up or tip-down carry on either the right or left side.


Our Exclusive Tanto PM2 is the first PM2 to ever feature a tanto blade. It is compound ground with a hollow grind on the primary cutting edge and a flat grind on the tip and swedge. The result is a very durable blade that is utilitarian, capable of performing heavy-duty cuts as well as fine ones.

The Spyderco Paramilitary 2 is one of the most popular knives on the market today, which is no surprise to anyone whos ever held it. It boasts great materials, reliable build quality, an attractive aesthetic, an ergonomic grip, and is easy to use with one hand—a rare combination of excellent features. Each has contributed to the PM2s astonishing popularity. This icon of the knife industry has found its way into the pockets of soldiers, builders, hunters, survivalists, and everyday knife carriers all over the world. A host of aftermarket customization options from companies like Flytanium allow it to be truly individualized. Every knife enthusiast needs a PM2 in their collection.

We stock many versions of the Spyderco Paramilitary 2, made in several colors with different blade and handle materials. For a closer look at the PM2 Tanto, check out this sweet episode of Knife Banter:

Item #BHQ-99612
MSRP: $276.00
Our Price: $194.95
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  • Overall Length: 8.25"
  • Blade Length: 3.44"
  • Cutting Edge: 3.25"
  • Blade Thickness: 0.14"
  • Blade Material: CPM S30V
  • Blade Style: Tanto
  • Blade Grind: Compound
  • Finish: Black
  • Edge Type: Plain
  • Handle Length: 4.81"
  • Handle Thickness: 0.46"
  • Handle Material: G-10
  • Color: Black
  • Frame/Liner: Steel
  • Weight: 4.20 oz.
  • User: Right Hand, Left Hand
  • Pocket Clip: Tip-Up, Tip-Down
  • Knife Type: Manual
  • Opener: Thumb Hole
  • Lock Type: Compression Lock
  • Brand: Spyderco
  • Model: Paramilitary 2
  • Model Number: C81GPTBK2
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Best Use: Tactical
  • Product Type: Knife

Customer Reviews

Bribe Attempt: $20 to whomever at BladeHQ can get another manufacturing run kicked off (so I can spend 10x that to buy this knife)!
Michael M. on Apr 19, 2022

Who do I have to bribe at BladeHQ for you folks to do another manufacturing run so I can buy this gorgeous thing? Seriously, *who?* You've got my email - go ahead and message me. I'm sure a crisp Andrew Jackson will be all the motivation you folks need to let me spend another two Benjamin Franklins on this beautiful knife. Seriously - to whomever it is that makes the manufacturing decisions: An email from you to me telling me where to send that Jackson to is the only thing coming between you and *another $20.* Eh? EH? Haha, jokes aside, I'm an owner of the Yojumbo, Para 2 and Para 3 (both DLC coated) and thanks to Spyderco's general awesomeness, I've become a huge fan of the hobby and would be thrilled to add this knife to my collection.

Blade HQ response:
Hi, I am so happy about how pleased you are with our knife. Unfortunately, we do not get any restocking information. If you have an account set up with us you can search for the knife you are wanting, once the item is pulled up to the right-hand side you will see two options saying "Email me when available"/ "Text me when available" select whichever one best fits for you and you will then be signed up for notification on that specific item. Thank you and have a great day!
It's so near perfect
Cody T. on Oct 29, 2021

Its a PM2, it doesn't get much better. The only thing that I don't like is the stainless/uncoated liners on the blacked out version. I'm probably going to break out the rattle can and see what happens

Excellent knife!
Junior V. on Sep 22, 2021

I've waited little over a year for this tanto PM 2 in DLC to be back in stock and was so happy when it was available again. I didn't hesitate to purchase this knife knowing it might be a while before it is in stock again. This PM 2 is a great all around knife, not only for edc uses but for self defense if needed because of the thicker blade tip for piercing. Also Bladehq has one of the fastest shipping. Thanks Bladehq, I'm a happy customer!!

Peter F. on Sep 22, 2021

Although I have a few Spyderco knives (Native Chief, Smock, Tenacious), I had passed on the PM2 in the original blade style for quite some time. Kept seeing the Tanto PM2 on Ebay for $275-300 and said 'oh hell no'. The email dropped in my inbox and I had my order in immediately. I received it yesterday and have barely put it down (after changing the pocket clip to tip up). It is solid. I've been a fan of Tanto style blades for over 30 years and this is one of the best in my opinion. Some people do not care for the ergo's, to me it is simply gorgeous. Opening is quick as a whip, came exceedingly sharp, blade length is spot on, handle is minimalistic and clean... and on and on. Well done gentlemen, thoroughly impressed.

Jamie W. on Sep 20, 2021

Absolutely love this knife an worth every penny highly recommend buying one

After 3mo of EDC...
Len M. on Mar 16, 2021

I continue loving this knife! I've not gotten tired of it at all. To the contrary I enjoy it more now because 1) the action has only improved, 2) I've mastered variants of the Spydy-flip, and 3) I'm perplexed by finish on the blade. I expected it to be thoroughly scarred by now, and that'd have been fine for an EDC that usually resides in the same pocket as a metal pen, metal pencil, and keys... It's not babied. Yet 3mo of this and the blade finish is very nearly perfect. It's incredible. And it's well beyond needing its first sharpening. I'd snatch one of these up again in a heartbeat! Don't hesitate to jump on BladeHQ at the next appointed release hour:minute:second and crash their server again!

Great knive
Mauricio A. on Sep 2, 2020

Great upgrade from the original, the all black finish is perfect and the scales allow for a larger blade in future iterations.

Make 1 in camo
Brendan B. on Aug 20, 2020

I own a farm. A spyderco military has been my edc for years. Make a military size tanto in camo.... everyone I know will switch, including me. Heck make a pm2 in camo and I will buy 1 immediately.

I dig this knife
Kevin R. on Aug 16, 2020

I really don't write reviews, but I just had too for this one. I am not a well knowledgeable knife guy, and been drawn to mostly ZT's. I usually carry two knives for everyday carry, a ZT and a Benchmade bugout (blue handle) for cutting up cardboard, or anything where I just need to use without using my ZT. I use the ZT for emergency use or if i forget my bugout. I do carry a Spyderco Paramilitary 2 for the office for emergencies use, because it is lite enough to carry on my chino pants at work. When I saw the Spyderco Paramilitary 2 in Tanto , I just had to get it. It is pricey but worth every cent. Now I replaced my ZT for the Paramilitary 2 Tanto and I am loving it more and more. the action is smooth right out of the box and sharp as hell. Never had a tanto blade before but I used it to cut up a lot of cardboard because i forgot my bugout and it went through like a hot blade through butter, and the blade is still sharp. The blade seem to be strong than the original Paramilitary 2, and can be used for hard hard use without free of breaking the tip off. My only regret is not buying too when I had the chance.

Absolutely Awesome
Robert S. on Aug 10, 2020

This is the perfect knife. It fits perfectly in the hand. The blade is strong and ground perfectly. I love this knife.

Great EDC
Michael R. on Aug 10, 2020

I've been enjoying carrying this PM2. The Tanto blade is a sexy one. If you like the regular PM2 you will definitely like this one. Plus it's unique hopefully it will stay that way and the market doesn't get flooded with these.

Another hit by Spyderco!
Eric G. on Aug 9, 2020

This one is a little beefier than my other PM 2, but the build quality is still there...out of the box sharp, perfect blade centering, smooth operation, and a solid lockup. If a Tanto style blade is what you need, buy this one!

Heavy Duty!
Steven R. on Aug 8, 2020

This is my 3rd Paramilitary 2 purchase. Everything about this knife is hard core from the blacked out appearance to the sturdiness of the tanto blade stock. Compared to some of the recent exclusives this knife screams "lets go cut something"!

Great tanto
Jay H. on Aug 8, 2020

Great looking tanto. Sharp enough to shave hair off my arm but not the lazer that the purple cru wear is. Centered perfect and the scales look great. VERY HAPPY with it.

The Best!
Dyami M. on Aug 8, 2020

This is an absolutely amazing knife. I love and carry a PM2 all the time. The Tanto version adds a lot of strenght to the blade. All those haters who complain about the point of a regular PM2 being to thin.....well, no more excuses. Go buy one today! One tough blade, and the compression lock is hands down, my favorite lock. so easy to use. Great knife, well worth the wait.

Excellent Tanto
Nicholas C. on Aug 8, 2020

The Tanto blade looks futuristic. Well done by Spyderco and came centered and perfect action out of the box!

Best PM2 bladeshape
Mario H. on Aug 8, 2020

Im loving my Tanto PM2, it fixes the tip issues with the PM 2 perfectly, with a thicker blade!! definitively recommend you to get one!

Dean M. on Aug 8, 2020

I really like what Spyderco did with the tanto, I’m not usually a tanto guy. Added a Lynch clip, it’s in my daily rotation!!

Growing On Me!
Jeff G. on Aug 8, 2020

Like a great many others, I have been waiting for this since the SHOT Show reveal in January. Was a little bummed when it was announced that the blade would be DLC. I thought it would take away from the beauty of the grind. Upon arrival, I was pleasantly surprised to be wrong. Knife is beautiful. Profile of knife following bottom of handle forward along edge of blade to tip is outstanding. So radically different than regular Para 2. If you missed this release, be ready for the next. You will not be disappointed! P.S. - when/if this knife comes out with a satin blade finish, I will be first in line!

Outstanding and unique
Chris B. on Aug 8, 2020

Really like this knife. I am looking forward to some other variants (ahem, BHQ, when is the DLC and natural G10 M4 coming?), but this one is great. It's actually one of the better QD'd pieces from Spyderco I've received in a while. Great action, blade's centered, no lock stick or blade play. Just love the shape of the blade, and it flips out with a little more authority due to the weight of the blade, or at least the placement of that weight.

Get one if you can..
weldon f. on Aug 7, 2020

When I saw Eric give a peek at shot show, I had to have one.After buying my first Spyderco a couple of years ago ,I have become increasingly impressed. This one puts it off the charts. The PM2 was already close to the ideal knife and the new tanto blade is incredible. It's obvious the designer put some serious thought into it. Overall, the knife has a high quality,very sturdy, yet nimble feel. Get one if you can, you'll be a fan ...

It has the visually appealing lines for me.
Nick P. on Aug 7, 2020

I like Spyderco knives and have been looking at them quite often lately, but the second I saw this tanto version I knew I had to have it. Its a solid knife, blade is centered, I am surprised how sharp it was just out of the box. other than that I have nothing negative to say about it. Im almost thinking of getting another one to keep pristine for my collection.

I knew it!
Derik L. on Aug 7, 2020

Hands clapping, little girl squealing, and all around glee is what happened when I opened the box to my Para 2 Tanto! I've been a big fan of Spyderco for a long time. They make fantastic quality knives. I some how missed the previous Tanto model the rebased a while back, but when I saw that Blade HQ was having a special run made I put myself on the notification list and set the cash aside. Which was a good thing, because it seemed like these knives sold out in a day to two! Anyway, I've been carrying it since it arrived. It feels good in my (large) hands. It cuts well, and it handles and carries like other Para 2's, but the best part is it has better tip retention because of the new blade profile. Love it! I highly recommend this knife for day carry, or collection. I have zero complaints. Other than I would like to see more color options... So I can buy one for every occasion! A special thanks to Blade HQ for teaming up with Spyderco on this sweet folder! I tip my hat to you...

Finally a pm2 for me
Michael C. on Aug 7, 2020

Honestly I have never liked the pm2 blade shape. Has always prevented me from really wanting one for EDC. The tanto on this thing looks so awesome. I just wish it wasn't all blacked out, def would have preferred a BHQ blue or something. But hey with the number of after market scales available, I'll be good. BHQ is prob my favorite place to get my knives and love these exclusives that give me an excuse to pull the trigger first and sort out my wallet later lol

David M. on Aug 7, 2020

This knife is the real deal. The action is on par with my sage 5 lightweight after a hundred or so openings. The all black is nice, but would have preferred a unique scale selection although the black g-10 is very nice. Only complaint is the price - I could see a justification of 175, but 200 is a bit steep.

not no dainty tip
Bryan M. on Aug 7, 2020

I have had a pm2 before but do not like the thin tip this is not plus i like tantos. this is all blacked out plus the awesome just compression lock cant go wrong with this one just needs a little breaking in and hopefully other steels and scales to come

Best Para 2 Yet!
Matt S. on Aug 7, 2020

I love how the Tanto blade makes this knife blade more durable at the tip. Action is smooth and just feels more durable compared to any of the other Para 2 models. Fast becoming one of my favorites!

Mitchell W. on Aug 7, 2020

This blade stock definitely deviates from the norm as far as PM2s go. Super thick up top making it feel like a hard-use workhorse instead of a slicey/delicate knife that PM2s usually convey. Mine had near-perfect centering and smooth action. I will probably be throwing a deep carry clip on mine though.

Girlfriend's Not Happy...Still Worth It!
Kevin M. on Aug 7, 2020

Had to jump on this as soon as I saw the release date. This thing is gnarly. The old lady probably would've rather me bought her a present instead, but I couldn't miss this opportunity. I love this knife and it has handled everything I've put in its way so far.

Best Tanto Folder
James M. on Aug 7, 2020

They really hit it out of the park on this one the PM2 ergos with the tanto blade is just excellent; the only thing that could make it better would be additional colors in for the G10 scales!

What's not to love?
Mark M. on Aug 7, 2020

Its a Spyderco, its a paramilitary, its a folding tanto blade... Honestly, its a great knife that I will have for many years to come.

Scott F. on Aug 7, 2020

This has quickly become one of my favorite knives. Highly recommend this knife. It is very comfortable and the jimping is just right. Great EDC knife.

Aaron S. on Aug 7, 2020

I have owned Spyderco knives for over 20 years. This is my first from the PM series, but it will NOT be my last! The QC is on point with this knife. It is centered perfectly, the lock-up could NOT be better, the DLC is outstanding, and the action is smoooooth! The blade geometry of the tanto blade is phenomenal! Spyderco took their time and it shows. While many will keep this in box and in their safe, this blade is too perfect NOT to carry!

Slick Knife!
Mark H. on Aug 7, 2020

Great look. Superb build quality. Very cool.

Is this what love feels like?
Ben Q. on Aug 6, 2020

First Para 2 but second spyderco knife. I have been waiting for this para since bladehq announced it back in January. It feels like it will be able to handle anything I throw at it and more. On a side note I also ordered a Lynch NW bronze deep carry clip for it that I think will look great!

Jason M. on Aug 3, 2020

If Snake-Eyes from G.I.Joe where to carry a pocket knife, this would be it. This thing is awesome!

Eric L. on Aug 2, 2020

No disappointment in the newest addition to the Paramilitary line. I'm glad Spydeco and BHQ have collaborated to grind such a strong and elegant Tanto blade! My new EDC!

Just got today!
Keaton M. on Aug 1, 2020

Action is smooth, compression lock is worth the hype, opens and closes like a dream! Blade definitely feels more stout than the regular Para 2. My only complaint although petty.

Pure Awesomeness
George Y. on Jul 31, 2020

I just got mine today. I think this is the knife Spyderco fans have been waiting for. The Tanto blade for the Paramilitary 2 is awesome. I love the stealthy look and design. The G-10 handle feels great, and overall this knife is a lot lighter than I anticipated. I cant find anything I dislike, and I typically carry a Benchmade Bugout most of the time. Its easy to see why this knife is quickly selling out. This is an absolute winner, and will occupy prime placement in my EDC gear.

Worth it!
Jorge g. on Jul 31, 2020

First Spyderco I’ve ever owned and would recommend to everybody. I’m a huge fan of tanto blades so this was a no brainer.

Rough and Tough
Daniel W. on Jul 29, 2020

I just got mine and it is awesome. The blade has more beef than the standard Para Military 2. They sold out so quick. I had my alarm set so I could get one!

Cant Wait
Dusty M. on Jul 23, 2020

I already know I am going to love this knife. It is so bad ass in every way. CAN'T WAIT!!!

Great knife but the fit was a little off
Rick D. on Aug 11, 2020

The paramilitary 2 is a great knife but mine has a little play out of the box. Not horrible mind you but nothing you can personally do to fix it. It is still a good knife and I am sure it will work like my others .

Blade HQ response:
We're very sorry to hear about the trouble you're having. Have you contacted our customer service department yet ([email protected])? We'd like to help you get this resolved. Thanks -BHQ
First but definitely not last Spyderco
John M. on Aug 9, 2020

I've been looking forward for this to drop since they showed it in the shot show videos and it does not disappoint! I have talked myself out of the standard pm2 for fear of the dainty tip but the tanto takes care of those fears and adds utility to the knife. The g10 was rough on the inside of the liners but that's normal for pm2's I've heard and was an easy fix. Action and centering were perfect out of the box. The g10 is perfectly textured to provide fantastic grip but doesn't seem too rough and the jimping is also perfect; sharp enough for good grip without tearing into my hand. I was worried that the hollow grind would make the edge too thin for a hardy work knife, but am pleased that it was kept shallow to maintain strength but still cut very well.

Fantastic version of the PM2
Caleb W. on Aug 7, 2020

The PM2 is a wonderful knife coming in many blade steels and color variations. The new tanto blade shape adds that newness factor to an already awesome slicer. This version of the PM2 is tactical and aggressive. A mean booger. Glad I got mine

Pretty Awesome!
Robert G. on Aug 7, 2020

At first i was a little uneasy about the blade shape. Im not a big fan of tanto blades, but I am a huge fan of the Paramilitary 2. As i used it more and more i have grown to love the tanto blade shape. Cant say i like it more than the original shape tho. The only think i have to gripe about is the blade steel. I would have loved to see this in a S90V, M390, or K390. Minus 1 star for the standard blade material. But all of the other 4 stars are definitely earned here!

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